Drunk Adam Lambert Gets Kicked Out of Lady GaGa's Birthday Bash

April 01, 2011 03:44:50 GMT

Days after he got ejected from the party, the 'American Idol' alum admits his rowdy behavior, tweeting 'my fist is all bruised and la cita has a hole in the ceiling. #sloppy.'

Drunk Adam Lambert Gets Kicked Out of Lady GaGa's Birthday Bash
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Adam Lambert didn't left Lady GaGa's 25th birthday party last Sunday night, March 27 the usual way. Us Magazine has uncovered that the "American Idol" alum came to join the celebration already drunk and managed to force the birthday girl to ask security guards to kick him out after he showed off rowdy behavior during the bash.

In a interview with Morning Dish radio program, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton revealed that the 29-year-old singer was actually not invited to the bash. Still, he came as a guest of the Scissor Sisters, who are GaGa's opening act on tour. Perez further recalled, "Adam showed up beyond drunk. Super sloppy embarrassingly drunk!"

During the bash, Adam also left a hole in the low ceiling of La Cita Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles. An eyewitness told Us Magazine, "Adam acted like an animal. He kept jumping up on the tables and chairs and screaming. When they brought the cake out he tried to smear it in GaGa's face and put a doll from the cake in her mouth!"

Adam's drunken behavior apparently didn't stop there. Perez added in his Thursday, March 31 interview that the "Whataya Want from Me" singer then tried to serenade GaGa "like he was auditioning for Idol again!"

A day before Perez's interview, Adam took to Twitter to admit his bad behavior on the party. On Wednesday, March 30, he wrote two tweets that read, "My hand still hurts. LoL" and "Was trying for celebratory gesture 4 gaga's B- pinata style...instead my fist is all bruised and la cita has a hole in the ceiling. #sloppy."


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posted by meeerylou on Jun 26, 2011
Someone forgot to proofread this text! Lots of grammatical errors; does NOT sound professional. Shame on ACESHOWBIZ
posted by meeerylou on Jun 26, 2011
Someone forgot to proofread this text! Lots of grammatical errors; does NOT sound professionsal. Shame on ACESHOWBIZ
posted by Vendetta on Jun 03, 2011
It's apparent that @Sam believes everything he reads and knows nothing about Adam.
posted by Lamar on Apr 04, 2011
Getting kicked out of Gaga's bash? He must have been totally shellacked.
posted by Kim on Apr 02, 2011
You need to print a retraction! Gaga's people came forward and said he was NOT tossed out!
posted by Wickedbeauty on Apr 02, 2011
Who cares if Gaga is suckin face with her man...ITS HER PARTY! and Perez isnt bashing anyone. he just told the story. Lambert was acting like a tool at a party he was not even invited to. If he WASNT kicked out, he should be grateful. Either way, the little boy can't handle his juice.
posted by annie on Apr 01, 2011
Perez is just a jealous little snipe. He's probably mad because Adam didn't go to his party the night before! Once again Perez is trashing people he calls his friends.
posted by Sam on Apr 01, 2011
LMAO....he is an idiot! He will be one of the next to have a drug overdose...just wait and see or end up in jail.
posted by Amy on Apr 01, 2011
Adam admitted to doing this on his twitter--so its factual. Even if you like Adam at least have the standards to admit this is really poor behaviour!
posted by Cynde on Apr 01, 2011
Adam hand accidently hit the low ceiling when he was giving a celebratory cheer for Gaga's birthday. Big deal. Perez embellished the story to get attention for himself. Shameful!
posted by trufax on Apr 01, 2011
The only source for this super-exaggerated story is douchbag Perez, who wasn't even at the party. I certainly wouldn't take his word for Adam being "kicked out" of the party or any of the other BS details here. Perez is super jealous of Adam because Adam is everything he wants to be but is not. The story is just one big lie.
posted by musicfan on Apr 01, 2011
WHY are you listening to douche bag PEREZ HILTON?! Perez has a personal vendetta against Adam for some reason. Adam was just celebrating like a rock star, he was just excited, accidentally punched a hole in the ceiling. I would not believe any of the rest of his embellished story. He's supposed to be a "friend" but friends don't say stuff like that... he's just mad because Adam didn't go to his lame birthday party on Saturday. Gaga herself was rolling around on the floor, being groped by her boyfriend.
posted by Teddie on Mar 31, 2011
This story sounds like over-exaggerated BS. There is also a version that has Gaga & her boyfriend Luc so drunk they were laying all over the floor rubbing on each other almost having sex in front of everyone. Why isn't Perez telling that version?
posted by Reblame on Mar 31, 2011
It didn't sound as Adam admitted any bad behaviour to be on twitter just that he was a bit enthusiastic and the ceilings seem to be low. Apparently the whiskey was flowing and I am sure Adam wasn't the only one drinking. Perez wasn't even there.

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