'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Unwanted by Her Team, La Toya Jackson Is Fired

April 25, 2011 04:37:12 GMT

Though Star Jones as a project manager is fully responsible for ASAP's loss, the other women think La Toya should be fired because she is the weakest link in the game.

'Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Unwanted by Her Team, La Toya Jackson Is Fired
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La Toya Jackson has got the boot simply because her team mates did not like her. The women team gave an impression they could not move forward and win over the men if she was still involved after they lost in the April 24 episode.

The two teams were tasked to create a four-page ad for the Trump Hotel Collection and would be judged on creativity, originality, brand messaging and the overall pitch. Star Jones was the women team's project manager, while John Rich led the men.

ASAP took individual elegance and collective luxury as their concept, but the executives thought their brochure looked like a sleazy nightclub advertisement. Backbone, meanwhile, wanted to emphasize with their ad that if one chooses to stay at a Trump hotel, he/she would be treated exactly like Mr. Trump himself, but they had typos and did not indicate a website or phone number on the brochure.

Mr. Trump's advisors said there were no winners in this task. However, since the mens' pitch was better and the womens' ad was too scripted, they gave the loser title to ASAP. The men got $20,000 for John's charity of choice, the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Back in the boardroom, Star took along La Toya and NeNe Leakes with her. LaToya blamed the team's loss on Star, but NeNe thought La Toya should be fired since she was the weakest link. Mr. Trump agreed that the women need the chance to move on with their strongest players, so he sent La Toya home.

Despite a moment of rising tension during the game, La Toya and NeNe hugged before the former left. NeNe further told Star that she should start listening to everyone and Star said she has learned her lesson. In her car, La Toya said that Star is manipulative and evil and stronger than people think. She thought Mr. Trump made a mistake by firing her.


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posted by k-murph on Apr 27, 2011
Star should have been fired. She's in over her head. NeNe is a drama queen out of control - like an angry version of Gary Busey.
posted by Nancee on Apr 26, 2011
LaToya was excellent in all the tasks given her, gave the t shirt from Michael from her heart and she gets fired because 2 of the worst mannered persons want her gone, BAD judgement Mr. Trump, I also will not vote for a person who chooses to go with 2 evil personalities over someone you knew was kind, good, and a good worker.
posted by Donnie on Apr 26, 2011
Star brought Latoya in the boardroom because Toy was one of the strongest players. Star was intimidated by Latoya's success on prior tasks, the Jackson name, class, world exposure and likeability. The women on that team knew they didn't had to get rid of her and ultimately they did just that. What's sad is Jackson wasn't dismissed for poor performance, but because of game strategy.
posted by NoVoteForTrump on Apr 26, 2011
This was outrageous! It's obvious Trump is setting Marlee up for the win. He never booted Busey off when the guys wanted him off! You lost me as a viewer and any potenial vote Trump!
posted by frankie 1234 on Apr 26, 2011
donny does not fire people because of thier skill...its all based on what he thinks is good for the ratings...
posted by Taelyn on Apr 26, 2011
I think Trump was very Wrong to fire LaToya simply because her team didnt like her. She did well in the task, and EVERY task for that matter. The fact that she is soft spoken and kind should not be an issue. Star and NeNe both messed up, But Star should have been fired.. Shame on you Donald, you just showed extremely bad judgement, not good in business, or Politics.
posted by Missy on Apr 26, 2011
Star should have been booted, I don't think I will continue watching the show. She also looks terrible, I just don't like her. Well she has been dismissed befor, remember the VIEW??? She lies alot.
posted by selam on Apr 25, 2011
Donald trump saved star and nene for rating so they can fight more. Toya did not deserve to get fired. He should have gave her a chance by puting toya in the man team the least
posted by malana on Apr 25, 2011
It broke my heart to see Latoya fired, Star Jones should have gone. It is about the ratings and what a shame on you Donald!!!
posted by mafia on Apr 25, 2011
Trump bought into the gang theme. Trump lost judgement to ganging. Mr trump all along I thought its based on performance.You're about ratings..forget about running for Presidency otherwise you'll be President of ratings!!! Obama by far better than you in scope and judgement!!!!!!!
posted by BBBB on Apr 25, 2011
After last night, I don't know if i want to watch CA. LaToya should not have been fired, it should have been star. Latoya had brains, she paid attention very carefully each week. I wanted latoya to win. i enjoyed her on the show.i guess the winner will be NENE.
posted by good idea on Apr 25, 2011
LaToya should not have been fired!! she could have been placed on the men's team. More people will stop watching this show and use social network to petition don't wash celebrity apprentice until it returns to the elegant and classy style of Trump's daughter. She is an amazing role model! So sorry she is affiliated with the ladies behavior remaining on the show.
posted by trustandfaith on Apr 25, 2011
Agree with zuko! "shame that people are allowed to gang up on others". WHY? with the state of our economy, the increase weather disasters, etc., etc. WHY? do we continue to allow "greedy, show off" people like one of the women team members be seen at all on TV. Let's remember if we are truly going into our last days in time. Many of these people will help the disaster be more devastating with the way they display being "mean and heartless". Clearly not a way to win over the people you want to be on your side. Just praying for a miracle that this kind of brutal behavior will stop. Many of the humble and loving people are finally speaking up and leading the way to rule "good over evil". Stand up and please be heard!
posted by Creolemom on apr25 on Apr 25, 2011
I think it was a disgrace what happen last nite**Star should have gone home**not Latoya**I am disappointed in Trump*it was unfair for him to go alone with the others*he knew they were againt latoya from the very beginning.Latoya did well as p.m.**what NeNe done**the women lost most of their projects due miss Star Jones**Shame on you Donald**
posted by larieta on Apr 25, 2011
It is all about ratings. Donald trump knows where the money is. Why else does he want to rule washington? lol
posted by RealLife on Apr 25, 2011
Who cares? Reality TV isn't real people. When are you going to "get" it? It's about drama and ratings and big pay checks for everyone involved, except the viewer. Donald Trump is laughing all the way to the bank. And, if he's lucky, all the way to the White House.
posted by labuchon on Apr 25, 2011
I think LaToya should have been saved and Star Jones booted. She was the P.M. for that project and she's responsible negative results they got. And I think Marlee should mouth shut or should I say hands.
posted by zuko on Apr 25, 2011
As a viewer, it's plain to see that Star is all out to win. She probably spends tons of money on her appearance like no other contestant. It's a shame that people are allowed to gang up on others just because they don't like them. Latoya is better off not being with that unsavory group. If you were Trump, you have got to realize that there are no candidates for hire on either side. They are just a bunch of greedy conivers.
posted by YouGotThisWrong on Apr 25, 2011
Lil Jon was not the project manager for the men. It was John Rich.

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