'Supernatural' Musical Episode Is Possible

April 16, 2011 03:37:54 GMT

Executive producer Bob Singer says there have been talks about a musical or a cartoon take on the TV series, but they have not found a way to do it yet.

'Supernatural' Musical Episode Is Possible
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"Supernatural" might do a musical like what "Grey's Anatomy" did. Executive producer Bob Singer tells TVLine that he is poised to make a musical episode although he finds it "risky". He shares, "Musicals are really risky ground, but we do talk about it."

Singer goes on claiming that the idea has been there even before Ryan Murphy successfully brought musical drama "Glee". "From year one, there have been two things we've talked about: How do you do a musical? And how do you do a cartoon?" he explains, revealing a possible animated episode for The CW show. "We haven't found a way to do either one of those yet, but I'm sure it'll come up in conversation for next season, an animated show or a musical."

On how this season will end considering "Supernatural" has yet to get a renewal, Singer shares, "It's a solid ending for the main arc of the season, but we do have a cliffhanger that hopefully will carry over the summer and take us into a new story in season 7. We answer all the questions that the audience might have, but we leave one very big cliffhanger there."

Asked if he has had plan for a possible seventh season, Singer says, "The only thing that we have talked about is that since this year was kind of an old-fashioned noir mystery, next year may have the boys being Butch and Sundance, or the Wild Bunch. Basically, it'd be telling the a story of the last of the cowboys, gone modern. That's just a jumping-off point. Whether we actually do that or how that realizes itself... we haven't gotten that far yet. But there's an idea of, 'The world is closing in around you'."

In the meantime, Sam and Dean's fans can see them going Western in upcoming episode called "Frontierland". Speaking of the April 22 outing, Singer says it "steeped in the much earlier mythology that we told in season 2, right up to the current mythology."

"It has to do with [Eve] the mother of all monsters and how you combat her, because clearly this a very powerful force at work here and a real challenge to the guys," he explains on how it is tied to the present day storyline. "But going back to when they got Samuel Colt's weapon, they now get something out of his journal that can be helpful to them in dealing with the mother. That's why they go back to the Old West."

The synopsis says Sam and Dean "ask Castiel to send them back in time so they can meet the man himself. While Sam is a bit reluctant to time travel, Dean is beside himself with excitement to return to the Wild, Wild West." Sam Hennings guest stars as Samuel in this episode.


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posted by Alice on Apr 18, 2011
And OF COURSE classic rock would be sung!
posted by Alice on Apr 18, 2011
someone already said this, but Glee's kind of dumb and I didn't even know Grey's Anatomy had a musical episode. I thought of Buffy.
posted by Sherry on Apr 17, 2011
I see the musical working only if Classic rock is sung.
posted by cindys842 on Apr 16, 2011
Like Butch & Sundance idea or Wildbunch.
posted by Thalia on Apr 16, 2011
Singer claims. Why does it sound like you don't believe him? YOu do know there has been Musical episodes on tv long long long before Glee (which in my option is really overated as a TV show). Long before Glee there was Buffy there was Xena there was Hercules all with Musical Episodes. So not everything Musical is connected to Glee.

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