'The Voice' Praised by Twitter Users, Gets Various Reviews From Critics

'The Voice' Praised by Twitter Users, Gets Various Reviews From Critics

While the show gets praises on the micro-blogging site, critics have some good and bad words about the singing competition.

After NBC premiered "The Voice" on Tuesday, April 26, people began flooding Twitter with comments about the new show. Overall, the audience who also use the micro-blogging site love the show as they mostly said only good things about it.

"#thevoice is MY NEW FAVE COMPETITION SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are all AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mel Jogia wrote. Some have even said that it will overshadow "American Idol". "#TheVoice is definitely going to be bigger than American Idol...new favorite show!" tweeted Stephanie Conroy. Another Twitter user, Melissa Zimmerman, commented, "Watchin #TheVoice ... Good showww I like it so far. Better than #AmericanIdol".

The judges also earned praises, with Abi Maison stating "I love watching @blakeshelton on #thevoice, he's so freakin' funny!" Cee-Lo Green was credited for being "so sweet", while Abby S. Salvatore declared, "So far, I am team Adam and team Blake on #thevoice." Christina Aguilera has also got her own fans on the show, with Ryan Greenberg tweeting, "Good concept, good talent, and... Christina Aguilera. What more could you want?"

In the meantime, critics gave various reviews on the show. The Wall Street Journal said "The Voice" had "more of a game show quality to it than many other TV singing competitions," while Entertainment Weeky stated the otherwise, calling it "garish bore over two hours on Tuesday night."

Billboard agreed with EW, noting the similarities between "Voice" and Fox's "Idol". "Not surprisingly, The Voice borrows more than a few tricks from American Idol," the site wrote, adding that Christina was prominent on the show.

"There's no denying that right now this is Aguilera's show," Billboard's reviewer commented. "She takes control whenever possible, blending congeniality, glamour and sass in attractive package. And the cameras can't help emphasizing her either - her cleavage is given much more air time that any of the men's assets."

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    Mar 20, 2012

    I just think this show is awful, I mean they send everyone home that is really good. Then they go and choose the people that suck.. Like Erin. Like oh my gosh that was just horrible. I'm sticking with Idol, good luck "the voice".

    Apr 30, 2011

    I teared up several times watching this. I like it much better than Idol. I never cared much for Christina but now like her. I like the other coaches too. I'll be rooting for team Adam. Fun show. I look forward to future episodes. I hope they have more non-conventional looking (and aged) contestants.

    Apr 27, 2011

    Funny show. Love the whole Adam vs Christina bit. Yea, the show was not centered around Christina. Everyone had their chance and I found that Blake actually stole the show several times. :) Much better than idol.

    Apr 27, 2011

    This show sucked and so did Christina!

    Apr 27, 2011

    I agree, nothing like Idol and I disagree with the notion that they focused on Xtina. What show were they watching. She seemed to be a head judge like Paula on her show, but each judge seemed to have equal camera time. I was surprisingly impressed with the show, because I thought I would hate it, but we haven't seen the meat of the show. The magic of Idol is how much the singers grow over the course of the season. If The Voice can do the same a make some of these singers stars, then this could be a huge hit. Critics are retarded.

    Apr 27, 2011

    BillbOard wrote their review BEFORE the show actually aired. Both them and EW had no clue at all and probably watched another show. The Voice was amazing and light-years better than Idol.

    Apr 27, 2011

    Love the show! Actually held my attention for the duration!

    Apr 27, 2011

    I don't know what the critics are talking about. This was nothing like Idol and it certainly wasn't boring.

    MS. Jersey
    Apr 27, 2011

    Loved the show! There was so much talent. Looking forward to watching next week.

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