Haley Reinhart: Judges Tried to Push My Buttons on 'American Idol'

May 21, 2011 02:35:56 GMT

The morning after she failed to secure the Top 2 position, the 20-year-old singer opens up about her reaction to her elimination as well as her dating rumor with Casey Abrams.

Haley Reinhart
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Haley Reinhart came close to be one of the final two contenders on season 10 of "American Idol", but on Thursday night, May 19, she became the eleventh finalist sent home. The morning after her elimination, the 20-year-old from Wheeling, IL spoke to reporters and opened up her thought on why the judges seemed to pick on her.

When asked about the judges' criticism, the third placer admitted she has no clue and added that even fellow contestants like Lauren Alaina would come up to her and said "they just don't understand it." She went on to point out the positive though. "The only thing that I can try to get out of that is that they really just want to try to push my buttons - push me as far as I can possibly go to get whatever they wanted to get out of me," she said.

She continued, "It was, most of the time, fire that they wanted to get out of me - to get all aggravated and then try to take it out on the stage. You know, it is what it is. Randy [Jackson] and all them would tell me, 'It's all love.' And I'm like, 'Alright, well, I understand. You want to see what you can get out of me.' "

On what she was thinking after learning about her elimination, Haley said, "You literally have seconds to think about it. So, I took a second to think about it, and then I said, 'Alright, alright,' and I just kept saying, 'Okay. This is it, and guess what? I have to sing a song in about five seconds.' So I said, 'Let's have a good time with it and show America why they kept me there so long,' hopefully, you know? - give them a good show."

Having said that she was not angry at all about her elimination, the singer who experienced the bottom three four times before stated, "Of course everybody gets surprised when they hear the verdict, but all in all, I accepted it very quickly and took it all in - took it all with a grain of salt. I said, 'Hey! Everything happens for a reason,' and this is a good thing. This happened for a reason and it only means that I'm going to start my career as a solo artist even sooner."

On the question what she would have done differently if she could go back, she responded, "You know, I don't live in regret, really. There's of course going to be some things, and I do nitpick - I'm a Virgo - but other than that, I don't regret anything because each step along this way has gotten me to where I am today."

Addressing rumor of her dating previously-ousted Casey Abrams, Haley shared, "It started a long time ago. I forget which week, but it's when we just started bonded a lot more and getting really close and really could just confide in each other. We had a different kind of connection from the rest, and so we'd sit by each other and all that jazz."

She added, "So, I'm pretty sure that's when it all started, and we laughed about it. I mean, obviously, we have a really, really strong relationship. We're not dating, but just the musicality between us and everything else has just been wonderful."

Asked if the rumors became a distraction for either one of them, she replied, "You know, not really, and we really didn't give into them at all. We never said yes or no. That's probably the better thing to do. It's funny because we got so many questions about it, but either way, that's not going to hurt anybody. We had a lot of fun with it. We played the game. It was fun."


