David Cassidy Fired From 'Celebrity Apprentice'

March 07, 2011 08:57:43 GMT

He was the first fired celebrity this season, for not contributing much money-wise and interrupting the project leader's work.

David Cassidy Fired From 'Celebrity Apprentice'
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David Cassidy became the first cast sent home on the new season of "The Celebrity Apprentice" because his biggest contribution was a $1,000 piece of pizza bought by his daughter Katie Cassidy. The first task from Donald Trump was to run a pizzeria and sell as many slices as possible for charity.

Richard Hatch of "Survivor" fame stepped up as the first Project Manager to the men's team which is named Backbone. Star Jones took the lead in the women team, called ASAP. Cassidy immediately got in Hatch's way when he fed Hatch with suggestions while the project leader gave out orders to the team. "David, be quiet for one second," Hatch snapped.

While Lil Jon and John Rich pulled big money for the team, Cassidy failed to contribute much, leading to the team's loss. Team Backbone raised just over $54,000 while ASAP managed to rake in more than $115,000 in donations.

Trump thought Cassidy was having a hard time and fired him. After the boardroom, Cassidy said, "Richard Hatch is disrespectful. I probably could have punched him but that's not my style."


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posted by MaryAnn on Mar 14, 2011
I like David Cassidy and was sorry to see him leave. But Richard Hatch is a jerk who won't pay his taxes. He's in prison now where he belongs. I hope "Bubba" pays him some visits!!
posted by misstobaj on Mar 14, 2011
David is a man with a heart of gold and more of a man than many on the show. But, they want the ratings so jerks prevail. That's what keeps us watching. David, please stay the nice person you are and we will keep loving you. Know that what you give to the world is worth more than trying to stay on a show that inspires people to be mean, which you are obviously not. Peace.
posted by jan on Mar 09, 2011
with all the fuss I thought Cassidy's daughter would bring in more that $1000. He needed to go so that he could smoke his heart out in private. It was great to see him and I am sad to see him go but he just didn't have what it takes to be the next Apprendice. He isn't rithless enough....still just a sweetheart.
posted by Megax on Mar 08, 2011
David got what he deserved for starting a fight over a hush well tim mcgraw is on the phone because now was not the time. Hatch did what he should have done and it was not a push and it just goes to show how stupid hosee conseco is for taking sides when if he had seen what happened like everyone watching the show he would not have looked like a total retard.
posted by goodguy on Mar 08, 2011
Hatch as a nasty piece of work is kept to try to raise ratings. Shame on Trump to go alongwith this cheap behaviour. Cassidy on the other hand remained a gentleman. He doesn't need to fight for the attention - he's David Cassidy!!!
posted by GS40 on Mar 07, 2011
Even though every man on the team asked Trump to get rid of Hatch, it was Cassidy who took the fall. Trump is no dummy, he knows a good Bad Guy drives the ratings up. Hatch will last for awhile.
posted by TheDesertRocks on Mar 07, 2011
I think it was disgusting the way Richard Hatch was treating David Cassidy. He wasn't showing any respect at all. I think he should have been kicked off the show instead of David. He was the one causing all the problems. Then this Richard just sits there and lies about the whole thing. Watching this show turned me off big time.
posted by teacherteacher on Mar 07, 2011
Donald Trump! Your fired! I can't believe you kept the bully! Get a pink shirt. Its the opposite of what we try so hard to get across in schools!
posted by chrsmikl on Mar 07, 2011
cassidy is a whiner & hatch is a bully? Canseco should lokk in the mirro ,he single handedly almost took down major league baseball, what a douche

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