'Law & Order: L.A.' Returns April 11 Without Skeet Ulrich

March 08, 2011 08:20:16 GMT

The revamped version, which includes Alana de la Garza as ADA, will debut four months after it last aired.

'Law & Order: L.A.' Returns April 11 Without Skeet Ulrich
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"Law & Order: Los Angeles", sans Skeet Ulrich, will re-launch on Monday, April 11 after taking four months hiatus. The new show previously was set for February 8 return but the role shuffling has forced the production to be delayed and the Tuesdays slot to be given up to "Parenthood" which apparently won't return to Mondays.

"We are pleased to welcome 'Law & Order: Los Angeles' back to NBC's regular lineup," said Bob Greenblatt, NBC entertainment chairman. "Dick Wolf and his team have made some exciting creative changes and we can't wait to re-introduce the show to audiences."

In the first week return, "LOLA" will air at 9 P.M. and then move to 10 P.M. the week after. Alfred Molina's Ricardo Morales is now a detective, Terrence Howard's DA Jonah Dekker now works full time, and Alana de la Garza will reprise her role as ADA Connie Rubirosa from the original "Law & Order".

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posted by HottieFan on Sep 12, 2011
The only hottie in the show and now he's gone. Shallow I know, but ya gotta have someone to perve at.
posted by jj on Apr 17, 2011
I won't watch now that Ulrich is gone. The chemistry between Winters and TJ was believable and was the best part of the show. The law side needed the overhaul not the cops. Bad move. LOLA is DOA
posted by Lacey on Apr 02, 2011
I will watch it now that they're getting rid of Skeet... He's a terrible actor, almost as wooden as Keanu.. Good to look at but that's all... The new cast sounds amazing and it should be a good show..
posted by just me on Mar 30, 2011
I agree: No Skeet, no point in watching.
posted by brandileno on Mar 13, 2011
I agree without skeet i will not watch it. I am going to find anything to watch opposite of this show. BIG MISTAKE NBC. Your going to lose. I heard Castle was good and it is on ABC at the same time. Think i will check it out.
posted by Jelly on Mar 12, 2011
No Skeet no LOLA
posted by Annia on Mar 11, 2011
There is no reason for me to watch now that Skeet is no longer there.
posted by jan on Mar 09, 2011
I will just watch until Ulrich leaves also. Why would they take such a cutie off the show. Don't they know that he was the best part!!!!!!!
posted by skeet fan on Mar 09, 2011
posted by Debi on Mar 09, 2011
Yes Skeet does get killed off and it is a very touching episode. I also will no longer watch LOLA once his is gone. I was never a fan of the franchise and only watched because of Skeet. No Skeet no LOLA for me.
posted by JAN on Mar 09, 2011
I LOVE Skeet Ulrich
posted by izzie on Mar 09, 2011
I will NOT watch "LOLA" After Skeet Ulrich leaves. I am a big fan of his and it will not be right to that. if you to are a fan of rich then you will love him in a t.v shows called "Jericho" which premiered on September 20, 2006, and ended its run on March 25, 2008.it is on DVD now,it will be the best thing you will ever buy.now if your in to Scream you heads off .then "Scream" is the one for you.I Am like i sead A BIG FAN.i looked forward for "LOLA" because of Bryan Ray Trout (best known as Skeet Ulrich)but now that he is going of i am tuning out.P.S JAN you are right he is a "CUTIE"!!!!!!
posted by zLOSTfan on Mar 08, 2011
In the TV announcement I heard yesterday it said that one of their own would be gone/or die; is this how they are going to explain his absence, by killing Skeet in this episode? NO!!!!!!! I will watch this episode w/a box of tissues; but after this episode w/o Skeet Ulrich there is no reason to ever watch it again.

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