'Amazing Race' Recap: Eliminated Cowboys Enjoy Fondue Cheese

April 25, 2011 03:16:41 GMT

Jet and Cord are taking their time to eat a bunch of fondue after the Globetrotters choose to U-turn them.

'Amazing Race' Recap: Eliminated Cowboys Enjoy Fondue Cheese
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The Sunday, April 24 episode of "The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business" started off in Austria where six remaining teams caught a train to Liechtenstein. Once arriving there, they faced a Road Block which told them to measure the entire length of the country on a motorized bike (a Solex), using an odometer and a map.

Gary and Mallory, who arrived in last place in previous leg, faced Speed Bump in this Road Block. They had to make fuel for their Solex with gas and oil as the extra task. Justin was the first who guessed the distant correctly, followed by Jen who heard his guess. Once Justin collected Zev and Jen was back with Kisha, the two teams were on board a train to Zermatt, Switzerland where they faced a detour.

Gary, Vixen and Flight Time all finished at the same time since they helped each other with the correct mileage. The Cowboys followed in the last place as no one gave Jet an assistance, so he must return to the start to measure again after he made a wrong guess.

For detour, the teams must choose between Cheese or Wheeze before being given the clue to the fountain which presented the opportunity to assign a Double U-turn. In the Cheese, they had to eat a pot of cheese fondue, while in the Wheeze, they had to deliver luggage to five different hotels. Zev and Justin, along with Jen and Kisha, took the Cheese challenge while all the other teams opted for Wheeze.

Zev and Justin struggled with the fondue and Justin ended up throwing up, but they finished the detour first and headed to the fountain. They decided not to U-turn anyone and continued the trip to the pit stop at the Moos Restaurant where they were welcomed with another win and trip for two to the Caribbean.

Kisha and Jen were right behind Zev and Justin, followed by Kent and Vyxsin as well as Gary and Mallory on the third and fourth places respectively. They all passed the U-turn. The race was now between the cowboys and the Globetrotters with Flight Time and Big Easy arriving earlier than Jet and Cord.

The Globetrotters opted to U-turn the cowboys so they must eat the fondue. Finding out they would eventually be eliminated, Jet and Cord sat and drink a few beers while enjoying the cheese before arriving at the Moos Restaurant to be officially declared out of the race. Speaking of their loss, the gentlemen stated it was worth the chance to travel and engage in the competition with brotherly love.


