Eminem Tells Lady GaGa to Quit Her Job in New Bad Meets Evil Song 'A Kiss'

June 06, 2011 04:00:25 GMT

The Slim Shady pokes fun at Lady GaGa's hermaphrodite rumor in the Bangladesh production, calling the Mother Monster a 'male lady'.

Eminem Tells Lady GaGa to Quit Her Job in New Bad Meets Evil Song 'A Kiss'
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Eminem goes back to his "Relapse" time by dropping a celebrity bash in "A Kiss", a song he recorded with his Bad Meets Evil partner Royce da 5'9". The Slim Shady, who has history of dissing public figures like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, targets outlandish singer Lady GaGa.

"Tell Lady GaGa she can quit her job at the post office/ She's still a male lady," the rap mogul spits it out. He seems to make a reference to previous report suggesting that the "Born This Way" hitmaker was a hermaphrodite. The rumor made its way out around the same time when her career took off in 2008, and was later denied by herself.

Coming from production hands of Bangladesh, the song is lifted from Bad Meets Evil's upcoming mini album "Hell: The Sequel". The EP is due in the United States on June 14 via Shady/Interscope Records, and lines up Mike Epps, Bruno Mars and Slaughterhouse as featured guests.


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posted by slim p on Aug 29, 2012
y do all of you dis shady... he dont know use... and do you think he gives an fuck...
posted by Sven on Jul 18, 2012
Maybe he can call his next album "The Fame Monster". I'm sure if he is a genius the new music will reflect a musical boundary far removed from just wanting to offend.
posted by Sven on Jul 18, 2012
Maybe he should call his new album "The Fame Monster" because he has seen it all. If he is a genius then I'm sure the new music will reflect a genuinely artistic boundary outside of offending people.
posted by love eminem on Apr 03, 2012
Eminem is the BEST <3
posted by SammiJ on Jul 15, 2011
Lady gaga is a disgusting freak. Why dont you weirdos who like her go back in the closet? LOL
posted by lou07 on Jun 08, 2011
emiemn4life, I think you are disturb, and you should consult someone, This is not a joke, you have a problem, get help!!!
posted by Emienm4life on Jun 07, 2011
Eminem will crush lady gaga's balls... then cut of her penis she stole from justin bieber
posted by lou07 on Jun 07, 2011
Eminem, just get a life.
posted by WTF? on Jun 07, 2011
Eminem a genious? You probably think Sarah Palin is very smart too. Selling millions means nothing. Millions voted for Bush. So what? Better get an education.
posted by Fab on Jun 07, 2011
Yes, Gaga will quit all that when Eminem quits using botox.
posted by ... on Jun 07, 2011
Shady would kill all of you with a glock with just 2 bullets. Thats why at night, Chuck Norris checks his closets for Slim Shady before he goes to bed.
posted by gagaforever on Jun 06, 2011
feminem needs to stop going after people period>>>>>>
posted by AL on Jun 06, 2011
Secondly Gaga went to NYU while Marshall failed 9th grade 3 times. What pathetic low IQ white trash. Trash, trash trash. Germanotta has a brain, was a good student. Life is tough, huh?-you should have stayed in school, loser. Why do all these "gangsta" thugs feel like life is so damn hard? Just read a flipping book. Do your homework. If the world was filled with homophobic trash like Eminem we'd be living in the third world. Thank God for Lady GaGa. Whether you like her music or not at least she has a brain!!!!
posted by AL on Jun 06, 2011
Eminem is a stupid wigger. He and his whole family is white trash. His mother and wife and I bet his daughter look like absolute trash. I can't say this because I'll get shot but its the truth.
posted by Chris on Jun 06, 2011
All of you Lady Gaga fans make me laugh. Eminem is known for dissing Artists it's when people take offence. First of all do not take it seriously. Second of all Lady Gaga is crap. She's is a freak, her videos and satanic. She has no talent. I could go on.
posted by M.C on Jun 06, 2011
WOW Gaga Fans u guys didnt know that she worked for USP and he was being polite and calling her a mail lady. ps they are on the same recored lable so see it Jimmy Lilven cares!
posted by JJ on Jun 06, 2011
posted by really? on Jun 06, 2011
I've never seen fans this butthurt over 3 bars... All of Eminem's albums are multi-platinum, if not diamond. Also, schooling makes you intelligent, not smart. I know a good number of straight-A students who can barely work their way around a damn gas pump. You say Eminem has to do this for attention, right(btw, Recovery? you don't think that got him any attention?)I suppose Lady Gaga dresses up in meat because "she feels like it", right? no, She does it for ATTENTION. Em has been dissing people for 12 years and suddenly everyone loses it over Gaga, who likely doesn't give a damn herself? Grow up, I thought maybe people understoood by now that it's okay to take a joke every now and then...
posted by Gvt Hooker on Jun 06, 2011
Anyone else notice that the Eminem fans are illiterate? Ignore him and his messages of hate while GaGa spreads love and acceptance. Oh, and she sings and plays the piano while while he talks quickly with music in the background. He sure is talented, though. (Rolls Eyes)
posted by Evil on Jun 06, 2011
this is dedicated to the 12 yr old monsters going on bout gaga's record sales.Eminem is a diamond selling artist.......TWICE!!and all of his other albums have gone platinum and this wasnt from selling his discs at 99 cents each.He;s the top selling artist of the decade for a reason.i dont understand how people can suggest he's bashing gaga to gain attention,r u forgeting this is the same dude who took a 5 yr break,came back and released two platinum albums without missing a beat?Eminem was here long after gaga and he'll be here long after people get bored with seeing her dress up like a freak
posted by MR Marshall on Jun 06, 2011
who gives a shit, thats eminem for ya. i hate lady gaga 2 death, people need to start respecting Em's music more den dat Male lady
posted by OMG Bad Way on Jun 06, 2011
OMFG, Eminem is making fun of Gaga! Talk about a bully singing through a song. Eminem is a bully alright! I only like a few songs from him. Everything else is thumbs down.
