M-Bone's Family Want Reward Offered in Murder Case

May 18, 2011 07:52:51 GMT

The people close to the Cali Swag District member join community activists in asking the Inglewood City Council to put up a large reward for information that helps killer's arrest.

M-Bone, Cali Swag District
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People close to M-Bone aren't staying quiet while investigators continue their search for his killer. Family of the Cali Swag District member, who was shot to death on Sunday night, May 15, are joining community activists and friends in asking the Inglewood City Council to set up a large reward for information that will lead to solving of the murder case.

NBC Los Angeles reported that the late rapper's mother pleaded, "I'm asking if you can help capture whoever killed my son." Additionally, Earl Ofari Hutchinson of Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable explained the large reward will send a very clear message. Quoted by ABC, he stressed, "It's not just the money."

"It sends a real message that this city, this community, really appreciates what this young man represented in his short life and we're determined that his murder is not going to go unpunished, and we mean swiftly," Earl elaborated his statement. "And so it sends that strong message."

M-Bone was gunned down in a drive-by shooting last Sunday. Inglewood Police Department Homicide Sgt. Brian Spencer told MTV News that the "Teach Me How to Dougie" rapper was shot in the head sitting in the driver's seat of a black vehicle. Motive behind the shooting remains under investigation. TMZ suggested that a war of words on Twitter over a girl might be one of the possible causes.

Bandmates C-Smoove and JayAre have responded to M-Bone's death. In a video posted on TMZ, C-Smoove said, "I wanna clear up: It had nothing to do with gang violence, it wasn't nothing like that. It was just a 'wrong place at the wrong time' situation." JayAre, meanwhile, said, "He was a brother to me. He meant a lot. I don't even feel the same without him."


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posted by sunrise on May 22, 2011
so sad, not just becuz we knew him, t is sad no matta who it is...we are praying for his family.
posted by home on May 18, 2011
why would u kill that amazing guy who killed him u are now know as the killer of famous cali swag m bone
posted by Tisthetruth on May 18, 2011
RIP M-Bone. To his family my heart goes out to you. And shouldn't you be asking other music artists? Record labels and there execs for reward $$$ also? I mean they were also his family
posted by zikeea tashae nelson on May 18, 2011
couldnt belive it at first , but sadly got to, R.I.P always loved, never forgotten
posted by rachel sievers on May 18, 2011
we love u :(
posted by zeriah on May 18, 2011
i swear people are soo f'n stupid theses days they think they can kill anybody in this world. WRONG! they will be caught sooner or later soo rest in peace )':
posted by mo on May 18, 2011
rip m-bone.
posted by Aaaliya crying life on May 18, 2011
wtf is going on someone just be on that shit they need to stop killing all the tim,, see i love cali swag nd wen i here dis. i wus like omg out of all the ppl in the world it have to be him,, my love go out to the family..:((
posted by Lashay Da Bomb on May 18, 2011
Wtf wrong with people today they wanna kill the young people. well i think thats a world full of b.s. and who eva did this is a sucky ass bitch for killin someone ova a gurl you that desprate thats sad she probably aint wan u because and aint have no money you broke as hell but anyway she wanted someone with class in this here place so i mean GET A LIFE KILLERS! Thank Ya.
posted by lady gaga on May 18, 2011
Wow this is Sad rip
posted by ryan parkes on May 18, 2011
people that i know say that he got killed by the person that he bullied
posted by E.b on May 18, 2011
Lashay Da Bomb u coulda saved that...

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