'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 3 Winner Is Raja

April 26, 2011 04:12:46 GMT

Sutan Amrull aka Raja won the final challenge against Manila Luzon, winning the ultimate title of 'America's Next Drag Superstar'.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 3 Winner Is Raja
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From thirteen, the contestants of "RuPaul's Drag Race" is wilted down to just one. The winner of third season is none other than Raja who has been a stand-out since the beginning of the season. She beats Alexis Mateo and Manila Luzon in the Monday, April 25 finale.

Raja is the leader of the "Heathers", one of the two large groups that split this season's contestants. The make-up artist had won four out of twelve challenges and pulled out the final challenge nicely against Manila. The three finalists participated in the filming of the music video for RuPaul's song "Champion" and the final two were head to head in the lip-synch challenge.

For her victory, Raja gets a headlining spot on Logo's "Drag Race Tour", a lifetime supply of Kryolan Professional Makeup, and a cash prize of $75,000.

Raja is a native of Indonesia who scored a job as make-up artist on "America's Next Top Model" and for Adam Lambert. In an interview with The Faster Times, Raja talked lengthily about his coming of age. "A few years ago, I was not even that proud of my body," she recalled. "I would pretend to be, but I really wasn't that excited about it. But, like I said, I am in my 30s now, I've learned more about how to take care of myself better."


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posted by rajalover on Dec 26, 2013
I tottaly loved raja and hated alexis i dunno why but i did and since ru picked there aint no point on hating on her so...yeah whatever...
posted by Pokee on May 17, 2013
Not happy about Raja winning. She had a terribe attitude, and a problem with fat people. Or certain races of people, and it goes on and on. Ugly attitude, but I guess you have to be an asshole to get what you want. Would have liked to see Alexis win.
posted by dloveli on Jan 29, 2012
I loved Raja right from the start. He was real no matter what heshe was wearing. As long as shangela doesnt win. She wasnt serious about being the best. She just wanted to be on tv by any means necessary. Even if its by talking trash about people just because. You ROCK RAJA!!!
posted by LoveManila on Jan 16, 2012
I love Raja, but I love Manila Luzon more. At least she's runner-up to a Heather and at least a Heather won and not a Booger!
posted by Acajunpeach on Jan 07, 2012
I thought a drag superstar was based not only on talent and runway capabilities but who makes the most drastic transformation to look like a woman! That was definitely not Raja. All the contestants were fierce but only a few actually looked like a woman when transformed and a man otherwise. That definitely was Alexix, Manilla and Yara . Someone Correct me if I'm wrong....
posted by owwkeigh on Nov 25, 2011
Its alright! Theyre all Fab, And did their bestest ever! Well then congrats to all the 3 ladies, im so proud of you gusy. im a BIGGEST FAN OF MANILA! but still CONGRATULATIONS TO RAJA! KUDOS TO ALL OF YOU PRETTY LADIES!! :)
posted by baby girl on May 04, 2011
raja should of never won he is way to manly alexis should of won she is so much prettier srry
posted by dangerwillrobinson on Apr 29, 2011
Alexis clearly stood out as the best and most beautiful right from the start Funny, nice, sweet--you could see her expressions when others had to sashay away Alexis would be a nice friend She is a great dancer She looks very real Alexis, you ere robbed--just like Raven was last season This show gets worse and worse Raja was mean and stuck up, couldn't dance, and does not look real For shame, Ms. Paul!
posted by Lota on Apr 28, 2011
All the finalists are winners and will all do well, you all are letting your favorites get in the way of the over all picture of what the show is looking for. I will say this was by far the best season and like I said all 3 are and will be winners.
