Rebecca Black Creates Viral Buzz With Poorly-Reviewed 'Friday' Video

March 15, 2011 02:38:14 GMT

The teen girl gained almost 3 million views on YouTube not because people are amazed by her song but because they are laughing at it.

Rebecca Black Creates Viral Buzz With Poorly-Reviewed 'Friday' Video
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Rebecca Black is the newest internet sensation. This young girl has gained almost 3 million views on YouTube with her music video for an Auto-Tuned single called "Friday". Her name additionally appears as one of the trending topics on Twitter.

Sure it's not strange to gain popularity through YouTube since the likes of Justin Bieber and Greyson Chance had gone the similar path to the stardom. But the bizarre thing in this Rebecca case is that she didn't get praised for her work like Justin or Greyson, but rather received unfavorable reviews.

The song was described "bad" by music critics mostly because of its lyrics. "Yesterday was Thursday/ Today it is Friday/ Tomorrow is Saturday/ And Sunday comes afterward," some of the awfully-reviewed lyrics read. "Kickin' in the front seat/ Sittin' in the back seat/ Gotta make my mind up/ Which seat can I take?"

The music video, made by L.A.-based Ark Music Factory, actually only got less than 4,000 views by March 11, but surprisingly jumped to 2 million views in three days just because people are making fun of it. Following its viral commotion, a number of remixes and covers can be found scattered all over YouTube.


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posted by that\'snotmyname on Mar 17, 2011
her voice .......... it sucks
posted by mike on Mar 16, 2011
i hear you haters, but she is trying to break into the music biz, i dont see any of you haters trying that, so give her a break
posted by LaylaG on Mar 15, 2011
Fuck this noise. Literally. NOISE.
posted by allicat94 on Mar 15, 2011
her voice sucks, the song sucks, the video sucks, everything about this sucks. who discovered her anyway? they should get fired
posted by l on Mar 15, 2011
Doc please shut the fuck up. I'm tired of these talentless overexposed teenagers. Rebecca Black deserved to be mocked.
posted by Andrew on Mar 15, 2011
Its actually a really catchy song and its pretty good i hope the next song she makes is better i think we should give her a chance shes better than justin bieber anyones better than him SO yeah its a good song and people shouldnt make fun of someone for a song
posted by miles on Mar 15, 2011
It is not that bad lol I injoyed the guy raping in it,she is just starting out. Its not easy to sing to people when your getting started. But the lyrics could be better. My opion but I think the rhythm may be different than what we are use to. Diffrent style I would go so far as to say. But it might grow on the public. Some songs start off bad than it grows on them. So I would give it some time. Alot of songs started off with bad reviews.
posted by Laid_back on Mar 14, 2011
Wow, even with auto-tune she still sounds terrible. It's the lyrics. I've never heard anything so lame!
posted by pho on Mar 14, 2011
no. her voice is not good. really... it's not. did you hear the "friday" part? uhhh. no.
posted by Samantha on Mar 14, 2011
Fuck this shit.
posted by Doc on Mar 14, 2011
Give her a break. At least she is trying. The lyrics aren't great, but lots of lyrics suck. Her voice is not that bad, the music is decent. She is very attractive. The video shows some relatively clean cut teenagers trying to have a pleasant time. It takes guts to sing. At least she is trying!!
posted by Becca G (Not B) on Mar 14, 2011
MY EARS!! The only reason it's so popular, is because people past it around to make fun of her and her "Fraiyday! Fraiyday!" Even the JoBro got in on the "Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!" on Twitter today. For the record, this Rebecca Black chick also tried to "diss" Mr. Bieber on Twitter this weekend, but obviously Justin wasn't affected. (All I can say is, it wouldn't be the first time Rebecca failed at something.)
posted by kait on Mar 14, 2011
oh god i feel bad for this little girl. why would she embarass herself like that?
posted by iloveyewx on Mar 14, 2011
Hahaah she really sucks on hit wonder my butt ; she needs a new career, that doesn't involve anything with her voice!(Follow me if you agree @ilovejbx33)
posted by iloveyewx on Mar 14, 2011
Hahaah she really sucks on hit wonder my butt ; she needs a new career, that doesn't involve anything with her voice!(Follow me if you agree @iloejbx33)
posted by Chris on Mar 14, 2011
I'm still trying to figure out whether this is a joke or not. If not...Ark is filling their artists with false hope...they are all terrible.
posted by REaLLy? on Mar 14, 2011
I know!! why cant people have real talent anymore.. instead you get these young teenagers (13-15) trying to be 16 or older.. it gets old..
posted by Sarah on Mar 14, 2011

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