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posted by Ron on Aug 18, 2011
Having read many of the posts, I hope we can begin to respect each other, to realize that we can have one view while respecting another person's view. I loved Haley, but felt they were all talented. I enjoyed Haley, Casey, Pia, and Paul, but that doesn't mean that the others were not extremely talented. As far as those who have questioned her attitude or personality, she has shown so much more class than many who have questioned her personality. Good luck to all of the American Adols!
posted by countrymusicsucks on Aug 17, 2011
American idol is judged by mostly 14 year old girls who just look at who is the most popular not the actual talent. also the rest of the world doesn't care for country music like america does. thats why out of all of them hayley has received the ost views on youtube and has the most chance of making it. go hayley you sexy angel.
posted by Dee on May 27, 2011
I like Haley a lot. I thought her or James should have won. Jimmy was always really supportive of her so I'm guessing he has some music for her. I think we'll be seeing her around a lot. I thought they were all great. There was a lot of talent this year. I don't like that they used American Idol to push JLo's career so much. She's supposed to be a judge not a contestant. Her song was terrible and she dresses quite trampy. Someone should remind her she's a mother now. It's time to grow up. Hopefully, she'll tone it down next year. Anyway... Good luck Haley! I hope you have great success. Don't let the assholes get you down :)
posted by idolfan on May 24, 2011
I think JLo and Randy got their favorite picks that's why irregardless how great Haley sang, it's just criticisms over and over again! I like JLo because she is beautiful and nice but perhaps she should just stay in that category and should not pursue being an idol judge! whatdouthink guys?
posted by Haleyfan on May 23, 2011
I think that Haley is a better singer than Lauren and Scotty. She is just super AWESOME! And if she didn't made it in the final two I'm pretty sure that she will have a successful career ahead of her so don't mind those negative things they throw onto you it's just a waste of time and don't worry Haley you will still remain as my #1 idol. GO TEAM HALEY!!!
posted by haley-arrogant on May 21, 2011
She is just a bitch!
posted by DEBRA B. on May 21, 2011
posted by INITTOWINIT on May 21, 2011
Haley you are the only one of the three that can perform. Scotty is a one trick pony. Lauren is still a little kid. You are someone I would pay to see sing. Can't wait to buy your first CD. Howard Stern says that JLO is broke is why she wanted the job. Jlo is just jealous of Haley.
posted by Usuck on May 21, 2011
Listening to her talk is actually more painful than hearing her over sing. lol
posted by Usuck on May 21, 2011
This bitch is arrogant and very ugly. Only in America could a woman like that find work. Lol
posted by Usuck on May 21, 2011
posted by FMJ on May 21, 2011
She should have gone home the third week. She is constantly off key and just plain bad. Maybe a karaoke singer, but that is all. Another year the wrong one wins. That is three in a row, and enough for me. NO more!!! I will never watch again, as much as I liked it before.
posted by Ladiesfirst on May 21, 2011
Love and support Haley in all she does!
posted by Wickedstormstone21 on May 21, 2011
Haley u r the best u r my number one idol and icon fuk them haters! And dont worry ther will always bee cristism and bull frm haters... But u kno fuk them an liv your life and keep enjoying your dream i believe in u...... Always aka yanistorm
posted by jojo on May 21, 2011
What is wrong with all of the haters? What did this girl do to deserve such disrespect from so many posts? She was not my favorite, but I can see she has so much talent, and I can't believe how blatantly biased the judges were against her. Some of you are calling her "arrogant" or even a b**ch? She is just a very young girl who is trying to keep her dignity on stage when the judges cut her down. She is NOTE PERFECT on every song, which is NOT true of the others. We might prefer a different style than hers, but she always nailed the notes. Meanwhile, those who were pitchy and off key were given total praise while she got nothing but criticism. I have no respect for Randy or for JLo after their blatant and cruel misjudging. Steven Tyler was the only one who was honest. Those of you calling her names are threatened by a strong woman. Judges tried their hardest to make her cry and she didn't. Would she be less "arrogant" if she had broken down? I admire her talent and her strength!
posted by Moby on May 21, 2011
Haley's swan song was super awesome. She was courageous, joyful and proud of her entire idol experience. I respected her for being cool and sensational about her exit instead of being weepy and sappy like the others that got eliminated. I like that sort of attitude. Its star quality
posted by annie on May 21, 2011
Notice when they showed their visits home, Scotty and Lauren were shown with thousands of fans ALL THE TIME. Haley's showed her with mostly her family and those ridiculous skits with her bodyguard. Not as many adoring fans.
posted by annie on May 21, 2011
