Robin Williams Rumored to Be Hugo Strange in 'Dark Knight Rises'

January 29, 2011 08:02:32 GMT

The actor/comedian is once again said to fight off Batman in the third film from Christopher Nolan after he previously expressed his interest to play The Riddler.

Robin Williams
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"The Dark Knight Rises" has booked Tom Hardy to play Batman's nemesis Bane, but it does not stop speculation about casting for another villainous role. Robin Williams is now reported to play Hugo Strange after Batman-on-Film (via IGN) tweeted on January 28, "RW as Strange?"

Strange itself is one of Batman's first recurring villains in the comic books. He is a villain in the mad-scientist mold and possesses genius-level IQ and is a master of psychology. Strange learns Batman's secret identity but keeps it to himself. He eventually becomes obsessed with Batman that he starts dressing up like the Gotham hero. Hardy was once rumored to take this role in the upcoming film.

This is not the first time Williams' name emerges as the possible cast member of this third Batman film from Christopher Nolan. Back in June last year, he was rumored to portray The Riddler after he said, "I would do Batman in a second, playing anyone. I'd play The Riddler in the next one."

Robin Williams last starred in "Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian" and "Old Dogs". The 59-year-old actor is set to voice Ramon/Lovelace in "Happy Feet 2" after contributing as the voice cast in the predecessor, 2006 "Happy Feet".

Beside tapping Christian Bale to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne aka Batman, "The Dark Knight Rises" has cast Anne Hathaway to portray Catwoman. Christopher Nolan is back on the helming duty and plans to start shooting the film on May 6 for a planned July 20, 2012 U.S. release.


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posted by TheComedianne on Feb 01, 2011
Yeeeeaaaay! This is the best news I've heard today. Robin Williams has always wanted to play a villan in Batman. At last they've given him the chance! I'm sure he'll do a fabulous job of it. :-)
posted by Valentina oliver on Jan 30, 2011
I like this idea of you playing in this movie . But i cant see you as a Villain lol
posted by Nads on Jan 30, 2011
Placing Robin Williams As Strange.....Best Decision Ever. MOVIE WOULD KICK ASS!
posted by Jdubb on Jan 29, 2011
Just think Robin Williams in Insomnia or One Hour Photo and NOT Robin Williams in Mork and Mindy
posted by Dchavez on Jan 29, 2011
Robin williams can be dark at times. Adding him to be cast as hugo strange could seem as a wrong choice, but if the cast rumor comes tru then we can expect no Patch Adams here.

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