'Celebrity Apprentice': Mark McGrath Out, NeNe Leakes and La Toya Jackson Fight

'Celebrity Apprentice': Mark McGrath Out, NeNe Leakes and La Toya Jackson Fight

Being Backbone's project manager, the Sugar Ray vocalist takes the blame when his team loses to ASAP although the men do not like Gary Busey.

Mark McGrath was picked as a project manager on "The Celebrity Apprentice" April 10 and he was fully responsible when his team lost in the game. In this episode, the teams were tasked to create an environment that imbodies Australian Gold's brand. La Toya Jackson led the women team.

Ever since Backbone pitched the pirate idea, Gary Busey had been skeptical. During the meeting with the executives, Gary crossed the line by making a sexual comment. Lil Jon gushed, "I have to babysit Gary all d**n day." But the execs were interested in the theme idea so Backbone went ahead with it.

ASAP, meawhile, went with a beach concept which was proposed by La Toya. NeNe Leakes thought it was not creative enough and the other ladies were seemingly frustrated by her direction. After asking her team to buy a lot of sand, she added a winter element to the beach.

Despite NeNe and Star Jones' skepticism, the women team won because Australian Gold execs did not like the pirate theme. Still, the win could not prevent NeNe and La Toya from expressing the tension which were rising during the task. "I worked my a** off while you sat there looking like 'Casper the Ghost'," NeNe told La Toya.

In the meantime, the execs expressed how they did not like they way Gary pitched himself to do commercials for the company. Mark declared he was responsible for the loss, but Meat Loaf pointed out Gary's inappropriate behavior.

Mark and Gary were brought back into the board room. Donald Trump agreed that it was all Mark's fault, so he fired him. For Gary, Donald gave him an advice to shape up. In the limo, the Sugar Ray frontman accepted the firing as a consequence of his flop.

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    Apr 24, 2011

    Walking in the presence of gtinas here. Cool thinking all around!

    Apr 11, 2011

    I'm done! Everything is for ratings. Keep the goofball on or no one will watch. Pathetic........

    Apr 11, 2011

    Trump as always made the right choice because they lost due to the pirate concept & it failed. As for Busey Mr.trump will never have to work directly with him,he has people to do that so get ready folks,Busey didn't get where he is because people can't stand him. lol

    What Ever
    Apr 11, 2011

    Run and tell that..........Go skip and shut the Fu4K UP

    Apr 11, 2011

    I agree with you phyllis Nene is a BIG bully and someone needs to put her in check...My goodness how mean does she have to be before someone says or does something.She has said really hurtful and mean things I say fire her.

    Apr 11, 2011

    Gary Busey does have issues from his brain injury.But why keep him and get rid of Mark Mcgrath?Mr.your fired is getting rid of strong players.Since Dionne left NeNe is the bully and her charity is for what,oh yes abuse.I have seen her verbal and almost physical abuse against others.This season is a joke!

    Run and tell that
    Apr 11, 2011

    Star Jones is as fake as Barack Obama's birth certificate. She makes me ill.

    Apr 10, 2011

    Trump is punking everyone considering he'd never work with a crazy Gary Busey. The guy will have you nutty in no time.

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