Previews: 'Smallville' Goes 'Hangover', 'Supernatural' Goes Meta

Previews: 'Smallville' Goes 'Hangover', 'Supernatural' Goes Meta

Clark, Chloe and the rest of the 'Smallville' gang don't remember what happen in Las Vegas while Sam and Dean are thrown in a world where they're recognized as Jared and Jensen.

Next week, "Smallville" will be taking the same route as hit movie "The Hangover". After Zatanna sends a magically spiked bottle of champagne to Clark and Lois for their bachelor/bachlorette parties, the gang blacks out after the toast, only to wake up the next morning and realize they can't remember anything about the night before.

While trying to retrace their steps, Lois realizes she lost her engagement ring and drags Oliver back to the Fortune Casino where she thinks she lost it... The two run into Fortune (guest star James Kidnie), the eccentric casino owner, who accuses them of stealing money from him. Meanwhile, Clark tells Chloe he has a memory of stealing an armored truck the night before.

"It's our fun Hangover episode," said executive producer Brian Peterson. "Clark won't remember what happened the night before." Erica Durance added, "We all wake up in different places in bizarre situations involving weird outfits and animals."

But "Smallville" is not the only one presenting a unique episode. Its Friday companion, "Supernatural" would do a super-meta episode where the line between fiction and reality is blurred. Sam and Dean are transported to a parallel world where they are mistaken for two actors named Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, who star in a TV series called 'Supernatural', which is about two brothers who hunt monsters for a living.

Both "Fortune" and "The French Mistake" would air on February 25 at 8 and 9 P.M. respectively.



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