Keith Urban Accused of Punching and Kicking Paparazzo's Car

August 02, 2011 09:13:46 GMT

Willem Pieterson filed an incident report two days after the 'Put You in a Song' singer allegedly banged on his car as he and wife Nicole Kidman left a restaurant.

Keith Urban
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Photo credit: Sarah Mayes/WENN

Keith Urban has allegedly lost his temper with paparazzi. The country music star was accused of punching and kicking a photographer's car outside a restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee after the paparazzo took pictures of him and his actress wife, Nicole Kidman, exiting the venue.

Radar Online reported that the photog named Willem Pieterson filed an incident report on July 29, two days after the incident took place. Offering further details, Public Affairs Director Don Aaron of the Metro Nashville Police Department said, "Pieterson alleges that the couple got into their vehicle and pulled up to his vehicle in the wrong lane."

According to Don, Willem complained that Keith "yelled at him and banged on his window." He also said that the celebrity snapper further claimed that the 43-year-old singer "got out and banged on his car with his fist and kicked the rear passenger door."

In his statement, Don additionally mentioned, "Police viewed the victim's door and observed that it was not damaged. The incident report bears the classification of intimidation. Follow up is being conducted to sort out the detail of this matter."


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posted by lyrical1 on Aug 08, 2011
There are so many photos of Keith and Nicole being polite for cameras. This person must have provoked Keith to get this kind of reaction.His "poor me" account of what happened sounds like a load of crap.He should stop now cuz no one believes him and he should leave Keith and Nicole alone!
posted by plee on Aug 02, 2011
Bullshit. Where's the "Paparazzo's " pictures and why wait 2 days?
posted by Lizzie on Aug 02, 2011
That bunch of morons (paps) could make a saint snap. I remember seeing a photo of Keith and Nicole a few days prior to their wedding where he looked furious at the Sydney paps blocking their car. At the time I thought that they were lucky he didn't just run over the whole stupid bunch. I really don't know how he takes all of the garbage they spew in the magazines and papers. If this isn't invasion of privacy, I don't know what is. And, the 1st amendment DOESN'T cover being hounded this way. Enough already!
posted by I\'manurbangirl2 on Aug 02, 2011
Just a shame he didn't take his frustration out on the Pap instead of the car !!!
posted by Charley on Aug 02, 2011
We dont have poperazzi in Nashville. If we did Nashvillians would keep them away from Keith and Nicole. I have seen them both at a restaurant and not a sole bothered them at all! Southern manners!
posted by Kate on Aug 02, 2011
There is NO WAY this actually happened! Keith has never violated anyone or showed this behavior towards any paparazzo. If there was no damage to the car for proof that Keith supposively "attacked" this man then it never happened. People are just jealous of Keith because he practically is perfect living in a perfect life. This is just a way to get attention. I have been a fan since Keith came into the country music business and never once has he engaged in this behavior. I don't believe it so stop trying to fill people's heads with the wrong idea.
posted by catlyn on Aug 02, 2011
Don't see this happening at all. And in the unlikely event that it did happen, the pooperazzi must have worked really hard to provoke this kind of reaction!
posted by catlyn on Aug 02, 2011
Don't see this happening at all. And in the unlikely event that it was true, the pooperazzi must have worked really hard to provoke such a reaction!

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