posted by Fuk. gaga on Jun 06, 2011
lady gaga is a piece of shit. if u cal that bullshit she puts out music. u gotta go get a fukin barin transplant. eminem knows more about lyf than that NYU slut. he didnt have his ass handed to him on a silver platter. and hu gives a shit if he failed 9th grade. who the fuk needs algebra and newtons second law to understand life. if u dont feel eminems music u got serious issues. unless u rather watch sum white bitch wear meat and stink like a dead pig.
posted by Terry on Jun 06, 2011
Its really just a brilliant marketing move....Eminem and Lady Gaga are on the same record label (Interscope) in the end they both win because it just generates talk about both artists. If calling Lady Gaga a "male lady" is the worst thing Eminem could do, then Lady Gaga fans (like me) really shouldn't be too upset. He has said a lot worse things about other artists. And again, Gaga is just going to benefit from this because it keeps people talking about her. again, a very smart marketing move that is just going to draw attention FOR both artists.
posted by Redd07 on Jun 06, 2011
I couldn't agree more with you "LOLWUT"
posted by Who cares on Jun 06, 2011
Eminem can bash who ever he feels like it. As far as CD's sold Eminem has been out longer and been selling more records. You're right Eminem did't graduate high school, but he lives in a mansion so I'm pretty sure he doesn't care.
posted by SSS on Jun 06, 2011
LMAO. Wow. Finally Eminem uses his better voice, not that bullshit angry crap on Recovery and Relapse. But it looks like Gaga's fanbase is bigger than Eminem's.
posted by Eminem rules... on Jun 06, 2011
@ LOLWUT VERY WELL SAID...I AGREE 1000000000%. @Truth it's a song eminem is not eminem without poking fun at people Lady Gaga might be on top now but she be lucky if she'll have as longer career as eminem. His proven his got talent his been selling tons of record more than most people in the business now adays. And this is a person who most people think whose got no talent.I'm sure if he was black people would be saying how awesome he is, maybe even build a damn shrine of him but just because his white and a rapper his talent doesn't get that much recognition. It's rap that's how old school rap not like then new boring rapper just rapping about dam girls and sex no damn sense.. Song is suppose to be fun or atleast have a good laugh about it it's not suppose to be all serious.. Love you eminem for life
posted by IWontCryForYou on Jun 06, 2011
Eminem is a train wreck. His life is miserable despite millions of dollars, and so, he targets the biggest celebrity in the world. It just goes to show how desperate Eminem is. But good luck, I'm sure his album will sell with a dis to Gaga. He needs her.
posted by Truth on Jun 06, 2011
Eminem can have an opinion and bash artists, but if you look at the trends you can see that when he bashes these female artists they're at a peak. A peak that he cant reach, without bringing other people down. Something these female artists havent done with their music like him. Lady Gaga has broken more music records in the last 3 years than Eminem in his entire career! He's intimidated! And for good reason too, I just feel sad for him because he could've done better than that cheap joke. As far as musical genius is concerned, look at Gaga's lyrics before you say anything and you'll find lyrical genius. Gaga went to the NYU Tish school and NY HS of Performing Arts, played Lennon's Piano. She has more creativity and musical genius in one finger than Eminem in his entire body! Eminem had a rough life, but dude get over it youre not that victim child anymore and much more blessed than 90% of the world in your daily life. Gaga matters and has social impact, Eminem not so much.
posted by GaGa Killer on Jun 06, 2011
Fuck GaGa, Slag, slut, whore, sket, bitch, satan lover, queer,
posted by bferr on Jun 06, 2011
hahahaha look at people getting so made mad.lady gaga has no talent she is ugly ass tranny.i can respect eminem he pokes fun at people and dosnt try to be politicalla correct. Im taking lady gaga to a lamb of god concert and throw her dumbass in the mosh pit and rip her apart
posted by CryBabies on Jun 06, 2011
Lol you gaga lovers are funny. If you are shocked by this then don't listen. Two different kinds of music. Fact is Eminem has done more in the record industry than Gaga has. Sure she has broken records but other than being crazy as far as fashion she is just an updated Madonna.. Eminem broke into an industry that at the time was dominated by the African Americans and considered him a joke at the time. And now to this day he is still making a killing. Not to mention his modest life style he lives outside of the industry. So to those that hate go gargle on gaga's mandick
posted by Gaga for Life on Jun 06, 2011
Poor taste, Low life,No class, Eminem.
posted by LOLWUT on Jun 06, 2011
AL, you realize how judgemental you sound, right? He failed 9th grade three times, yep, but he's a freaking genius. Eminem does this because he's Eminem, he doesn't care what you think. You think staying in school would change the fact his dad bailed, he was beat up daily, and had an abusive mom? As for Gaga being smarter, Eminem has more lyrical genius in one song than Gaga's had in her entire career. Yes he's white trash, he says it himself, but not once did he claim to be a gangster. You want to judge someone's personal life? You know nothing about his personal life, and that's because he keeps it private. He doesn't want his daughters to have to bear the media. You want to name-call? Fine, Lady GaGa is a slut who walks up on practically naked. Now I don't care if what I said is true, name-calling is just crap. Call him a homophobe all you want, people can have their beliefs. Doesn't he have a right to voice his opinion? Lastly, I'm again going to say that Eminem may be stupid with things like math, but I don't think anyone has ever seen a lyrical genius like him. He failed the 9th grade, but he never failed English. He's been making classics for 12 years, Lady Gaga's been making dance music (granted it has better content than most) for about three years. I'd feel flattered if I were her.

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