Ted Williams Ditches Rehab, Dr. Phil Reacts

January 25, 2011 05:54:37 GMT

After learning that Ted has cut short his rehab treatment, Dr. Phil McGraw hopes the former homeless man 'continues his commitment to sobriety.'

Ted Williams Ditches Rehab, Dr. Phil Reacts
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Roughly two weeks after checking himself into rehab to battle his drinking demon, Ted Williams left the facility. According to TMZ, the 53-year-old man with golden voice ditched the treatment against "medical advice" and went straight to airport afterwards.

Ted agreed to seek help for drug and alcohol dependency after having a private talk with Dr. Phil McGraw. He voluntarily went to Origins Recovery Center in South Texas. Meanwhile, his girlfriend is currently in rehab at the Safe Harbor facility in Costa Mesa, California.

In response to the news that Ted left rehab, Dr. Phil told CNN, "The decision to remain in treatment is Ted's to make." He continued, "We certainly hope that he continues his commitment to sobriety, and we will continue to help and support him in any way that we can."

According to his daughter Janey, Ted "consumed at least a bottle of Grey Goose a night." She revealed more, "That's not including the Coronas he ordered, that's not including the Budweisers he ordered, the other alcohol, the wines. He drinks heavily."

Before entering rehab, Ted gave an emotional message, pleading "Hey America, I'm going to get well. All I ask is that you don't forget me, please. ...I want you to know that your prayers are being answered as well as mine." He added, "Don't give up on me America. I'm on my way to get healthier."


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posted by Sher on Feb 02, 2011
So sad....Ted PLEASE don't dissapoint us!!! We that had faith in you and, thrilled of your immediate success you are letting down. Stupid Dr Dooty head Phil..He should have minded his own business. Ted had a counselor in NY why did Phil get involved??? Plus his Nasty kids had to immedialty get involved..where where they when he was homeless??? They are ingrates!!! Look at the video of Ted meeting Kobe. His Stupid kids are taking off their shoes to get them signed..OMG. Then the jerky daughter gets involved and, why not, free stay at a nice hotel probably better than her welfare apt. Dr Phil you idiot, mind your business and, stop playing and, talking like a Dr.Just like you tried to in Brittany Spears case...what a moron!!!! Phil your only looking for ratings. And, get this, NO ONE LIKES YOU!!!! I do hope Ted is somewhere getting help....if not then no one can help him until he helps himself....As for Dr Phil..GET OFF THE AIR!!!
posted by Lori on Jan 27, 2011
When the vulture descended upon him (Dr. Phil) and surrounded him with his family (probably the root of his problem) what did all of you expect? Oh yea Phil, you'll be there--next time you need a ratings boost!
posted by Ann A on Jan 26, 2011
He has an addition that will kill him unless he is serious about overcoming it. nly a few make it but I am praying for him.
posted by madlisa on Jan 25, 2011
I knew this was going to happen. I never believed a word he said. He was just saying exactly what he thought Dr.Phil wanted him to say. Now everyone needs to back away from him and not give him those jobs until he gets off of drugs and alcohol and stays clean. He and his girlfriend will be back on the street before long selling her for drug money again.
posted by bubba on Jan 25, 2011
He is a joke. You need to worry about people who wants and need help in this world. If he wanted the help he would get it he is a person who wants a little attention and he wants people feel sorry for him. i dont you make what life is.
posted by moshow on Jan 25, 2011
wow.. if he was serious he would have stayed in rehab.. show by actions.. not that golden voice! im dissapointed
posted by Linaka on Jan 25, 2011
I hope Dr. Phil will continue to help Ted. Addiction is Ted's way of life now and he's floundering.
posted by Renegade on Jan 25, 2011
if he was clean for two years like he said, how come he can't make a month at the rehab? America loves liars. at least now he can support his addiction.
posted by aladynvrtls on Jan 25, 2011
I am not one to say I told you so. Ted has always known the value of his voice and now everyone in the nation has had a chance to agree or disagree. I hear about this 15 minutes of fame and when will his end.His will end when he is no longer living. Excuse me he said I have the golden voice that changes situations. Most of the homeless persons I know is holding up their signs, but, how many have a sign that tells what they have? Dr. Phil acts like the drinking and drugs is what Ted needs saving from. Everyone knows that the availability and percentage of drinking and drugs increase when one becomes famous. Everybody came out of the cracks (ted if you read this 'no punt intended) offering money for the thing he has had with him all of his life. 15 minutes of fame sounds like everybody puts their hands out saying "You need me to help you." Maybe he left rehab because he already knows the steps and has been there and done that before, but, this time instead of saying help, he may have to say how much do I owe you? The only thing Dr.Phil did was manage to bring the persons around him that he hurt a little, compared to the pain he is willing to physically and mentally slowly kill himself with. Ted's mother made one appearance on Good Morning America and made the statement " Things have changed since his father passed many years ago." Is there any rehab for a broken spirit? Can Dr. Phil or society fix what is shattered into pieces? Ted is a grown man who already knows what fame brings. When he made the decision to no longer hurt, and chose the only device that talks to him and don't care a bit about him. I believe he may be on his way to healing and forgiving himself, and, maybe he can start to listen to his mother's prayers ands love himself the way others claim to love his golden voice. While she is still living. That is what second chances are really for.
posted by Ghouse on Jan 25, 2011
Seems like he had an orignal plan of getting the spot light - not rehab - it backfired. now he's looking for a way out. No one should be hiring him, no attention, no golden voice, no family feud - just him hopefully realizing in time life is about sacrifices. He hasn't understood that. Enough of him - good luck to him - no more.
posted by Mstrandlof on Jan 25, 2011
Disappointed, yes...surprised,no. Mr. Williams never convinced me that he was READY...only he knows if he has a rock bottom....too bad his family has lost him again...or is it too bad???
posted by vernon alarcon on Jan 25, 2011
Drugs & alcohol (and cigarettes) are very hard for some people to quit. Never stop trying to help. Never give up! It just wasn't his time yet.

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