posted by Ms C on Apr 28, 2011
Raja was probably the worst choice of all. This was not a contest for out dated never was old run way models. Raja was extremly arogant, rude, and at times, racist. Bad choice Ru, you just lost a loyal fan,
posted by Dee on Apr 27, 2011
I'm so happy raja won. Iknow manilla thought she had her beat my the expression on her face... However Raja is awesome. Not only is she very smart she has an awesome look about her. I love her runway. But there is more to her then that. Rupaul. Made the right choice.... She has a realness about her. and think some people are offended by that.. But she has to be herself.. I'm so excited for her and I wish her the best... Rupaul... Your awesome... Somebody say love.. If you can't love your self how in the hell are you going to love somebody else.. You better work Raja... See you next year ru... Much love...
posted by Lowla on Apr 27, 2011
Wanted Alexis or Manila to win. All were talented, but why does it appear that so many "performers" are just mean? I have been in pageants and I have experienced the mean and everyone always gets "robbed." Can't wait to see more of Manila and Alexis.
posted by Trey on Apr 27, 2011
Rupaul just lost me with this one. I won't be watching the show anymore. Raja winning was very disappointing and I thinking sends a horrible message. When you are a bitch and Ru's friend, you win things. Looks like Rupaul was the biggest "Heather" of them all.
posted by Rafa on Apr 27, 2011
Raja was my guy the entire season. I'm very happy for him. Manila was a wonderful delight to watch. Alexis,what can I say (BAM) lol. Yara I will see you in sept. Echa echa echa palante.(amazing) RU Ty for showing America how to love themselves.(you better work)
posted by InlovewithJara on Apr 27, 2011
Jara was my fav loved her. Raja was my least fav. but oh well cant wait till next season.
posted by grammabeth on Apr 27, 2011
Raja is my favorite from all the Drag Race shows !! She is fascinating, beautiful, elegant, sexy and intelligent AND moves down that runway like no one else ! Good luck with your reaching out to young people,Raja ! Maybe your friend Adam can help with that; he does a lot of that , too. YOU GO GIRL !!!
posted by Miss This One on Apr 27, 2011
Raja is talented in certain areas but no Superstar Drag Queen, fashion yea. Other than that he sucks.
posted by Ms.MeWith That on Apr 27, 2011
Raja is a poser check out reruns of ANTM yea he's there. He did not win on talent he won on who he knows.
posted by Ms.Lisa on Apr 27, 2011
posted by mike on Apr 26, 2011 Raja knows RuPaul and the producers of the show and it feels rigged now. She does look good but she is so shady and didn't deserve to win in my opinion. They put her on the show knowing they were going to MAKE he the winner. In response to this right here. I was watching old reruns of ANTM and guess who was there YEP Raja. So I agree with you he knows people and this did seem kind of rigged to me in the end cause Raja really messed up a lot in the video. My heart was leaning towards Alexis but Manilla could have won also but I was for team Alexis. This was another GW election to me. I'm just saying.
posted by kenya on Apr 26, 2011
I think raja was not the best choice, nothing personal, her only pro was her runway walk. He looks to much like a boy in a dress. In my personal opinion manila should had win, very talented, funny, good attitude, and how a drag queen looks. Was not expecting raja to win, but what can we do, is just a show!! Good luck to you all.
posted by vcface on Apr 26, 2011
obviously a lot of you little boys in a dress dont know a real fierce diva when you see one.....Alexis was amazing but the queen bee has always been Raja!!!
posted by auntypsychotic on Apr 26, 2011
i would have liked to see alexis win but, as fantastic and talented as she is, she is not as "hard-edged" as it seems that both rupaul and absolut are looking for. manila is gorgeous but just a little too "psychotic" to be the front woman for an ad campaign. those eyebrows alone are too spooky. raja is a bit long in the tooth but she is runway hot with that obvious strong edge that goes with runway.
posted by memouse on Apr 26, 2011
I think you should let the people watching vote- Alexis was much better than Manila, Raja was crule at times and cold, and just because your from Miami is no reason to be put off! Have a view vote and crown the viewer chose also.
posted by S2k on Apr 26, 2011
I knew Raja would win from episode 1. She was my fab the whole way through.
