Christina Aguilera Booed for Forgetting Lyrics, Lea Michele Applauded at Super Bowl

February 07, 2011 02:31:20 GMT

After the smooth rendition of Lea Michele's 'America the Beautiful', Christina Aguilera is booed for singing wrong lyrics of the National Anthem.

Christina Aguilera Booed for Forgetting Lyrics, Lea Michele Applauded at Super Bowl
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Christina Aguilera was left embarrassed when she messed up the lyrics of "The Star-Spangled Banner" during the live telecast of Super Bowl XLV. The five-time Grammy winner performed the song on Sunday, February 6 in front of thousands of sport mania at Cowboys Stadium in North Texas.

She did her own twist on the U.S. National Anthem. She was supposed to sing "O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?" in the fourth line, but repeated the second line with a slight variation. From "What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?", she changed it into "What so proudly we watched at the twilight's last gleaming?".

Right before Aguilera's performance, Lea Michele took the center stage with a choir to perform a rendition of "America the Beautiful". Unlike the "Burlesque" star who was booed by audience due to the error, the "Glee" actress' performance was well received as she belted out the lyrics smoothly.

"Omg that was an out of body experience!!!!! so amazing!!! what an honor and a joy," Michele wrote on Twitter. Aguilera, meanwhile, hasn't given any comment regarding her notorious performance.

The Green Bay Packers are facing off the Pittsburgh Steelers that night. During the halftime time show, Black Eyed Peas are set to cater fans with their singles. Spotted coming to watch the NFL companionship are celebrity couple Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez.

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posted by laguera1963 on Feb 07, 2011
They were both horrendous. I can't believe what passes for "singing" today. Atrocious.
posted by J on Feb 07, 2011
And Lea Michele was awful, her singing was mediocre at best. She's only getting all this fanfare now because we're so use to singers not being able to sing at all so that when someone can prove a little talent, we're all taken aback.
posted by J on Feb 07, 2011
I don't care if Christina messed up but her singing was amazing, it blew my mind.
posted by rasyrg on Feb 07, 2011
my dad pissed off when watching this. he's like 'who the hell this girl cant even sing right' he booed her like crazy i have to pretend not coming to the game with him LOL
posted by Who on Feb 07, 2011
Christina, Beyonce, Celine, Mariah...are all in that group of singers with great voices who ruin songs by over singing every note. Like someone telling a bedtime story with a bull horn.
posted by bret on Feb 07, 2011
i was there.watching wt my friends and there's that 'accident'. we're staring at each other and people's like 'did u hear that?' and the booing started to come. hell yeah, the others cheered 2 cos she's awesome. did u hear the notes she hit ?? i just said it's accident, bad accident
posted by Maiden on Feb 07, 2011
I want to see Bruce Dickenson sing the national anthem.
posted by Halaluani on Feb 07, 2011
First, I didn't hear any booing. Next, so she flubbed a few words -- what's the big deal? She handled it with grace. While Lea "belted out the lyrics smoothly" her singing was atrocious. She whined leading into notes, was overly dramatic and sounded more like an old time country singer than a contemporary singer. She's highly overrated.
posted by ryan0710 on Feb 07, 2011
Get off CA's back. She botched a line, but she didn't change the spirit of the song and she showed the moment respect. Lea's "America The Beautiful" was lovely.
posted by rew on Feb 06, 2011
think its both cheering & could u cheer on the wrong NATIONAL ANTHEM.she's horrible anyho
posted by Sheila on Feb 06, 2011
Leah Michele screwed up the lyrics, too: it's not "Purple mountain majesties" like she sang, it was supposed to be "Purple mountains majesty."
posted by Manuel on Feb 06, 2011
you must be fucking deaf cuase there was no booing. there was cheering.
posted by deangirl5802 on Feb 06, 2011
she was TERRIBLE. She not only forgot the lyrics, she screeched the rest of it to try to cover! Should have let Lea sing both.
posted by cd on Feb 06, 2011
Not only did she mess up the line, but I thought the last note she sang was horrible. Like nails on a chalk board, YIKES!
posted by @D on Feb 06, 2011
r u deaf? theres gap between the booing & the mistake tho
posted by Robby Gonzalez on Feb 06, 2011
I "hat" the song, "America the Beautiful." The Progressives hope to replace the SSB with this sappy song because they think the SSB is to militaristic.
posted by shadamholic on Feb 06, 2011
I wish artists would stop trying to insert their OWN art to the song..if she had just focused on singing it as it was written and SING it it probably would have gone down as one of the best ever just because she is such an amazing singer. Lea outshined her.
posted by D on Feb 06, 2011
i didn't hear any booing

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