World Premiere of Adam Lambert's New Song 'Outlaws of Love'

August 01, 2011 01:18:55 GMT

The fresh song is a ballad which was inspired by Lambert's personal experience and confirmed as one of the materials in his upcoming studio album.

World Premiere of Adam Lambert's New Song 'Outlaws of Love'
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Adam Lambert gave his fans "a little treat" when performing at Le Festival Ste-Agathe en Feux in Quebec over the weekend. The runner-up of "American Idol" season 8 sang a brand new song called "Outlaws of Love" which is about the struggles he and the other gays and lesbians have been facing.

"As you probably know, I have been working for the past couple of months," he said. "This is a song that will be on the new album. This is the world premiere......All of the things I've been talking about over the past year, all of it boils down to acceptance and this is a song that I wrote about how it feels, that no matter where you go or where you turn, sometimes it feels like you're just running from the law."

Sitting on a stool, Lambert belted out a powerful ballad with inspirational lyrics. "Tears all fall the same, we all feel the rain, we cannot change/ Everywhere we go, we're looking for the sun," he croons. "They say we'll rot in hell, I don't think we will/ They've branded us enough, outlaws of love."


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posted by MILES on Apr 01, 2014
One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.
posted by BECCA on Feb 23, 2012
posted by BleadingLove on Aug 25, 2011
WOW DUDE!!! Can't wait!!! He is SO cleaver! Well done to Adam M. Lambert!!!
posted by KATIE on Aug 01, 2011
Wow, I love it. Waiting anxiously for the whole freaking album.
posted by CJ on Aug 01, 2011
I like the title of the song "outlaws in love". It's true isn't it? They can't get married in most states. They are executed in some countries. Homosexuality is a part of the human makeup as heterosexuality is. In the not so distant future people in this country will be dope slapping themselves thinking what in the world were we so afraid of? Not much different than the civil rights movement of black Americans. Denied rights simply because you exist. I am still blown away though at the stupidity of some of the bible thumping population. There is a reason for separation of church and state. That is so the thumpers don't shove their backwards beliefs down the throats of population at large.
posted by Debca on Aug 01, 2011
Loved the song, the music and the lyrics both,love this man, makes one a sad to realize that so much pain is caused by a lack of acceptance, and some children feel this every day of their lives, not only in schools, but some even in their own homes, applause to Adam for putting the feelings into a song, can't wait for his new creation.
posted by Bunnies on Aug 01, 2011
We didn't expect anything less than amazing from Adam -- which is what we got from this song and this man. Awestruck!

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