'American Idol': Casey Abrams & Clint Jun Gamboa Wow in 3rd Hollywood Night

'American Idol': Casey Abrams & Clint Jun Gamboa Wow in 3rd Hollywood Night

These two early favorites belted out Ray Charles' 'Georgia on My Mind' in two different versions and made it through to Las Vegas round.

In the third Hollywood night, "American Idol" allows the remaining contestants to experiment with music instruments and sing along the house band. Two interesting takes on the same song appeared when Casey Abrams and Clint Jun Gamboa picked "Georgia on My Mind" as their ticket to Las Vegas round.

Abrams, who becomes the judges' early favorite, showed his skill in double bass, twisting the Ray Charles song to soulful jazz. "You're breaking a new ground my friend," host Ryan Seacrest said on the backstage before Casey got up on stage. This is the first time that the classical instrument is brought on Hollywood week.

Casey's performance drew different reactions from the judges. Jennifer Lopez smiled, Randy Jackson laughed as Casey began the high notes and Steven Tyler added a scream in the middle of the song.

Meanwhile, Clint's version was closer to Ray's with all the wails and the high-end notes. Despite a slight unpopularity which he gained the previous night for kicking out Jacee Badeaux from his group, Clint delivered a performance that made Randy squealed, "wooooo".

These two stand-outs were separated into two rooms but both of their groups made it through. Instead of 50 like previously reported, 60 of them advanced to the next round where they would be challenged with The Beatles songs and wilted down to 24.

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    Feb 28, 2011

    To say that clints treatment of Jaycee was "slightly" unpopular is a major understatement. He has no chance of winning now in a contest based on votes. Hope he learned, when you're in front of a camera put your best face on even if you happen to be a selfish douche who doesn't care who he hurts. At least the country guy was remorseful.

    Feb 19, 2011

    yes to the tune but get real the double bass has been used as a classical instrument for well over 400 years and hasn't stopped yet!! We should know, our whole family income is bassed (!!!) on this. Just look at any post baroque orchestra and you'll find a row of these beauties underpinning the music. That aside Casey is the bizzz! a real musician, fantastic vocals and COOOOOL vibe

    Feb 18, 2011

    Sorry to be a jerk but my goodness, don't journalists try to check facts? Georgia on my mind is not a Ray Charles' tune, in fact, it is far more commonly associated with jazz than with pop... And then calling the double bass a classical instrument? Technically yes... but from a journalistic point of view, it seems just like a weak attempt at wanting to use the adjective... the Upright bass is generally more associated with jazz than with classical music despite its origins... sorry, to be so harsh, but poor journalism is just a pet peeve of mine. I'm a musician who is used to being interviewed , and am always shocked to see how journalists twist my words and invent things that I never said and that are simply wrong..

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