Rebecca Black Hits 100 Million Mark, Beating Lady GaGa and Justin Bieber

April 13, 2011 03:59:03 GMT

The original 'Friday' music video, along with its copies, spoofs and other versions, reportedly has pulled in around 200 million views on YouTube.

Rebecca Black Hits 100 Million Mark, Beating Lady GaGa and Justin Bieber
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It seems that Rebecca Black is on the run for scoring the most viewed music video this year. Her viral hit "Friday" has gained around 100 million views on YouTube in less than two months. Produced by Ark Music Factory, low-budgeted music video for the Auto-Tuned single raked in 98 million marks in her official YouTube alone.

According to Visible Measures, if the viewing number of its original video is combined with viewing number of its copies, spoofs and other versions available online, Rebecca generated more than 200 million views. With such a huge number, the 13-year-old aspiring singer reportedly beat Lady GaGa and Justin Bieber.

By comparison, GaGa's music video for her single "Born This Way" reportedly has got more than 180 million online views since making its way out in late February. Meanwhile, Bieber's "Pray" clip, which was premiered last year, has scanned over 65 million views.

Beside being the contender for most viewed video, the "Friday" clip is also one of the candidates for the "most-disliked" video. After getting 1.1 million "dislikes" out of 60 million views last month, the video has now moved the "thumb downs" to almost 2 millions.

Although the song has been critically panned, Rebecca plans to drop a second single which "is in a similar vein" to the much-ridiculed track. In the next offering, the internet sensation is going to treat music fans with text-messaging-themed anthem called "LOL".


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posted by Ivy on Apr 15, 2011
I hate Rebecca Black! She's not a good singer! Justin bieber is better than her!
posted by Anon on Apr 13, 2011
She only hit the one million dollar mark people are constantly showing their friends how bad her song is!! She sucks! No-one with that lack of talent should have a song on youtube!!!
posted by Hannah on Apr 13, 2011
She's rubbish at singing but you just gotta love her :)
posted by anonymous on Apr 13, 2011
ppl like this make us appreciate bieber who actually has musical ability and talent and is criticised all the time. Dude plays 4 instruments and has been singing since he was...well...smaller than he is rebecca black is just not good. Not a hater..just a matter of fact opinion. And why is she being referred to in the same category as talented ppl like Bieber and Gaga, who has very good live vocals..was pleasantly surprised by that. It's strange how our society glorifies this sort of thing....
posted by Eliza on Apr 13, 2011
I dont like her. She cant sing. Justin might be a girl but at least he can sing (:
posted by Kac on Apr 13, 2011
I luv JB, most people dont but hes got so many amazing songs they might not have reached 100million they might have but Rebecca's Friday song doesnt deserve 100million, Justins Does.
posted by Gemgem67 on Apr 13, 2011
No one likes her including me people only watch it to laugh at it at dislike it god get a life you don't really think people like her ? And the more people laugh and dislike it the more views she gets.
posted by anonymous on Apr 13, 2011
all the people out there disliking the video dont really not like her, they r jst doin it because they want to fit stop bein like every body else and start bein who u r!!!
posted by jargoun on Apr 13, 2011
don't you people get it? people watch it to laugh at her; not to listen to her song. the more people that watch, the stupider it makes her.

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