Rebecca Black Breaks Top 100 With Much-Ridiculed Single 'Friday'

March 17, 2011 06:42:43 GMT

Crashing the iTunes songs chart with her 'bad' single, Rebecca Black thanks her fans, saying she feels 'so honored.'

Rebecca Black Breaks Top 100 With Much-Ridiculed Single 'Friday'
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Despite receiving bad reviews, new internet sensation Rebecca Black has been steadily climbing iTunes Top 100 with her single "Friday". The 13-year-old girl is currently sitting at Number 69 in the digital songs chart after releasing the track on Monday, March 14.

Although people keep saying that her music is annoying, she on the contrary has gained additional 8 million views on YouTube with "Friday" music video, bringing it to a total of 10 million views. She also maintains her spot on Twitter's trending topic for several days now.

Rebecca herself has since expressed her gratitude on Twitter, ignoring the haters and thanking those supporting her. "Slowly working it's way to the top!! Thank you all so much!" she tweeted. "So honored. So many amazing and talented people actually KNOW of my song. It's been an incredible last few days. Thanks you all!"


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posted by Bobby on Mar 17, 2011
People only listen to your song for a laugh. People only buy your song to make fun of you. Don't take the things going around you seriously. After your so called single 'Friday' you're going to be forgotten.
posted by Bitsy Muffdiver on Mar 17, 2011
You know what, Rebecca's getting the last laugh! All we need now is the club remixes and a follow up single featuring Snoop Dogg and she's on her way!
posted by cmykcity on Mar 17, 2011
Eye Heart SF
posted by Surprise! on Mar 17, 2011
A talentless individual with a charting single? I never thought i'd see the day.
posted by d[rawr]t on Mar 17, 2011
It's fun fun fun fun to see the song climb the charts. Then the song can be used for partying partying, partying partying.
posted by Seriously. on Mar 17, 2011
I think the song is depressingly bad (blisteringly inane lyrics aside, how the f does someone think they're a singer when they need AutoTune to get through a three-note melody?!?), but everyone I know who's heard it thinks it's a laugh riot and would happily blow 99 cents on a copy. It's beyond belief that this song's popularity has anything to do with people actually liking it for what it tries to be (unless you're Rebecca Black and you really, really want to believe that it does, I guess). "Despite" is the wrong first word for this article.
posted by Truth on Mar 17, 2011
People only listen and DL it because its so bad it makes an excellent prank song.

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