'Grey's Anatomy' 7.19 Preview: You're Gonna Be Fired

April 01, 2011 07:47:16 GMT

While Callie is going through crisis of her own, Meredith sneaks into the hospital's pharmacy and got caught by Alex.

'Grey's Anatomy' 7.19 Preview: You're Gonna Be Fired
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"Grey's Anatomy" has treated audience with its first musical episode on Thursday, March 31 and may be back with another one. But first, the show will continue with Callie's storyline. In episode "It's a Long Way Back", the doctor who had a near-death experience demands to see her baby who is in critical condition.

Creator Shonda Rhimes gave her take on Sara Ramirez's character, telling TV Line, "She's been really tough this entire time about her own fertility issues. She's been really stoic and strong and fairly positive about it. This is her weakest moment when she feels the randomness of the world."

"It's Long Way Back" airs April 28 on ABC.

Regarding the possibility of coming up with another musical episode, Rhimes said, "I really want to see Ellen [Pompeo] sing ['Portions For Foxes'] by Rilo Kiley, which was the very first song we ever had in the pilot."

"I've already been saying I want to do it again. It was really tough on everybody though. We've been working on the episode since September. Everything from rehearsals to recording, it was a really difficult episode. I don't know if we'll ever do it again, but I already want to."


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posted by soyyen on Apr 07, 2011
I watched it twice, and loved it so much more after the 2x. This was Callie's mind dealing with it trauma. Her singing was awesome, the choice of songs great !Her fighting to wake up at the end perfect. I think it worked for this episode !
posted by Sandy on Apr 06, 2011
I thought the episode was not their best, I love the show but the musical took so much from the show . I think Sara Ramirez is fantastic , very talented I love her songs.
posted by AshleyHailey84 on Apr 03, 2011
I Loved it too! Was not a joke she had brain damage but was aware of her surroundings and coped with music hallucinations. She did an amazing job especially the last song it was so emotional her trying to fight to live. Everyone else sounded okay better then most on karaoke night, but I liked Sara R's singing the best. Could have lived without the rest for the most part. Noticed the main characters really didn't sing much lol...
posted by yialol on Apr 03, 2011
yes, please don't do that ever again
posted by Pdx on Apr 03, 2011
Loved it!
posted by Lacey on Apr 02, 2011
I too do NOT want another "singing" episode.. It was awful, except for Callie singing... It would have been so much better if they had just had Callie singing... And it would have made some sense as it was more or less her "spirit" doing the singing...
posted by kav on Apr 02, 2011
donot ever repeat the same mistake.. u'd be losing 80% of greys anatomy lovers. it was horrific. i kept saying are you kidding me?! why did u have to ruin an amazing story line with . gosh i could see the actors were embarrassed too. i pity them
posted by Elizabeth.edsall on Apr 02, 2011
I loved Callie singing, but the rest was not worth watching. I fast forwarded through most of the episode. I thought the music made the show a joke. They all have nice voices - Callie is awesome - but cant' stand a "musical drama." Made me wonder if they are trying to emulate Glee....Show sucked for me....wouldn't watch it again if they are gonna sing again.
posted by Kmamurrell on Apr 01, 2011
I agree with above, I hated the musical. The story line was awesome but the singing ruined it. Callie singing would have been ok but the rest was ridiculous. Please dont do that again!
posted by Sullivan78us on Apr 01, 2011
Musical was horrible! Don't ruin the show with a repeat of that!
posted by barelyanangel on Apr 01, 2011
Totally ridiculas! This is a hospital, not a theater! If they do this anymore, I will not be watching!
posted by Rob on Apr 01, 2011
I'd of been fine with just Callie singing, personally, the rest was too much. Didn't enjoy that at all. Please don't do it again. Thank you.
posted by LevRoss on Apr 01, 2011
It was absolutely pathetic. Greys anatomy taking on Glee. Who came up with that idea? People are switching the TV on with certain expectations from the show. Instead they got to watch a musical during what was supposed to be quite a serious episode. You can't even concentrate on the storyline with all this singing. The only thing missing is the group of tap dancers on the background.
posted by Shonee on Apr 01, 2011
I LOVED it. It damn near had me in tears for the whole hour. Beautiful. No word to describe. Great job. TiVo it so I can watch it again!
posted by clouded96 on Apr 01, 2011
I LOVED IT!! was it all of the casts real voices? it sounded like them and i know it was Sara R. real voice, but how bout the others?
posted by waclf on Apr 01, 2011
I fast forwarded through 75% of the episode, couldn't stand the musical. This isn't a damn musical. It it's gonna turn that way, let me know so I can stop watching it forever.
posted by twill4506 on Apr 01, 2011
I've been watching this show fromt the beginning and definitely familiar with the story line - the music made the show a total joke.
posted by twill4506 on Apr 01, 2011
Please - it was the worst ever. Couldn't wait until it was over and done with.
posted by GreyMusical on Apr 01, 2011
I don't see how people can say they were trying to do a take on Glee?! It was (mostly) from Callie's mind while she was under. Rather than having the music in the background (which is always wonderful), they mixed it in. Maybe next episode listen to how much music is in the background the entire episode! It was a great episode! Everyone did a great job! For those who couldn't concentrate on the storyline, you must be a NEW "fan". I've been watching since the first episode and haven't missed one since! I think a true fans could appreciate the beauty of this episode! It was fresh, it was a nice one-time/once a season kind of thing!
posted by GreyMusical on Apr 01, 2011
LOVED the musical episode! Dramatic, so emotional, and just a beautiful piece of work! It was art. Loved it! Just the kick Grey's needed!

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