Kelly Rowland's 'Motivation' Trashed by Beyonce's Producer

July 20, 2011 07:59:00 GMT

According to Jeff Bhasker, the Lil Wayne-assisted single has the weakest beat and melody as well as carries horrid lyrics.

Kelly Rowland
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Days leading to the U.S. release of Kelly Rowland's new solo studio album "Here I Am", music producer Jeff Bhasker stirred controversy by throwing harsh criticism at her single "Motivation". The music maker who has worked with the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and Beyonce Knowles posted the negative review on Twitter.

"How can this kr song with the weakest beat and melody of all time be the #1 song on urban!? Oh yeah. [Lil] Wayne," Jeff began his critical tweets by dragging Weezy to it. As if slamming the music and the featured guest was not enough, he trashed the lyrics as well. "I just listened to Motivation again to see if I was to harsh in my critique. I wasn't. The lyrics are horrid as well," he wrote.

Jeff's statements seemed to have provoked complaints from loyal fans of both Kelly and Weezy since he quickly clarified that he just gave what people usually loved: drama. "Come on twitter you know you live for the negative tweets," the Grammy-winning producer wrote. He didn't backpedal on his criticisms toward the Jim Jonsin-produced single though.

Kelly is going to release "Here I Am", where "Motivation" is listed, across the United States on July 26. The former Destiny's Child member collaborates with the likes of Big Sean, Rico Love and David Guetta for the effort.


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posted by mrs.solo on Jan 06, 2012
i like
posted by Motivation on Sep 13, 2011
Thanks for that information you shared, post more!
posted by Destiny on Jul 20, 2011
Everyone that listens to music has the right to voice their opinion. This person writing this article is just being messy. He never said a word bad about Kelly just her single. I like the song but I don't think it is all that, but I'm happy for Kelly and do love her.
posted by chuck18 on Jul 20, 2011
He had no right to trash her song, but she was not the best or sexiest in Destiny's Child, that was Beyonce the lady worth 400 million
posted by Jaso1200 on Jul 20, 2011
First off a producer should stay in his lane and produce. Why trash another's inspiration? What would make a producer trade jobs with a critic? It seems the green eyed bandit has struck again. Kelly Rowland had NOTHING to worry about though she's laughing all the way to the bank. I always thought she was the best out of the cousins in Destiny's Child ; the sexiest as well.
posted by Coco Bea on Jul 20, 2011
Oh please, like that '4' album is hitting on something, Negro please! I don't know which songs he produced on Beyawnce's album but that whole album is garbage...He just hating cuz none of his songs on '4' is gonna make it to the top of the charts like "Motivation" did...Go sit yo ass down somewhere!
posted by Sam4U on Jul 20, 2011
I fail to see how being a producer disallows a person's right to voice their opinion. That's like saying Sasha Frere Jones-one of the most premier music critic in the business-can't be a critic because he also happens to a musician. "First off a producer should stay in his lane and produce." Funny, no make that hilarious, that's precisely what they used to say about Kanye. Flashforward to the present, where he's one of the most successful rappers (if not recording artists in genral) out now. He was a little harsh though.

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