posted by peter on Apr 26, 2011
I hate Raja, Alexis was the best. Sorry my personal opinion.
posted by mary on Apr 26, 2011
Raja was the only one that made it know that she was educated. There's nothing wrong with being educated but, does that make her better than the other girls. I think that's what she was getting at, that she was better than them. She also made it know that she had more experience than the others because she's older well, we could see that in her face.
posted by Raja\'s # 1 Fan on Apr 26, 2011
I dont understand why u people are hating on my girl raja she deserved it. All the top three where great but he was better so boogers fall back.
posted by Cat on Apr 26, 2011
I've watched the show sense day one. I thought that Alexis should have won. Raja doesn't look like a woman to me. I think Alexis was more glamorous. They knew Raja was going to win when the show started. I guess to make it look good she had to lip-sync for her life at least once. Won't be wathing the show anymore.
posted by Rosa661 on Apr 26, 2011
Alexis will always be my winner Que viva Puerto Rico. It would be an honor to meet u someday
posted by SouthernBelle on Apr 26, 2011
Alexis Mateo is beautiful and genuine, I watched the show for the 1st time and she blew me away with her warmth & charm & beauty& booty:). U are a winner in me and my daughter's opinion ..hands down! If Rupaul wanted some that was less lady like and bitch like..the Raja was that. Alexis is too much of a lady to sell out...we shouting from Louisiana..U Geaux Alexis!
posted by Dreadz2 on Apr 26, 2011
Alexis should have won! Raja is shady as hell!! Manilla was cool but crazy!!
posted by IHEARTMANILA on Apr 26, 2011
What the ? Raja wins? OMG!!! The show feels rigged now that the "inside friend" Raja wins. Mike Ruiz's body language said it all when Raja won the first challenge. Mike Ruiz put his finger on his mouth to Raja then looked down the floor. As if to say "Shhh girl do not make it too obivious we are gonna let you win...
posted by armychick on Apr 26, 2011
FINALLY!!! RuPaul made the right choice, Raja totally deserved to win. She was my favorite from the very start of this season. Her style and talent will take her very far. GO RAJA!!!!
posted by heyjojo on Apr 26, 2011
I agree I really wanted to see Alexis win but I liked Raja in somewhat Attitude stinks but overall Raja worked it from beginning to the crown!!! LUV U ALEXIS !!!!
posted by Lynndie on Apr 26, 2011
Yay Raja. Loved that you wanted to be a role model for kids that were struggling with their identities. Your look, your attitude and everything about you shouts winner.
posted by cara on Apr 26, 2011
Raja is a cut above the rest in attitude and in look. Sometimes there just has to be a trendsetter that does not follow the crowd. Raja is a winner.
posted by r3dro5e on Apr 26, 2011
posted by Wilton Manors Diva on Apr 26, 2011
I'm very disappointed this season with the judges. I wanted either Alexis or Jara to win. Both have the talent in all ways
posted by dreedhouston on Apr 26, 2011
As fare as creativity and Raja's talent for make up,I was blown away.And If that were the only qualification for The Drag Super Star,then Raja should have won.But here's some advice Raja,dont be so cruel and mean.You self proclaimed "heathers"where horrible.And that over shadowed your talent.Take some of that prize money and hire a some one to coach you on how to treat people.I love your work Raja,but darling your attitude sucks.You "heathers sounded like a bunch of insecure high schools girls.You said that you wanted to represent all of the little boys in dresses that are mad fun on,and picked on.But that is what you did to the other contestants that ya'll labeled "boogers".This was not cool,and I hope that you take this forum that has been given you and rally make a diffrence.Good luck Raja ,I'll be watching you.And I hope that you stand up and be a real Queen,and carry your self as such.You can do it.Don't make all of that God given talent ugly with your attitude,and pettiness.And believe it or not I am a fan.I don't beleive the show was rigged.But you have responsibility now.Don't blow it by be a premadonna.Go get um girl.
