Salary-Unhappy Regis Philbin May Be Replaced by Ryan Seacrest

January 24, 2011 03:00:27 GMT

'Live with Regis and Kelly' may soon be changed to 'Live with Ryan and Kelly' after it is reported that executives are negotiating with the 'American Idol' host.

Salary-Unhappy Regis Philbin May Be Replaced by Ryan Seacrest
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Regis Philbin's sudden exit from the talk show that paid for his life expenses for 28 years still remains a mystery to a lot of people. TMZ reported that he's quitting "Live with Regis and Kelly" over salary cut which would be affective after his current contract expires.

Sources say Reg is making between $18 and $20 million a year but the show is not performing as well as in the past. That, combined with the fact that Regis takes a lot of time off, reportedly led the executives to the decision to decrease his salary. When his agent Jim Griffin told him this, Regis was angry and fired him for not negotiating effectively.

Regis allegedly also told co-host Kelly Ripa only 15 minutes before the episode where he made the departure announcement went on air. "She felt it showed a total lack of respect for her," a source said. The crew are also upset that Regis had blindsided them with the rash announcement.

Now the talks have moved on to who will replace him. Ryan Seacrest is the first name to pop up mainly because the current "American Idol" host is a fan of Regis. "Regis is one of the guys I looked up to all my career," Ryan said recently. "I think he's fantastic." According to Extra's sources, Ryan's contract with "Idol" would expire for the first time in years soon.


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posted by Paolone on Dec 04, 2011
I'm voting for John O'Hurley.
posted by BobClark on Feb 02, 2011
Why not give John O'Hurley the opportunity to replace Regis? He is funny, a good listener, and everyone likes him.
posted by Sabeka211 on Jan 24, 2011
I'd be angry if my employer wanted to cut my salary too. Ryan Seacrest replacing Regis? What a joke!
posted by Disgusted on Jan 24, 2011
We are already bombarded with Ryan Seacrest everywhere. Please do not give him another show. I'll have to stop watching if this happens.
posted by RECKLESS PEACHES on Jan 24, 2011
if it IS true, it shows how greedy he is. i mean, he's in his 70's, and he's already way beyond set for life financially, and he STILL wants more money? come on regis.
posted by regis fan on Jan 24, 2011
I hope that is not the case -it would destroy his reputation as a decent person for many people - I would like more proof than this article states

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