'Glee' Extra Regrets Spoiler but Slams Co-Creator

April 27, 2011 01:41:35 GMT

Nicole Crowther believes she doesn't violate any rule because she was not an extra for the episode and wants Brad Falchuk to say something about it.

'Glee' Extra Regrets Spoiler but Slams Co-Creator
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The "Glee" extra who gave a major spoiler via Twitter has opened up to the press after ditching the micro-blogging site. Nicole Crowther insisted that she didn't violate any code of ethics or contract for giving hint on who would be the prom queen and king because she was not an extra in the episode.

Rather than learning it on set, Nicole said she overheard it at a dinner party from an extra who worked for the episode. "I didn't even know if the girl I heard it from was joking or telling the truth. I was not an extra for that scene and haven't been an extra on the show since Oct. 2010," the 21-year-old said, adding "I didn't violate any code of ethics or violate a contract."

However, Nicole regrets the one tweet that turned her life into chaos. "I have been on the set of many shows and have never, and would never, give away any information...And I am truly sorry for any trouble I have caused. But that was never what I intended. I wanted to be just another speculator weighing in," she said.

Beside the show's fans, co-creator Brad Falchuk threw a rant at her after the spoiler. He wrote on Twitter, "Hope you're qualified to do something besides work in entertainment...Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create?"

In response to this, Nicole said, "Mr. Falchuk publicly humiliated me and has made it clear that he never wants me to work again in Hollywood." She wants him to make a clarification that she did not violate any rule. In addition, she is considering a legal option because her career has been put in jeopardy since many have been told to 'unfriend' her on Facebook and other social sites.


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posted by stylebabe on Apr 28, 2011
Nicole deserves it. People never consider the consequences before doing something. Think before you act and take responsibility for your actions!
posted by m on Apr 27, 2011
I don't think going with "legal options" would be wise. She should have just bowed out gracefully. Although being essentially blacklisted on social networks and facing alienation is a bit much. Technically she didn't break the rules though. In the Glee contract there is no clause that states any legal ramifications or other consequences if you spoil the plot, which is just bad business in itself. A studio should know better, but I feel like everyone has a mob mentality by calling her names. It's a show, not a sex scandal. Move on. She made a mistake, which, yes, made others suffer, but it's a musical show. So just think rationally and stay calm
posted by Theresa on Apr 27, 2011
Wow! Blackballing a young girl because she tweeted a rumor?? Wake up people. It's a stupid show. I tried to watch once and couldn't make my way through it. Can't believe the publicity it has gotten via a tweet. Way to go Brad brought attention to the show. But unfortunately at the expense of a young girl career. Hope you're proud of yourself Brad. I'm jumping on the Nicole band wagon also. TEAM NICOLE!!
posted by Richard on Apr 27, 2011
I would love to contribute to nicole's campaign. Look at her, she's beautiful. Twitter should hire her to be their spokesperson! As far as GLEE goes, please stop writing and broadcasting this show. I can't believe people can actually watch stuff like this and not barf.
posted by Josephine on Apr 27, 2011
All this seems so silly and petty but sandy may have a point. I notice on the posts by TM and RUDE similar punctuation. Three dots and a space. I have a trained eye for things like this. These posts are supposed to be for readers to freely express their opinions and NOT an avenue to run a smear campaign. I am outraged at the ridiculous attempt to blackball someone over a tweet. Please crawl back under your rock you hate monger!
posted by Confused on Apr 27, 2011
Girl tweets rumor to other friends and fag co creator threatens her on line for everyone to see, she was not a witness and is being blackballed. Seems like the perfect lawsuit to me. On with the bloodsucking attorneys so we can get back to real news!
posted by Mike on Apr 27, 2011
This is the most horrible awful show ever created......who cares? I don't understand the bullying though. It's ridiculous
posted by Hollywood gossip on Apr 27, 2011
I agree with sandy. This girl did no wrong and is being bullied. I hate it when hypocritical people take their cause public like this. The fanatical minority always seem to be the vocal ones.....and I foe one am jumping on the Nicole bandwagon! She will end up doing great thru all this.
posted by Sandy on Apr 27, 2011
It almost seems that TM and the hate posts have a vested interest in destroying this girl......I have read about the campaign to discredit her.....didn't believe it at first......but am now seeing evidence of it first hand......can you imagine the gall? Shame on you people!!!
posted by Exposer on Apr 27, 2011
No one agrees with the above poster. I have spoken with hundreds. Public empathy is strongly on this girls side and everyone prays she follows thru with it. You go Nicole!
posted by Rude? on Apr 26, 2011
I felt bad for her too... until I read this article. She insists she broke no rule? She is considering legal options? I believe she might have had a chance if she had made honorable amends, but now she gets no sympathy.
posted by Rude TM! on Apr 26, 2011
I feel bad to what happened to her. Regardless, it was an accident! She just spread a rumor that happened to be true! You're just another one of the hateful fans, you deal with ruining a person's life because of a few words! Talk about bullying.. sheesh!
posted by TM on Apr 26, 2011
Good luck with the 'legal' options...she spoiled the plot and got called on it. The co-creator is entitled to HIS option... or is she so self centered that she thinks she is the only person allowed to shoot her mouth off. As far a not working in Hollywood, no producer will bother hiring her... not because of the co-creater but because of HER attitude and lack of brains. Deal with it...

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