Lindsay Lohan Knew Former Betty Ford Staff Will Sue

July 21, 2011 15:18:06 GMT

The actress, who is in the middle of serving community service hours, knows that the lawsuit will come eventually.

Lindsay Lohan
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Lindsay Lohan is not dodging court anytime soon. Following a court order to report her progress on 480 hours of community service for shoplifting case, Lindsay is served a legal paper by the rehab staff whom she got in confrontation with last December.

Lindsay, according to TMZ, "isn't shocked one bit that Dawn Holland is suing her over the Betty Ford incident." She believes the fired staffer is only trying to earn some cash from the case by making up the accusations.

Lindsay was battling alcohol and drugs addiction during her stint at Betty Ford facility last year. She allegedly went home off the curfew and pushed off a female staff when she was told to do alcohol or drug test. The rehab then fired Dawn for violating "strict confidentiality guidelines and laws by publicly identifying patients in a media interview and by disclosing a privileged document".

Lindsay always believes that Dawn twisted the truth in her favor, and the lawsuit which was filed on Thursday, July 21 only comes as proof. The "Mean Girls" star reportedly would fight Dawn in the court and not give a single cent to her.


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posted by kim on Jul 25, 2011
I don't doubt for a second Lindsay attacked someone. She's done it before. Looks like her rehab worked wonders for her. She hasn't changed a bit. She's still nuts and look - *itch is wearing fur. She makes me gag.
posted by Bates on Jul 21, 2011
Dawn Holland is trying to shake down Lindsay. Lindsay is right, Dawn is wrong.
posted by HEADZPIN on Jul 21, 2011
Is Clueless Lindsey Lohan wearing a real fur coat?

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