Chris Brown on New Disturbing Pics of Bloody-Faced Rihanna: It's Ironic

February 25, 2011 06:36:45 GMT

Chris Brown responds to new images of Rihanna's battered face, calling it 'ironic' because they are posted just before he's releasing his new album.

Chris Brown on New Disturbing Pics of Bloody-Faced Rihanna: It's Ironic
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Two pictures of Rihanna with bloody face post her altercation with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown have just emerged. Her battered face actually has been revealed in a 2009 photo leaked shortly after the domestic violence was covered by media, but these new images are more disturbing than the previous one.

The images reportedly were taken at a hospital where RiRi was treated after her fight with Breezy. One picture shows short-haired Rihanna with bruises on her forehead, eyes and cheeks. Her right eye and cheek are badly swollen. The other picture gives a closer look at her injured lips.

The pictures come out hot on the heels of the official ruling made by the court to reduce RiRi's restraining order against Breezy. The "Kiss Kiss" singer, through his lawyer, complained the restraining order restricted his career and asked it to be lifted. RiRi skipped the hearing earlier this week, but her lawyer said she has no objection with the request.

Chris Brown is upset and irritated with the picture leak. On Twitter, he wrote, "It's ironic how 'somebody' put this out right around my album time! Wow! I guess that's supposed to be strategic chess move. Unbelievable." He additionally posted, "The Devil is always busy!! But when u have a destiny, nothing or no one can stop what God has planned!" The R&B singer has since removed the posts.


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posted by overit on Mar 08, 2011
posted by KNeal on Mar 03, 2011
OMfreakin'G!!!! Charlie Sheen is parading hookers around calling them 'goddesses' and we are still talking about Chris Brown and Rihanna!? Get over it already. Domestic violence is a sadness but they are not the only two darn people that are experiencing and it is not something new. Domestic violence has been going on so why the hell everyone wants to act like sh*t hit the fan because it was Riri and CB, I have no idea. Frankly I really don't care because Riri makes all these songs about being so hard and let CB beat that a$$. A real 'so hard' chick would've got something and shanked the hell out of him and do a 'revenge on Ike, Tina Turner limo ride'. He has paid his debt to society and he is young. Please judgmental, my crap don't stink people let's find something better to talk about. I wish them both the best and I love CB and I like Riri's music (not her voice though). Let them learn from their mistakes and move on with their lives. Puhlleeeezzze!!! Because if I hear one more word about something that happened two years ago between them, I am going to literally throw up in my mouth.
posted by pinkprincess on Mar 02, 2011
wow thats jacked up. but people need to just leave him and her the hell alone.
posted by cj on Feb 28, 2011
well no one deserves to be hit but I find it really ironic that that happens to her and now she's got a song out about S and M....Kind of makes you go hmmmm. And Chris whining about the restraining order limits his career ... what bull.. she's just one person and there's a whole big world out there. Take some responsibility the devil didn't hit riri you did-there are consequences for your actions.
posted by me on Feb 25, 2011
OMG can we get over the racism thing.. white/black/purple/green who cares the color. It's about somthing way more than that.
posted by fedrosove on Feb 25, 2011
racism is a sickness unto death if chris and riri were not black they that would never do to them
posted by melody on Feb 25, 2011
I think that it's clear that after two years you would have thought that the media would have least given Rihanna a start at a new life after the incident with Chris. Both parties involed have resolved the matter between them. Both Rihanna and Chris are now at a new start of their lives. It is quite a coincidence that the pic did leaks just two days after she decided to lift the restraining order and weeks before his album was to be released. It seems someone is at a hand in sabotaging his comeback. We have already seen these pics. But I am in an agreement that what GOD has destined for you nobody can stop. Chris fans are behind him and we have given a second chance. I give it to Chris GOD is truly in his corner to make it this far with breaking down. Keep your head up Chris. We love you.
posted by Miss Sowhat on Feb 25, 2011
The media has been weighing on The Chris/Rihanna Incident for 2 years and they dated only for one year or less. Give us a break.
posted by Denise on Feb 25, 2011
I don't think there are other pictures of rihanna because if there was somebody or someone would have been said something or link the photo before.
posted by Poddie on Feb 25, 2011
Yall Need Tewh Leave Chris Brown Alone GOODNESS
posted by Kay on Feb 25, 2011
Judging by Rihanna's x rated performances lately that young kid are subjected too i don't think Chris hit her hard enough!
posted by The Devil made him d on Feb 25, 2011
Someone is reading the blogs because you are all on them posting. Chris' response which was immediately removed shows it is still about him to him. What a sad statement. He ruined his own destiny, God most certainly did not condone him bashing her in the face, the devil was indeed at work and that was Chris Brown.
posted by Hmmmm on Feb 25, 2011
Obviously people do care because it was reposted on several blog sites, TMZ, Rhymes with Snitches, Hollywired, etc and the list goes on. This private matter is the price of millions of dollars of celebrity. It is also being reported on entertainment television, so they will both always remain in the public domain. Domestic Violence may be forgiven for a celebrity but the pictures are there to remind everyone that this abuse can happen to someone in your family that may result in death or maiming and that abuser will not get probation and classes to remain a millionaire and just make music. Apparently all is not forgiven.
posted by tara on Feb 25, 2011
Chris browns sickens me. Stop making this all about you! My god Rihanna is the victim NOT YOU!
posted by becky on Feb 25, 2011
i personally dont care about this anymore, its old news and like both their music, yes chris was in the wrong but if you look at the picture that was released 2009 her tattoo has dots between the numbers and the new ones dont, confused, does that mean one is fake or what?
posted by cb 4eva on Feb 25, 2011
he is chris brown aint no broda out there who can do things like he does and while u all tripin he's doin his thing and all does pictures are 4 d vultures coz they are d ones who wants 2 see them we goin up CB 4 life DUESES
posted by MEAGIN on Feb 25, 2011
I can't believe the writer of this article referred to the abuse Rihanna suffered at Chris's hands as a 'fight'. A fight would assume both parties had equal footing. Chris face after their 'fight' looked just fine. She was violently attacked by her supposed boyfriend. Why the need to play what he did down?
posted by Misty on Feb 25, 2011
MTO is a pathetic blog site that should be ashamed of themselves. This was 2 yrs ago--both parties have moved on. And this is just a bit too suspect for me. I mean 2 yrs ago, everyone was saying that Chris would never have another single out. Now he has #1 singles, people are supporting him and giving him a second chance, and he has an album coming out in less than a month and alllll of a sudden these photos surface. Looks like it's a deliberate attempt to overshadow Chris' growth. He admitted what he did 2 yrs ago and took total responsibility so these photos are a little too late. I understand if he blatantly denied his actions and ran away without facing any punishment *ie Charlie Sheen* then these released, but this is not the case. I just feel like enough is enough already. I doubt Rihanna would constantly want this thrown in her face--it's just plain disrespectful. Just because we got access into a private issue does not mean it should be exploited this way. I for one do not go to MTO and will definitely not after this. People who support that foolish site cannot be mad that it still exists today... #Fame2011 all day!
posted by melisa on Feb 25, 2011
just let them both move on! no one reads this stupid blog anyways! stop making Chris look even worse! it was FUCKING 2 yeears aggoo. GET A LIFE instead of writing about celebs who clearly don't give a fucck about you guys!!!!

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