Haley's attitude is why America didn't vote for her. WTH was it with her using "baby" all the time. JLo used it in an endearing way. Haley used it with an "in your face" way. She isn't good enough for that.
posted by ddevonfire on May 21, 2011
People calling Haley a bitch are little ugly cunts who are jealous. Go kill yourself and stop talking shit!!!!
posted by Haley_the_goddess on May 21, 2011
Haley HATERS are LOSERS. You're nothing but insecure, jealous, talentless little bitches. Haley is hot, confident, amazing, super talented, eloquent, intelligent. That's something you will never be ugly losers. TEAM HALEY!!!
posted by Charliie on May 21, 2011
Haley you are awesome!! I love your voice! and I love you:D
posted by fvck randy on May 21, 2011
he is asshole and this idol thing is full of shit with randy and i wanna kick his ass i am waiting for new judge to replace randy fucking J
posted by drew on May 21, 2011
haley got a big stick up her ass ...who told her she could sing.....
posted by dr kyaw on May 21, 2011
i lov ur voice & i can't wait to buy her 1st solo cd hurry up haley we love u
posted by Adonis_Reborn on May 21, 2011
Haley was shocked because she knew her performance trumped Lauren Alaina's and all three really did! She performed better artistically and America dropped the ball. She should be in the final without a doubt!!!Her reaction was exactly like mine "In Shock" because she out performed Lauren and the judges are upset with Haley for something she probably did or said weeks ago behind the scene. Idol Politics really Suck Ass!!! J-Lo ignored haley when she sang her last song and appeared to not want to shake her hand and that says it all! Keep your chin up Haley your a strong woman for keeping your cool!! Now go show the stuck-up Hollywood Haters who think there shit doesn't stink, what you are really made of and cut a awesome Platinum CD!!!!! Haley's Gonna Rock Tha World!!!!!!
posted by rocketboy on May 21, 2011
Best voice, by far. I'm looking forward to that CD too. YOU ROCK!!
posted by B on May 21, 2011
Hey @Crown, I must have missed something. The only thing I saw at 'verdict' time was a contestant who looked stunned at the announcement. A natutal reaction. No expletives,no one finger salutes.....! I suppose your version of 'classy' is crying uncontrollably like past contestants?
posted by Haleyfan on May 21, 2011
they threw Haley under a bus with those crap song choices. Rianna is a crap song that doesn't go anywhere. And the last song was too low for her in the verses. The Zep number was awesome - the one she picked for herself.
posted by eden on May 21, 2011
Haley is a real ass-kicking rocker. I haven't spend money on CD for a very long time, but I will defenitely buy Haley's. Her voice and style is unforgettable. As oppose to pop and country crap. I wish Lauren changed her style, because she is a wondelful girl with good voice, but her songs are just a waste of her talent
posted by rac2 on May 21, 2011
Haley, millions of Americans voted for YOU, be proud, you have a fantastic talent, share and use it well. You already have countless fans out there waiting for your next cd to drop.
posted by Crown on May 21, 2011
Haley has no class and it showed at verdict time.
posted by Haleyfan on May 21, 2011
Haley is amazing, I tune in from the UK and it highlights my week :)
posted by Haley\'s army on May 21, 2011
We don't really care what anyone says, she really kicked ass, and teeny bobber world hasn't a clue I bet you Simon is licking his chops, first Pia, then James and finally the queen of talent, you people who voted Lauren are as silly as she is, she is gonna about as successful as Taylor Hicks, if that's what you want that's exactly what you are going to get, hell you you could voted in a" winner" instead of a child, good luck Scotty at least you have a future, and you loosers since you don't know shit go back to your video games and pissin your pants
posted by loser inspector on May 21, 2011
I found a loser on the panel of judges (randy j. ) the man is over paid and rated I know I could out play him the bass he looks like a fat toad on a lily pad
posted by marley on May 21, 2011
Randy jackson couldn't. A candle to you he should have been shit canned the first week a.I started the man can't address a professional. correctly he's no dog he's a mutt. assinine to the hilt, jennifer and Steve are cool somebody get Simon on the phone
posted by biker chris on May 21, 2011
Don't listen to all the negative stuff on here, sounds to Me like there are a lot of sad jealous people out there, you are truly talented and I wish you a rocking future, knock em dead, best wishes from yorkshire
posted by marley on May 21, 2011
Haley lose the caveman from idylwild, ca. You know how to work the stage that guy will only hinder your career good luck!
posted by teacher on May 20, 2011
Haley is MY VERY favorite!!
posted by teacher on May 20, 2011
Haley- I think you are beyond AWESOME and I can't wait until you make a CD, recording,,,whatever they call it these days,,(I'm 53 yrs)I WILL buy your music,,You are awesome and I LOVE your voice!!
posted by Dr Phil on May 20, 2011
Haley should have given the judges the finger and told then to pound sand i the old, puckered a$$es and to fvck off.

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