'The Bachelor' Sends Home Shawntel, Takes Trip to Africa

February 22, 2011 04:27:16 GMT

The rest of the girls who pass the family visit week will go to South Africa and get the chance to spend a night with Brad in the fantasy suite.

'The Bachelor' Sends Home Shawntel, Takes Trip to Africa
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Funeral director Shawntel Newton probably scares "The Bachelor" Brad Womack off with her family's business. The 25-year-old was sent home after the hometown visit where Shwantel gives him a tour in the parlor and tells him that she embalms dead people.

Shawntel has admitted in the past two episodes that she is falling in love with Brad and definitely sees a husband figure in him. Brad however didn't seem too comfortable when he finds out that Shawntel is really into her job and her dad intends to hand over the business to her, meaning Shawntel may have to stay in Chico.

After the rose ceremony, Brad sat Shawntel down and told her how much he cared for her. But he didn't feel right when she told him she was falling for him. Shawntel cried in the limo and said her final words, "I'll miss him."

The three remaining girls, Chantal, Emily and Ashley will next week go to South Africa for a trip in the wilderness. "I'm feeling the romance," Brad said in the preview which also teases the moment Emily confronts Brad about her five-year-old daughter.


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posted by anne on Feb 22, 2011
I agree, I was scared too! damn Shawntel...I liked her a lot and wanted her to stay at least one more episode.
posted by brey on Feb 22, 2011
isnt emily's kid a gal? not a boy?
posted by Ann on Feb 21, 2011
@Mercymelms: Your are right. I agree with you 100%.
posted by wasssup on Feb 21, 2011
Shawntel is really hot and awesome and clearly should have won.
posted by mercymelms on Feb 21, 2011
hey, the reason he didnt pick Shawntel, is because he doesnt want to be around death every single day....IF she would have taken him to our lovely Bidwell Park which is amazing, and showed him around our beautiful city and maybe went to five mile and walked around, then he probably would not have gave her the boot tonight. She scared all of us.. the show im sure, is a huge part in this. I'm sure they made a big deal about her job so that it was focused" upon, instead of her and her hobbies and family. Those matter more and the show had to exploit the fact of her job. No other girls job was talked about on the hometown dates.. why didnt he get a root canal from Ashley? See, it was rigged to make her scare him.. its unfortunate, but at least Chico got a plug ! I will introduce my son to her, shes amazing and my son would like her, so Brad missed out... lol Tricia from Chico

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