Robert Pattinson Treats Kristen Stewart to Unexpected Gift

March 09, 2011 08:58:19 GMT

The 'Twilight Saga' hunk and his co-star have reportedly enjoyed some shopping at Michael Kors boutique in Vancouver before they go on their romantic dinner at La Bodega last Saturday, March 5.

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson
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Robert Pattinson has bought Kristen Stewart an unexpected gift. Offering details on how the two "Twilight Saga" stars enjoyed last Saturday, March 5, Hollywood Life reported that the British hunk and his rumored girlfriend went first on a private shopping at Michael Kors boutique in Vancouver.

Accordingly, Robert helped Kristen choose between a pink, taupe and brown dress during the shopping excursion. "Robert went inside the fitting room with Kristen. He didn't hesitate, and she didn't stop him," a source recalled. When Kristen finally picked up the $150 pink dress, he paid for the dress. In return, it was said that Kristen bought him a $250 silver watch.

Afterward, the twosome hit a Spanish tapas bar called La Bodega, one of Robert's favorite small restaurants, as it has been reported earlier. They were joined by co-star Kellan Lutz, Kristen's bodyguard and his date, and three other friends to fill up a large table, tucked away in a corner, in the loft of the restaurant.

In another news, Robert has been snapped sitting down behind a piano with the world-famous Preservation Hall Band in the French Quarter of New Orleans. While the picture is an outtake photo taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair, the magazine reported that the 24-year-old actor was really jamming with the band.

Ben Jaffe, the tuba player who happens to be the band's director and the son of the venue's founders said, "When we first started, none of us knew that Robert really does play piano." He added, "But when he got up there, he started ticking out these notes, and it was obvious he wasn't just tinkling - he really knew how to play."


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posted by love me on Mar 17, 2011
yeah just leave tem alone they need privacy!
posted by guest on Mar 17, 2011
When has anyone seen a watch on Rob?
posted by jm on Mar 12, 2011
I can see Robert just walking into the dressing room with Kristen and neither one of them thinking anything about it. They are in LOVE you know. Also since she came back from Canada wearing the gold ring on her middle finger that had Rob on it she has stoppen wearing the shoestring barclet I wonder what happened to it. She doesn't wear it in Eclipse but does in Twilight and New Moon
posted by cindy on Mar 12, 2011
is everyone crazy ? this story has been circulating for the last 3 days so not just this paper saying it also have u never seen kristen dressed up she wears a variety of things and colors and really just go put your heADS IN THE SAND MORE !!!
posted by rory on Mar 09, 2011
Kristen and pink dress?Yeah.....ok.
posted by atticus on Mar 09, 2011
Wow!Your source is Hollywood life crapazine,right?
posted by FUCK ME on Mar 09, 2011
posted by dazzie on Mar 09, 2011
This "article" is faker than the writer's boobs.
posted by crap on Mar 09, 2011
Did you think about this story much?I guess no.How did you know it happened.You don't.Stop the shit,you gossip shitheads.Leave Rob and Kristen alone.They're trying to be normal into this media craziness.Can't you respect that?
posted by BS on Mar 09, 2011
Yeah...don't believe this shit.

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