Report: Adam Lambert and Christina Aguilera Record a Duet

June 03, 2011 07:25:45 GMT

A Tampa Bay radio station breaks the news about the duet project on Twitter and teases that they have listened to the song snippet.

Report: Adam Lambert and Christina Aguilera Record a Duet
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"American Idol" graduate Adam Lambert reportedly has hooked up with "Dirrty" hitmaker Christina Aguilera in the studio to record a joint track. The rumor was first brought to attention by Tampa Bay radio station 93.3 via its Twitter page on Thursday afternoon, June 2.

"Uhhh not sure if this is out yet but a little birdie just told us that @AdamLambert has recorded a song with Christina Aguilera," read the tweet. Later, the radio station posted another message which sent Adam's fans into frenzy, "We sat in a mtng in NYC where his label played us a minute of a new song."

The title of the alleged duet song is not yet revealed. It's also not known whether the track is recorded for Adam's new album or it's made for Christina's next studio installment. Words have been swirling around that the two singers are working on their next album.

Adam previously told MTV about the work he's doing in the studio, "I think I've probably written about 18 to 20 songs. I've been spending the past two and a half months in the studio." The goal is to write "the most personal songs, the most powerful songs," and he has tapped Ryan Tedder, Nikka Costa and Sia Furler for the project. "I really want it to be something that's really honest and real," he gushed.

As for Christina, the "Not Myself Tonight" singer has recruited Sandy Vee, one of the masterminds behind Rihanna's "S&M" and Katy Perry's "Firework". Sandy broke the news himself, writing on Twitter, "On my way to studio, working with Christina Aguilera. Songs folder is hot :)" Also, Christina has reportedly got Linda Perry, DJ Premier and Sia to help her as well.


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posted by glamity58 on Jun 03, 2011
I hope this is true, but won't believe it until I hear from one of them. I follow them both on Twitter. Please be true. This would be a great collaboration.
posted by Christina Rules 2012 on Jun 03, 2011
posted by dang on Jun 03, 2011
It's time- the REAl bitch is back!!! XXXXXXXTTTTTTIIIINNNAAA! Many times imitated not duplicated can't be replaced.
posted by ratty on Jun 03, 2011
Why would Sia know everything about Adam and/or Christina??? It might not be true - rumours do the rounds - but I don't see why Sia is the arbiter of what's rumour and whats not in this situation. And what business is it of hers to jump in on it? I'll wait for word from Adam or Xtina either way.
posted by KenZie on Jun 03, 2011
@allie heh you sound old~
posted by Ruth on Jun 03, 2011
This would be brilliant if it was true but unfortunately the recent Tweet from Sia (who is currently working with both Adam and Christina) seems to indicate not. I hope it could still happen though - those two together would be vocal dynamite.
posted by Megafan on Jun 03, 2011
I do hope they both get to collaborate, Adam is a huge Xtina fan and those voices would sound amazing on a ballad or up tempo. Go Xtina!!!
posted by allie on Jun 03, 2011
@KenZie, I speak only from my own opinion. My friends and I are 19-21 year olds. None of us in our circle even like The Voice as a show, and I'd argue that Ceelo and Adam Levine offer more to the show(for me). Questions !)Could these two artists dial it down enough to make it enjoyable or would it be one big screamfest? 2)How will Christina handle it when all the BSC Adam fans(yes they are out there) start in on how he outsings her and how nobody in the world is good enough to sing with him, and how maybe she could open for him at his concerts(yeah I've seen that stated). Forgot my third question. Don t get me wrong, I have music from both these artists on my IPOD, though not everything they've done, and enjoy what I have. Too much of either one of them is "too much" for my ears.
posted by allie on Jun 03, 2011
Christina is so yesterdays news. Adam could do so much better than teaming up with her IMO. He'll blow her off vocally. Oh well!
posted by Lissy on Jun 03, 2011
I love both Christina & Adam, I think this would be just amazing! But I hate to get my hopes up if it ends up just being a rumor.
posted by KenZie on Jun 03, 2011
Sia said she didn't even start working w/ Christina yet so maybe she is unaware that this recording took place? @allie -- Xtina is on a hit show right now, hardly yesterdays news.
posted by Not Quite Accurate on Jun 03, 2011
Actually the snippet of song the radio station heard was a single by Kris Allen. They were answering back to someone else about Kris Allen. The Adam/Christina duet is still a rumor and unconfirmed.

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