Interviewer Insisted: Aaron Carter Said Michael Jackson Gave Him Drugs

July 02, 2011 15:37:23 GMT

Someone is lying about the content of the interview where Carter talks lengthily about his relationship with Jackson when he was only 15.

Aaron Carter
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The story of Aaron Carter accusing Michael Jackson of supplying him with drugs and booze is overblown, according to Carter's side. A representative of the former child star has provided a hard evidence where he said nothing about the late King of Pop giving him his first taste of wine and cocaine when he was only 15.

Carter was first quoted by OK! Magazine in Australia as saying "Yes, [MJ] gave me wine. I mean, I could have refused, but I was 15. As for drugs? He gave me cocaine." But Carter's rep said it was a fabricated interview, adding "Nothing was said that was reported" and referring to a YouTube video which recorded the interview.

Daphne Barak who interviewed Aaron and jotted down his answers refused to back down. A rep for the international journalist released a statement to TMZ, "Aaron Carter told Daphne Barak in his lengthy interview in Spain, that Michael Jackson gave him alcohol and cocaine while he was 15. He also said that Michael invited him to sleep in his room, and when Aaron woke up at 5:00 AM, he found Michael on his bed."

Indeed, the video that Carter's rep provided has been edited here and there.


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posted by Layne4 on Jul 03, 2011
And we are expected to believe a journalist with a reputation of skewering information and a person who has most to gain from walking on the memory of someone who can't defend himself? Pfft. I'll take the word of Jackson, Cascio, Jerkins, Dyer and many others who attest to what kind of man Jackson was. Shame on Carter and Barak.
posted by MLNI4 on Jul 03, 2011
It is because MJ's name too big. The mediocrity wants to get some attention for himself.
posted by Alexa on Jul 03, 2011
So because Aaron Carter said things that make them automatically true? Are you serious? He sais things, so wha, i can say things too? But when Michael was alive he said the total opposite. Why is it so easy for you to believe him now, now that he faces so many problems and has a reason to say all those things, than then?
posted by Claire on Jul 02, 2011
That journalist is a pig.

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