Chris Brown Channels Drake's Nemesis in 'Marvin's Room' Remix

June 29, 2011 01:31:11 GMT

The 'Next 2 You' singer jumps into Drizzy's love triangle, voicing the man who stole the Young Money rapper's girlfriend.

Chris Brown
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Drake's new song "Marvin's Room" has spun a number of remixes from fellow celebrities like JoJo, Teyana Taylor and the latest one Chris Brown. While JoJo and Teyana offered a female perspective to the mellow song to answer Drizzy's drunken rambling, Breezy becomes the voice of the man Drizzy's girlfriend finds comfort in after their break-up. He collaborates with RichGirl's Seven and Kevin McCall.

In the original song, the "Trust Issues" MC tells his ex that she can do better, "F*** that ni**a that you love so bad/ I know you still think about the times we had." Channeling his nemesis, the "Yeah 3x" singer reaches out to the girl, crooning "Baby, I'll be damned if I'll let him take my place / Don't listen to what that n**** say, he's just saying you can do better/ And baby, all I'm saying is he sound like a hater/ And baby, he can just f*** off and do us a favor/ Mind your business, n**** stop being a hater. "

This song came hot on the heels of 2011 BET Awards fiasco which saw Drizzy being thrown into Breezy and Rihanna mix-up. The "Best I Ever Had" MC was called to the stage to accept Viewers' Choice trophy after BET mistakenly displayed RiRi's name on the teleprompter and played "What's My Name?" when the real winner was actually Breezy.

Aware that the song sounds like a diss to the rapper who was once romantically linked to the Bajan songstress, the "Kiss Kiss" hitmaker quickly closed the door on any speculation that might rise suggesting he slammed the Young Money artist. He tweeted, "No diss record either for all the slow people out there! just writing from the other perspective!" The message, however, was deleted from his page hours later.


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posted by gsfsd on Jun 29, 2011
chris brown is 1000000000x better than drake so haters STFU!
posted by mechanicaldummy on Jun 29, 2011
You guys just hating on Breezy Love TeamBreezy
posted by Realtalk on Jun 29, 2011
If Chris Brown was better than Drake, he would've made his own track that touched people and spawend a thousand remakes like "Marvin's Room." Instead, what did he do? He jumped on Drake's track like everyone else. That's a losing dynamic right there. Case closed. Chris' version confirmed for me how much greater Drake is as an artist--he makes songs that people FEEL and doesn't need to be all sexual and shocking to do it. He's a real artist.
posted by Su on Jun 29, 2011
I hate that Chris felt the need to even insert himself into the equation. Exit stage left, Chris and get off of Drake's sack. Ugh. So glad Drake's video took his shine away lmao
posted by Max on Jun 29, 2011
Props to 40 and Drake for creating a fab song and video. These other remixes are just non-factors, tbh. Drake's is the only version that made me tear up. Chris is out of his league and can't touch Drake's music...he should really leave it alone.
posted by breezy4eva on Jun 29, 2011
CB's version is much better it actually sounds like he did the original and Drake remixed. I am not dissing Drake's cause I like him too. However, his music seems to have only one sound/beat and after awhile you can't tell one song from the other.
posted by LR on Jun 28, 2011
They are both great artists but Chris always shuts it down. It almosts seems like his own original song. I also think that Kevin- Ah that dude just annihilated the track. Conclusion, Drake never let Chris and Kevin remix your song cos they'd snatch, break and give you a run for your buck...Period!

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