T-Pain and Chris Brown Are Love Rivals in 'Best Love Song' Video

May 26, 2011 03:50:29 GMT

Taking the stage at 'The Moon', T-Pain and Breezy fight against each other in a duel gig to woo a spunky rock chick.

T-Pain and Chris Brown Are Love Rivals in 'Best Love Song' Video
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T-Pain has just released a music video filmed to support his latest single "Best Love Song". The Auto-Tune king sets his eyes on a spunky chick, and he is not happy when learning that Chris Brown also pursues the same lady. They then go head-to-head on stage during a gig on Friday night at "The Moon".

Leaked by T-Pain himself, "Best Love Song" is recorded for the Hip-Hop artist's upcoming fourth studio album "RevolveR". He said when leaking the track, "Since nobody wants to respect this form of art that you all say we 'love' so much, I'm just gonna go ahead and start leakin the album myself tonight."

Beside Chris Brown, T-Pain is also expected to join forces with Lil Wayne and Drake in the new album which reportedly is due later this year.

T-Pain's "Best Love Song" feat. Chris Brown music video


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posted by bee on May 26, 2011
who the hell are you to say what he should be singing helen i bet you cant hold a damm note i hate people like you always so quick to judge let that shit go its the past and you know for a fact that riri is a true bitch
posted by hahahaha on May 26, 2011
heyi love this song i thing its so gucci well got to go at sckool love yall bye:)
posted by Helen on May 26, 2011
Auto- tuned to death. Chris brown should not be singing any love songs, he do not know the meaning of the word.
posted by Helen on May 26, 2011
posted by melody on May 26, 2011
I love the song the video made me love it more. This video bought back memories,when T-Pain and Chris did Kiss,kiss and Freeze.

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