posted by really ????????????? on Apr 26, 2011
omg rupaul u r serious ? we r just in shock that u chose a MAN ugly nothing to do with u show ,,, making sure next season we wont see it ,,,horribleeeeeeeeeee choise
posted by pelican on Apr 26, 2011
Someone said Raja was response is "HUH?" Maybe in age, but not in attitude. Did any of those self proclaimed "Heathers" even watch the movie? Two of the Heathers die and the third loses her power and influence. Why would you want to emulate that? Raja is just another person in our society who judges others by their outsides and calls others names.
posted by medusa on Apr 26, 2011
FINALLY, GO RAJA! a drag superstar that actually deserves it. Yes, Manila was great, but needed more polishing Her make up never really changed. It was a 50/50 chance on this decision. As for Alexis, She was showing us week after week that she is only cut out to be a pageant queen. Her ensembles always portrayed as a showgirl from Las Vegas. No variety. Furthermore, She painted her face the same week after week. Yes, we all can see you 6 states away from beyond the back row of your performances. I have a new outlook on this reality show.
posted by HoustonLaw01 on Apr 26, 2011
Go Raja!
posted by island_fever on Apr 26, 2011
I'm so glad that Raja won! The look, the attitude, the maturity, the versatility and the generosity of her heart cannot be questioned with any degree of credibility. I am absolutely ecstatic for her, Absolute and RuPaul!
posted by Einstein on Apr 26, 2011
Raja is an original, a genius of the gender-&%$#, harnessing the power of &^%$ you, and proving to a new generation of outcasts and misfits that they can be true to themselves. He is a breath of fresh air in the drag scene. Haters, go on hating. You just don't get him, and that's OK. He's not speaking to you.
posted by LC on Apr 26, 2011
Why did raja win?!?! Really? Because he's long time friends with Rupaul and the show was fixed. As badly as I wanted Alexis to win, looking with a critical eye, I had to admit that the crown should have gone to Manilla. I hate when stuff is fixed and REAL and TALENTED contestents get screwed!! Rupaul sucks!
posted by Rachel on Apr 26, 2011
I can't believe Raja won, she never stood out as a ”DRAG QUEEN" drag queens have always been very elegant and beautiful. Raja is a little boy in women’s clothes. She does have a fierce walk and making her a run way model but not America’s Drag Superstar. Alexis, Jara and even Shangela would have been better than Raja that is for sure.
posted by Kat on Apr 26, 2011
Alexis, beautiful, talented, funny, sweet & always a lady; she put the fun back in drag! She wasn't skinny & crazy eyed nor did she possess a mean streak that "Heathers" Raja & Manilla had. Granted, they had fierce clothing but not the class or inner beauty it takes to be a true "queen". With all the ugly & nasty in the world, I applaud Alexis & Jara Sophia for being "fierce bitches" w/o the mean. Raja & Manilla, your beauty turned ugly when you started the "Heathers".
posted by Lema on Apr 26, 2011
Don't like Raja so dissapointed...Alexis Mateo was the best
posted by Boogers bandwagon on Apr 26, 2011
What was the purpose of having a contest. Ru and Sutan (Raja) have known each other for 15 years. She should not been allowed on the show. I thought Ru was fair...not. I have been watching all 3 seasons and always pick the winner from the start. I thought Alexis, Yara and Mariah were going to be the top 3. Wrong!!! Ru was fowl for picking her long time friend.
posted by mas612 on Apr 26, 2011
Alexis was the clear winner of this race. She remained a lady throughout. No "heathers" bs. The show is fixed. Just look at how badly Raja looked last night. If it couldn't be Alexis, it should have been Manila. It's fixed. Let the watchers vote. BAM for Alexis.
posted by LucyLu on Apr 26, 2011
I am very disappointed that Raja won; I believe Manila had the looks, attitude and personality to be the next Fierce Diva! Raja always had an irrogant personality...
posted by Mz Tavia on Apr 26, 2011
I am dissapointed that Rsja won this season, she should have been kciked off 6 shows ago.
