Upcoming Trailer for 'The Dark Knight Rises' Gets Full Description

July 13, 2011 04:54:21 GMT

The trailer will go back to the 'Batman Begins' era before moving forward to preview the Dark Knight's current predicament.

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Although "The Dark Knight Rises" trailer will not come out until mid-July, moviegoers won't have to wait any longer to learn what to offer from the movie since a full description of the trailer has arrived via Ain't It Cool News. The video reportedly starts with a screen card, which read "Every Hero Has a Journey", before cutting to a scene from "Batman Begins" where Bruce is looking for Ra's.

Another screen card is then flashed, bearing tagline "Every Hero Has an End" before voice over by Ra's (Liam Neeson) follows next. "If you make yourself more then just a man. If you devout yourself to be ideal. And you become something else entirely. A legend Mr. Wayne....A LEGEND!" the villain said.

Afterward, Jim Gordon played by Gary Oldman is seen lying in the hospital with a breathing mask on. "We were in this together, then you were gone.......Now this Evil rises. The Batman.....HAS to come back," he said in a raspy voice. Responding to his pleading, Bruce asked, "What if he doesn't exist anymore?"

In addition to the conversational scenes, the trailer reportedly has also teased action-packed scenes. "a shot of the bat cycle when it drives up the ramp from Dark Knight, [and] Gordon destroying the Act Signal all cut in with the Hospital" are the explosive scenes previewed.

A follow-up to 2008's critically-acclaimed "The Dark Knight", the action movie is going to be released in theaters across the United States in Summer 2012. Christopher Nolan returns to the directing seat, and Christian Bale reprises his role as Bruce Wayne/the Dark Knight. One of the new cast is Anne Hathaway who will play Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

Trailer for the movie will be attached to "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II" when the Daniel Radcliffe-starring film is out in theaters across the United States beginning July 15.


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posted by ben on Jul 13, 2011
it's just few days before hallows premiere, so the leaked desc makes sense. it also doesn't sound fake 4 me
posted by brey on Jul 13, 2011
i dont think its fake. i saw elsewhere there's a screenshot. people said it's fake because a lot of spoilers in it. well, of course many spoilers. why? because .... nolan & his people never, i repeat, NEVER released any clip/footage/whatever before. EXCEPT for teaser trailer earlier this week *rolling eyes*
posted by fesoy on Jul 13, 2011
Where is it confirmed that this teaser description is fake yosef?
posted by yosef on Jul 13, 2011
it's confirmed, the trailer you're talking about is fake, delete this article
posted by yosef on Jul 13, 2011
also, it is not confirmed whether or not that is the true teaser, quit spreading rumors
posted by yosef on Jul 13, 2011
jesus christ man learn to write

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