Vanessa Hudgens Premieres 'Beastly' as Fire Strikes Alex Pettyfer's House

February 25, 2011 08:28:55 GMT

On the same night the actor arrived late at the Los Angeles screening of his movie, a fire broke out at his Beverly Hills residence.

Vanessa Hudgens Premieres 'Beastly' as Fire Strikes Alex Pettyfer's House
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After pushed back from its 2010 summer release, "Beastly" will finally arrive in the U.S. next week on March 4. To promote the film, lead stars Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer have stepped out at a premiere at The Grove's Pacific Theater in Los Angeles on Thursday, February 24.

Both actors hit the red carpet solo with Hudgens wearing a purple strapless dress and Pettyfer donning a gray suit on top of a purple shirt. Also taking part at the special screening was Neil Patrick Harris who lands a role of Pettyfer's Kyle Kingson's blind tutor in the film.

On the same night Pettyfer promoted his film, a quite bad news came for him. A fire broke out at his home in Beverly Hills and a representative for his ex-girlfriend Dianna Agron confirms to Entertainment Tonight, "There was an electrical fire in the garage while no one was home. The house was not burned. No one was hurt."

The 20-year-old British actor came late to the special screening but it apparently had nothing to do with the fire. Instead, the "I Am Number Four" star blamed his tardiness on Los Angeles traffic.

Along with the premiere, two new clips from "Beastly" have been debuted online. One snippet sees Mary-Kate Olsen's Kendra Hilfert cursing Kyle into a grotesque monster and telling him the only way he gets his handsome face back is by finding someone who loves him. The other video features Kyle unveiling his ugly face in front of Hudgens' Lindy.

'Beastly' clip 'Like What':

'Beastly' clip 'I've Seen Worse':


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posted by tatti on Feb 25, 2011
dude she just keeps impressing peeps. Hope for great things in the future. This is a big year for her
posted by michelle on Feb 25, 2011
Alex is hot.Vanessa looks gorgeous. Wish she didn't cover up her tattoo.
posted by kim on Feb 25, 2011
Don't hate vanessa cause she's beautiful.her walk the way she's dressed. It's not her fault so please don't trip.
posted by Rachel on Feb 25, 2011
loving vanessa's short hair and dress. pretty as a picture lol.
posted by sarah on Feb 25, 2011
omg Alex pettyfer is hot. Vanessa is looking good too wishing zac was there pity he had to work.
posted by liz on Feb 25, 2011
Lookin good nessa. so proud 2 be her fan 4 ever.
posted by Violet on Feb 25, 2011
Vanessa is a star and real. I don't know about Alex. But, anyhow I will go see the movie on the first day. Looking forward to see Vanessa
posted by Amanda on Feb 25, 2011
Can't wait to see beastly. Alex looks hot and vanessa is very pretty.
posted by Kerri on Feb 25, 2011
I am so proud of vanessa. She looks like a real movie star.
posted by Fauve on Feb 25, 2011
Vanessa Hudgens is every bit as sweet and beautiful in person as she is in pictures she is what I call a humble and down to Earth person!

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