posted by freck on Apr 26, 2011
Raja You go girl. She was the best at the beginning, middle, and the end. Style and grace.
posted by iris on Apr 26, 2011
I wanted either Alexis or Jara to win. They both had warm hearts. I did like Raja and Manila better after the other HEATHER'S and Shandala were gone. They seemed nicer and more open then.
posted by Purrlady on Apr 26, 2011
Because out of all the boys she was the BEST!
posted by Bobo on Apr 26, 2011
I was hopping that Alexis or manilla would win. They seem more femine, elagant and modest. But hey! It,s Ru's show and call!
posted by PurrLady on Apr 26, 2011
I knew Raja was going to win from the beginning. She is a very talented drag queen. She gave great legs...LOL! Alexis, was too much like a pagent or prom queen instead of a drag queen. Manilla, looked CRAZY...LOL! Raja, was the clear winner. It's not about how pretty he is or isn't, because Carmen would have won. It's about style, grace and talent. Raja, was the best win. I'm 2 for 2 picked the other Tyra last year too. I knew she was going to win from the beginning...
posted by cuteboy on Apr 26, 2011
posted by Queefdeesha on Apr 26, 2011
They were all great, but Manila is my favorite. I think it's great that Raja won. I seriously doubt anyone would take the time or effort to rig a show like this. It's just silly fun, and RuPaul is always hilarious!
posted by applenyaeye on Apr 26, 2011
posted by Queenfisher on Apr 26, 2011
Alexis should have won, she had style and personality
posted by Dale on Apr 26, 2011
When the season started, the hands down fav was Raja, in my mind, but over time I began to route more and more for Alexis and hoped the judges would do the right thing and give to the one with the one with the biggest heart, if not the talent. That being said, good luck to all and enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.
posted by LEOLADY on Apr 26, 2011
I am in love and awe of raja "st. james"..she is powerful, deliberate and extremely fashion forward. Dont get me wrong all the contestants are true queens however, I am now and will forever be on TEAM RAJA!!
posted by sweetpea on Apr 26, 2011
I dislike it when you can't find honesty in something so inspiring to people in the same situation. How dare could Ru do this to Manilla or Alexis? O, I know, Ru and Raja are friends or something.
posted by mike on Apr 26, 2011
Raja knows RuPaul and the producers of the show and it feels rigged now. She does look good but she is so shady and didn't deserve to win in my opinion. They put her on the show knowing they were going to MAKE he the winner
posted by johnrad on Apr 26, 2011
Think this a big disappointment. Raja was the obvious RuPaul favorite from the beginning of the season. Definitely not the best choice but RuPaul thinks she know all
posted by magick4u on Apr 26, 2011
posted by pleasure babii on Apr 26, 2011
I love Raja but just like they said she look to much of like a boy in a dress..My personal opinion.
posted by lovequeens on Apr 26, 2011
All of the Heathers were my favorites, so I'm happy for Raja.. but I reallllly wanted Manila to win.. just because Raja already has a foot in the door.. but it's okay.. So happy! Heathers for life!
posted by lynda on Apr 26, 2011
U know she's not might be the one we rooted for, but its rupauls show and she saw something in raja, all she needed now is our support and love for her
posted by bobbie on Apr 26, 2011
i knew raja would win from day one because she had a lot of experience as for walk way and being a makeup artist for antm,but, my favorite is alexis. you did good girl
posted by barbielover on Apr 26, 2011
I like Raja, but I really think Manilla has the flair and ambience of a true Drag Queen. Oh, well, that's just my opinion.
posted by Missy/ on Apr 26, 2011
I am so HAPPY Raja won!!! Her style of Drag should be out there...CONGRATS!!! to Raja and c/ya Alexis.
posted by wilonna on Apr 25, 2011
Iam very disappointed that Raja win, jara had a very out going sprite.
posted by dee on Apr 25, 2011
why did this raja win .

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