Ted Williams: Rehab Decision Was 'Rushed'

Ted Williams (II)

'I felt scripted,' said the man with the golden voice who is now living in a sober house where he can go out more freely.

Ted Williams re-surfaces again less than a month after he was gone from the public's eyes to get sober. The man who went from homeless to world's sensation when his golden voice video was uploaded to YouTube, appeared on "Today" Wednesday, February 9 morning to talk about the sudden rush of fame and what followed.

Williams said his decision to check in to a rehab of Dr. Phil's choice was "rushed", which was why he left before the program was completed. "It was too much, too fast, and I was just not really focused on what I should be doing," he said, adding "I love Dr. Phil, his concern and his caring. But I felt scripted. I was doing live phone-ins from rehab."

In order to get clean from alcohol and drugs, the internet sensation is now living in a clean-living sober house in Los Angeles. The facility allows him to come and go as he pleases but he must submit samples for testing at the end of the day.

Williams' goal now is to continue a charitable organization he has set up in Colombus, Ohio. He said his troubles, with drinking and family members, are "behind" him. The job offers that poured in before his troubles are also coming back. "Some of these offers have come back to the table under the provision that I do continue to live in a sober environment," he continued.

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    Feb 20, 2011

    P.S. Jesus bless you!

    Feb 20, 2011

    I'm happy for him! I hope that he holds stead on the path he is on. Go Ted!

    Feb 11, 2011

    Anyone notice how polished composed and well spoken he was. A complete 180. While Mr Williams left Dr Phil's Reab he was able to think and to be the Man we didn't see on tv. I'm sure he would have liked to have gotten new glasses, clothes Dental work done and given the chance to think about all the offers that where coming his way in a more controled environment. Instead he got the MEDIA CIRCUS!! and rushed reunion with his 90 year old Mama and other family members ALL FOR THE MEDIAS RATINGS SAKE!! I think Mr Williams will be alright because he has the love and the grace of GOD to guide him through sobriety happieness and love and support of friends and family.

    Ohio friend
    Feb 10, 2011

    I pray and wish Ted Williams all the success in the world. I pray that he may use his success to change the way society views ex-felons and addiction across the country. He’s now in a very powerful position that can be used for the good of all. I’m sure Ted’s aware that society really wants him to fall and that the U Tube taping turned into a “Miracle from God” instead of a mockery. He must remember, they are watching and lurking behind closed doors like the “Devil”. They wait for your failure to say “I told you so”. I believe everyone deserves second chances that most will never receive and that life is full of disappointments. Although, we can’t change our past, we are still victims, to what can never be changed. Years ago, I fell victim and spent 2 years in prison that almost destroyed my family and me. When convicted, I was sentenced and charge with many crimes that I didn’t commit. I became the fall “ guy or gal” while the others were set free. With many more years of continued corruption other parties are now being faced with charges “But this doesn’t help my situation”. After working extremely hard, achieving the American dream, accomplishing two degrees Bachelor in Science and Business degrees. Then obtaining some really great position, working in Government and Nonprofit/ Private Organization. I really assumed, upon returning home, with all my experience I would be employable. Now four years later, I can tell you “I’m not”. I’m now seeking my PHD, assuming that this will make a difference and I plan to open housing for re-entry, training programs and support systems that will assist ex-felons with a glimmer of hope. The day I viewed your story, I was really feeling sorry for myself and the day I saw you gave me a second wind to know, God is still working in the miracle business! May the Lord Keep you..a friend.

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