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posted by jjjjjj on May 24, 2011
My husband and I have decided not to watch the race again. The cowboys were done unfairly and should be given the money not another invite to race!
posted by jleach on May 01, 2011
An incredible injustice was allowed to eliminate the Cowboys. For a show that has ascribed to honesty, and then allow the obvious cheating by some of the players that did not determine the 22 mile distance for themselves has disgraced an otherwise good program. The negligence of the show to condone this act of dishonesty has ruined a good show.
posted by helenbowdine on Apr 29, 2011
I thought I was the only one saw the cheating! Thanks everyone! i have now had it with this show! The rules were clear, get it wrong, go back to the start! Buh bye Phil and amazing race. If i want to watch cjeating I'll watch my worthless husband!
posted by amazinggirl1212 on Apr 28, 2011
shame on them they should not be allowed to do that! i am so mad! ugh!no need to watch the show no more thanks globetrotters,the globetrotters should have gotten automatic alimination! they deservea second chance! go cowboys!
posted by Big Mack on Apr 27, 2011
Disgusted with how some of the other teams cheated. The Globe Trotters and Jen and Kisha. They should have been penalized. I didn't see the goths cheat or Mallory's dad, the globe trotter just gave him the info, he didn't ask for it. I am pissed off, not watching it anymore. The cowboys were the only team I was watching it for and since they are gone I am done watching.
posted by Davidhat on Apr 27, 2011
I don't have a problem with the sharing of info. The teams should have had to return to the start which were Phil's instructions.
posted by Amazing on Apr 27, 2011
Phil- I thought you would support the fair side and you have really let me and my friends down. What were you all thinking? Cheat Cheat Cheat. The Show and you owe an apology to the Cowboys and the teams that cheated...disgusting. No need to watch a show that encourages and supports cheating.
posted by Believe in the Cowbo on Apr 27, 2011
Take a bow Amazing Race, you have turned an amazing Race into an Amazing Lie. The Cowboys really represented the good side of humanity and you let them get shot down by cheaters. In fact you permitted cheating over and over! No penalties given for cheating! The Globetrotters are a disgrace as are the other teams that cheated. SHAME on you.
posted by Cheating on Apr 27, 2011
Show integrity in the toilet. Teams have cheated and no one answered for cheating. Yes teach what it means to not have integrity and it pays to cheat. Globetrotters you should be ashamed. Amazing Race you should be ashamed. The Cowboys have morals and integrity and you do not deserve to have them on your show. Step up to the plate and make it right and start judging fairly!
posted by wanda on Apr 26, 2011
I don't think it was fair the way the cowboys were treated! They should have another chance.
posted by april on Apr 26, 2011
I have to agree with everyone here. What a shame and shame on you Globetrotters! Cowboys were the ones I was cheering on they were honest and well mannered. I also feel they deserve another chance.
posted by jay on Apr 25, 2011
Only watched this show for cowboys. Bye bye, show.
posted by pissed off on Apr 25, 2011
Not gonna watch this show anymore. Why are they allowing teams to cheat? Jet and Cord, the only team with integrity, and they get eliminated. Sucks full time.
posted by cowboys forever on Apr 25, 2011
Bunch of cheats worked together to eliminate the only honest, upright,non-cheating team. Cowboys, I salute you!
posted by sharyn11645 on Apr 25, 2011
I thought it was a shame that you let the team players that cheated go on and let the cowboys go. What does that show our kids, that it is ok to cheat.I will not watch your show again.
posted by raw dog on Apr 25, 2011
what a bunch of crap what is the amazing race reaching kids.
posted by llh on Apr 25, 2011
I agree with everyone here. I'm through with the amazing race. What a lesson for my grandchild to see adults cheating. The cowboys are the true winners here. They have a lot of class. I've seen the real winners and find no reason to watch anymore of the race. The Goth's played an honest game as well. Good luck to them.
posted by ML on Apr 25, 2011
I agree - teams should be penalized for cheating! I hope the cowboys get invited back again.
posted by M.o.m. on Apr 25, 2011
Love you honest cowboys! My children saw how cheating stinks. What usually was a great night for family tv turned into a night of moral discussion. That is no fun.
posted by what the .... on Apr 25, 2011
Phil; what were you thinking? It was cheating and you let everyone get away with it. You owe those Coyboys an apology! Guess I done watching the race, just like 100,000s of others who didn't bother to write.
posted by CAM on Apr 25, 2011
The Cowboys are a class act. Really disappointed in everyone else and that no penalities were assessed for blatant cheating.
posted by ladydi on Apr 25, 2011
how sickening. everyone cheating, no on called on it, in order to get rid of cowboys A(only ones i am rooting for). I am done with this season.
posted by BJ on Apr 25, 2011
Lost me as a viewer. Fair is not always fair in this show. You should know better.
posted by jen tucker on Apr 25, 2011
I am so glad to see others recognizing April 24th's show for what it was-cheating! Amazing Race-you have lost another viewer.
posted by Patty56 on Apr 25, 2011
The cowboys should not have been eliminated last night. They play the race the right way. The globetrotter should have gone back to the beginning like stated by Phil. The cowboys should get another chance at this race. Third time is the charm! Go cowboys!!! Great morals.
posted by Master on Apr 25, 2011
I love the cowboys and want them back for a third season! They deserve the money
posted by Misty on Apr 25, 2011
Am so disaponted with the cheating. I wont watch it anymore......
posted by nomorear4me on Apr 25, 2011
Thanks amazing race for freeing up my Sunday evenings. Can't believe how far down the game has fallen. Kudos to the cowboys.
posted by pat-tenn on Apr 25, 2011
Ditto! I'm done with the show!
posted by Shar on Apr 25, 2011
I was cheering for the cowboys the only team that did not cheat
posted by aaa on Apr 25, 2011
Well done CBS. You just lost me as a viewer. I am never watching The Cheating Race ever again!
posted by Marvin on Apr 25, 2011
The cowboys did it right. How many teams got 22K's with out help?
posted by bfair on Apr 25, 2011
Cheating! What a horible example for us all- TAR should be cancelled!
posted by me on Apr 25, 2011
i guess that is the only way that they can win
posted by Been There on Apr 24, 2011
Didn't Phil state that if the wrong distance was given, that the team had to go back to the start? Must not have been an actual part of the instructions, because no penalty was given the Trotters. Can't blame the Trotters for not going back, but if it was part of the directions (as stated by the Olympian to the cowboy when he gave the wrong answer), then there should have been a penalty assessed or a refusal to give the the next clue until they did go back.
posted by paluck10 on Apr 24, 2011
what a crock might as well cheat for the rest of the game i am really disappointed , it sure is not on the up and up Everybody cheated tonight except the cowboys.............
posted by aliette on Apr 24, 2011
Nobody should have told the number and they were doing it to everybody except the cowboys because of that they should be back in the game or give them a no elimination night
posted by california on Apr 24, 2011
Boo to Amazing Race for allowing cheating.
posted by yvetterud on Apr 24, 2011
I do not think that the elimination tonight was fair at all most of the teams told each other the number 22 and the cowboys did not get it from anyone and had to return for the number of miles.o they came last. So unfair.
posted by Bev on Apr 24, 2011
Teams should not be allowed to share information (cheat). What lesson are you encouraging here???
posted by aaa on Apr 24, 2011
Cowboys were the only team I was rooting for. Teams were well spirited in not using the U-Turn - how sad the globetrotters did.
posted by Gail Matthews on Apr 24, 2011
Not happy about the Cowboys leaving the show. No need to watch the show now.

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