PTC Slams Gwyneth Paltrow's Character on 'Glee'

March 10, 2011 03:40:45 GMT

Making a return in the episode 'Sexy', Holly Holliday is compared to real-life teachers who would have been suspended if they lap-dance with students.

PTC Slams Gwyneth Paltrow's Character on 'Glee'
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The Parents Television Council, as expected, is not letting "Glee" get away with its recent "Sexy" episode. The TV watchdog's director of public policy has slammed Gwyneth Paltrow's character of Holly Holliday for not acting like a real teacher. "Real-world teachers don't lap dance with their students," Dan Isett said.

The Tuesday, March 8 episode saw a scantily-clad Holly opening up her shirt when singing "Do You Wanna Touch Me" and teaching the students sex educations among others. The students also danced provocatively and talked about making a sex tape. PTC 'happened' to watch it and called the scenes "pretty appalling."

In a statement to THR, Isett criticized the conversation between Puck and Lauren. "Most notably was the discussion between a couple of students about wanting to become famous by making a sex tape," Isett noted. "Exactly what kind of message is that?"

According to Nielsen's data, the episode earned a 4.6 rating/14 share in the key demo, up 5% from its most recent telecast on February 22, and averaged 12 million. Isett noticed the show's number and its continual influence on public. "It's sort of funny how the show has evolved," he said. "Because they sort of subconsciously put in these sections that talk about real consequences of behavior like that, but then focus on more [bad] behavior. They try to have it both ways."

Regarding the kind of message that Holly sends, Isett said, "If you had a real-life instance of that, I think it's fair to say the teacher involved would no longer be a teacher. But somehow it's acceptable for a fictional teacher to do this. Again, this is a real problem. Real-world teachers don't lap dance with their students."

But he was still forgiving and praising the show for the conversation between Kurt and his father about safe sex. "Kudos for having a real discussion about those things. You really don't see a responsible sex talk on TV very often," Isett said.

On the last note, he informed that PTC would keep their eyes on the show which appeals to young audience. He said, "It seems like they're running out of risque topics. They've done the full-on sex episode, so what's left? It'll be interesting how they continue to write the show."


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posted by GWYNETHfan on Mar 12, 2011
for goodness sake, who is the PTC, none of their business, be thankful there was a message - scantily clad, get real, she had heaps of clothing, cheer leaders wear and show less, they wouldnt like HELLCATS, gwyneth is fantastic and a postive role model to young people... by the way they didnt lap dance anyone, just the chairs!!!
posted by BT on Mar 10, 2011
Seriously? It's a FICTIONAL television show. Who really here thinks that show choir kids are really and truly the 'cool' kids in high school? Please! Those kids are very unpopular and they sure don't look as hot as the girls in Glee. THIS IS FICTION!!!!!! This is a TV show.... DUH
posted by mrcool on Mar 10, 2011
Who cares? These days, minors get gang banged by "gangsters" and military trash every minute. Why don't we talk about that?
posted by Jimbo on Mar 10, 2011
Up until tuesday night, we watched the show. We enjoyed the singing, while ignoring the crap plots. 10 minutes into the episode, my wifes asks to watch something/anything else.
posted by WM on Mar 10, 2011
Oh yeah, real teachers don't do lap dance in school, some of them just have sex with the them. Google Christine A McCallum, Adrienne Laflamme etc :roll eyes:
posted by RogerCfromSD on Mar 10, 2011
No longer allow my kids to watch this show. What the hell happened to it?
posted by dcgirl on Mar 10, 2011
mrcool - what are you talking about - minors getting gang-raped by military trash? What's wrong with you?
posted by dcgirl on Mar 10, 2011
I saw the show. The "opening up of her shirt" only showed the camisole/t-shirt that was under it, not her bra.
posted by STFUPTC :) on Mar 09, 2011
Teachers also don't go around singing all the time... Teenagers aren't stupid. Let us have this show without you ruining it!
posted by poe&verneBFFS on Mar 09, 2011
I hate when adults say such condescending things like this. It's like they expect all kids to be vapid and shallow. We can all think critically. We know when something is reality and when it's fiction.
posted by dyki on Mar 09, 2011
Get over it. :-)
posted by tlcollins on Mar 09, 2011
Kids are seeing how celebrities get more famous for sex tapes almost everyday. Many kids are misinformed about sex and today it is highly unrealistic to think that a majority of kids are going to be celibate. We need to have this frank discussion of the pleasures of sex and what the not so good things are. We need to address the issue to the new generation with new views of sex that the media portrays, rather than the sex ed lessons of older generations

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