Pictures and Video: Beyonce Wows 'Good Morning America' Crowd

July 02, 2011 04:12:19 GMT

Beyonce Knowles caters those coming to Central Park in New York City with high energy performances of new songs and old material.

Pictures and Video: Beyonce Wows 'Good Morning America' Crowd
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Fresh off her Harlem surprise visit, Beyonce Knowles dropped by Central Park on a fine morning of Friday, July 1 to perform for "Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series". Wearing a sexy crocheted minidress and rocking a big hair, she brought girl power to the Rumsey playfield with an all-girl band.

The wife of rapper Jay-Z did the gig as a promotion for her upcoming studio album "4". She, however, didn't fill her set merely with new songs, but she also mixed them with an older material from her previous effort. She sang "Run the World (Girls)", "1+1", "Best Thing I Never Had" and "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)".

In the interview segment with host Robin Roberts, Beyonce expressed her gratitude for fans' support and thanked them for coming to the gig. She additionally took time to talk about her new movie project, "A Star Is Born". "Clint Eastwood. Can you believe that? I can't believe it still," she gushed.

"I know when I met with him I was just in awe. I am so, so honored that he believes in me and I can't wait to do this film. I represent this generation's talent and for me to be the chosen person - as an African American woman - is incredible!"


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posted by Dr.drew on Jul 07, 2011
She looks like she has a bad case of yeast infected hooker !!!!!!!!! Lmao
posted by Pimping on Jul 07, 2011
That dumb azz b*itch cheap hooker Beyonce! Kelly Rowland baby always !!!!!!
posted by WOW on Jul 05, 2011
Goodness HATERS! It's funny how you can hate someone I'm damn sure you don't even know...gotta love how you call her a country dumb A** but YOU can't even spell "jaguar" or "spiraling" and you realize "eastwood" is one last name not two...? please tell me again who the dumb A** is????
posted by People on Jul 04, 2011
Jealous and God loves you all.
posted by mississi on Jul 04, 2011
so i was raised middle class, private, school and jaghuar driving finally found the time to hobdobb with the middle class of central park. lets you know her career is spirallingtrying to ather new fans. Who but a white man could fool her and let her believe that she is this musical generation rep. Clint there is better talent out there. Beyonce can't string together a correct sentence, If she was not half white looking or rich you would'nt look back at her. look at some real talent for a change and let jay-z keep fooling her. She so glad to be doing this i will give her another month and she will start saying she want an oscar. she really think clint east wood will give her one. grow up beyonce with your country dumb a$$.
posted by Troy on Jul 02, 2011
FAKE B*TCH. She must've gave Clint some good "head" for that role.

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