Pia Toscano Has NOT Been Signed to Interscope Records

April 11, 2011 04:22:42 GMT

The 'American Idol' contestant has been approached by Interscope Records to release a single, but the talk's not 'done deal' yet.

Pia Toscano
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Pia Toscano, the former contestant of "American Idol" who got booted last week, reportedly has inked a record deal with Interscope. A source told Us Magazine that the 22-year-old aspiring singer is preparing to hit studio soon and going to rush her debut album. However, the rumor was denied by her representative.

Talking to E! Online, the spokesperson said that the rumor is not accurate. The publicist spilled the beans that Interscope, which is chaired by "Idol" mentor Jimmy Iovine, wants to produce Pia's debut single and then release it while "American Idol" is still running. Although the rep confirmed that Pia has indeed been approached by Interscope, no record contract has been signed just yet.

If the deal is sealed, Pia will follow the footsteps of fellow "Idol" outcast Chris Medina who dropped a single via the label just a few day after his elimination. While Chris talked about his tear-jerking story about his relationship with his girlfriend in a ballad single "What Are Words", it's unclear what kind of single is being prepared for Pia.

A source said Pia wants a "memorable" song which captures the "magic" like her performance earlier this season of Elton John's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down". The Pia rendition of the classic track was produced by Rock Mafia.

Pia is now looking forward to hit the road with the other top 9 contestants of the "Idol" for a summer tour. But fans who are still coming to terms with her shocking elimination won't have to wait until summer to watch her performance. On Friday, she appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" for her first-ever post-"Idol" Performance. She sang "River Deep, Mountain High".


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posted by LeeAnn on Apr 11, 2011
Signing Pia and rushing out one record before Idol is over is the only thing she will ever sell to all the broken-hearted (non-voting) Pia fans. The rest of us see our music for the right reasons and that certainly isn't this cruise ship entertainment Pia brings to the table. Pia is very dull. If she didn't have a great face and body, she would never of made it to Hollywood.
posted by Cheyenne Tommy on Apr 11, 2011
Idols is no longer interesting as it has hidden agenders by ousing Pia..
posted by Bill Mitchell on Apr 11, 2011
The mistake that most people make is that they think that the person with the least votes on Idol is the least popular. Not even close. One 15 year old girl powertexting 7000 votes for Scotty cancels out 700 (record-buying) Pia fans voting 10 times each by phone. To make matters worse, idol only allows AT&T customers this wildly unfair (and unrepresentative) advantage (in direct violation of their own rules). If you think the most popular contestant wins, just ask Kris Allen, you'll find him opening for a bluegrass band at the county fair.
posted by Bill Mitchell on Apr 11, 2011
Yes, Pia's lack of passion was obvious as the entire web went into seizures over her elimination. C'mon Jimmy, NOBODY likes her. Yeah she is beautiful and has a great body and amazing voice, but she doesn't jump around on stage enough and everyone can see her not dancing through the radio so she obviously has no chance. What we really need is for you to sign Haley. Sure, she can't sing an entire phrase in tune and covers it up with all her melisma and growling, but did YOU see how she shakes her booty onstage? We need more of that and less of people that can actually sing.
posted by NO USERNAME on Apr 11, 2011
Jimmy Iovine is making a BIG MISTAKE by signing on Pia! Her voice doesn't draw out enough passion. At least, not through our TV screens! :(

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