Old Friend Reveals Ryan Dunn's Final Hours Before Fatal Crash

Old Friend Reveals Ryan Dunn's Final Hours Before Fatal Crash

Being one of the last people to see Ryan alive, Thaddeus Kalinoski says that the late 'Jackass' star was 'in good spirits', and slams report suggesting that the daredevil partied for five hours.

Ryan Dunn's final hours before he died in a fatal car crash on early Monday morning, June 20 have been revealed. Old friend Thaddeus Kalinoski, who ran into Ryan on Sunday night, opened up to E! News about the hours he spent with the late "Jackass" star at Barnaby's bar in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Recalling their encounter that night, Thaddeus said Ryan entered the bar in "good spirits". He went on to share, "We talked about his new show he was really excited about that, his new house and then we started talking about skate boarding and he mentioned he started talking about Bam [Margera] and how proud he was of him as a skate boarder."

While there have been reports suggesting that Ryan and his friends were partying for five hours, Thaddeus is adamant that Ryan was at the bar for a short time. "Reports were saying five hours which is ludicrous," he said. "It was maybe two hours. He was the same person as he came in and as he left he was in good spirits, just really happy to be there with his friends."

Speaking of how much Ryan was drinking on Sunday night, he admitted, "I wasn't counting how much he was drinking. I did remember four shots but as far as the beer goes, I don't know exactly how many beers he had." Fox 29 recently reported that Ryan had downed a total of 11 drinks over a four-hour period before leaving the bar.

Though he isn't sure about the number, Thaddeus believes Ryan was not on a mission to get drunk. "Absolutely not," he said in the interview. "It was a Sunday night. He came in with...two other guys, one being Zach...[it was just] guys at the bar drinking, relaxing, having a couple of drinks. That is all it was."

Being one of the last people to see Ryan alive, Thaddeus revealed he didn't believe the reality star has died in a car crash the next morning. "When I heard it the next day, I didn't believe it. I didn't even think it was real," he admitted. "[In an ideal world, he would] go back and tell [Ryan] to stop, but it was just people out at a bar having drinks."

Ryan was killed in a car accident after his 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 swerved off the road, collided with a guardrail and burst into flames. Initial autopsy results noted accidental blunt-force and thermal trauma as his cause of death, while toxicology report revealed his blood alcohol concentration was at .196 percent, more than twice the legal limit for drivers in Pennsylvania.

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