'Bachelor' Axed First Impression Rose Girl and Kept Emily

February 01, 2011 09:15:26 GMT

Brad Womack decided to let go of Ashley S who grabbed his attention at the beginning of the season and said the first strong words about his feelings to Emily.

'Bachelor' Axed First Impression Rose Girl and Kept Emily
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"The Bachelor" surprisingly let go of the girl he gave his first impression rose to. Brad Womack took both Ashley H and Ashley S to Cirque du Soleil's Elvis show where he had to choose one of them. Womack gave the rose to Ashley H, prompting Ashley S to say "I just feel really sad ... it feels like someone just punched me in the stomach."

Like Ashley H, Shawntel and Emily received the roses before the ceremony. Shawntel got hers after a solo date where she was showered with plenty of goodies. Emily received hers after a group date and heart-to-heart talk with Brad on how sensitive she is about NASCAR which relates her back to her dead fiance. "I feel like a jerk, is what I'm thinking," Brad apologized to her.

"This rose is about you, it's not about today, it's not about NASCAR, it's not about anything except for the fact that I'm falling for you, so I hope you feel the same way," Brad told Emily.

Those eliminated are Marissa and Lisa who never got the chance to have a solo date with Brad. "Next week we leave the desert of Vegas for the rain forest of Costa Rica," host Chris Harrison blogged.


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posted by MEL on Feb 02, 2011
Jerry - Michelle makes for great TV. This season would suck without her. lmao
posted by Jerry on Feb 01, 2011
Michelle is crazy, she needs to go!!!
posted by Joe on Feb 01, 2011
The bachelor is an idiot

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