Chris Brown's 'Paper, Scissors, Rock' Ft. Big Sean and Timbaland

Chris Brown

The heavily-Auto-Tuned song will be added to the deluxe package of Chris Brown's March 22 album 'F.A.M.E.'

Another new song from Chris Brown has landed online ahead of his new album release. Featuring Big Sean and Timbaland, this newly-unveiled track titled "Paper, Scissors, Rock" heavily uses Auto Tune with vicious verses about a woman who doesn't know what she's got until it's gone.

"Is you crazy, did you lose it?/ Are you stupid, are you foolish?/ Girl, I'm the only one like me on the planet/ It don't take rocket science to understand it," Breezy croons in this dance-friendly track. "You paper, scissor, rock my heart and throw it all away."

Chris Brown will include "Paper, Scissors, Rock" as one of the bonus songs in deluxe edition of his upcoming effort "F.A.M.E.". He is going to drop the CD in United States on March 22, and will celebrate it on "Good Morning America".




    Breezy fan foreva
    Mar 08, 2011

    Very well said! I agree 110%!

    King Makers
    Mar 08, 2011

    Actually i like that auto-tune on it, it gives it a slick feel. Timbo always always use auto tone in his music anyways & so must anyone he works with so it was applied strategically on Breezy's voice and harmony to generates the required feel for this song. Its an old technology that great artist have used in the 70-80s to generate similar feel (for those that are vast in music). I know some yall think auto-tune is only used to assist bad vocals (like most artists that have abused it and used it for only that) but we all know that CMB is far from that, its just the musical feel. His vocal abilities are SUPERB and fabulous, you have heard him life in concerts sound extra excellent without an auto-tune CB has hits that he made without auto-tune and some with auto-tune. He isn't using it cos he needs it, its just him utilizing the 21st century digital capabilities that makes his music hit for the future, i suggest we stop all this whining about auto-tune and UPGRADE ourselves to the future. Unlike the pop/ electro artist that normally use auto-tune and sell millions of records like "the BLACK EYE PEAS" Chris Brown is making a unique fusion of Hip hop + RnB and pioneering this new controversial entertainment with futuristic dance moves, Lets support that talented kid with an initiative.

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