'What the Hell' Music Video: Avril Lavigne Goes Rebellious

January 24, 2011 02:17:43 GMT

Avril has one rebellious day, leaving her boyfriend in a locked room and crashing a stolen cab into another car among other 'crazy' things.

'What the Hell' Music Video: Avril Lavigne Goes Rebellious
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Avril Lavigne is a good girl gone bad in a music video supporting her new single "What the Hell". "All my life I've been good but now, I'm thinking what the hell," so she decides. Having that plan to go "a little crazy", she wakes up one day, leaving her boyfriend and running away in a stolen cab to spend "some time to play."

But the guy refuses to give her up. "[He's] chasing me around, and I hop into a random cab, and he's chasing me," she told MTV of the Marcus Raboy-directed clip. "And I go through a clothing store and he chases me, but at the end of the video, it's really just me having a bunch of fun with him, and he's my boyfriend, so I like him in the end."

Among those rebellious scenes, the one which sees her jumping on stage with her band and rocking out in a club is her favorite. "When we shot it and I got to watch it back in 3-D with the glasses and actually you can see the crowd's hands and it felt like you were live in a crowd, so it was kind of cool," she said.

"What the Hell" is the first single of Avril Lavigne's new album "Goodbye Lullaby" which is due March 8 in the United States.

Avril Lavigne's "What the Hell" music video


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posted by *babyD* on Mar 08, 2011
fukk u all quit judgin her man SHE DAH BEST!!!! Al of u r jst haters, if u guyz dnt like her why do u guys still hear nd bump up her music now all of u r fake SHES REAL!
posted by pompous on Feb 10, 2011
she is boring and overrated
posted by Annoyedwithpeople on Jan 29, 2011
If you don't like her don't freakn' look her up dammit,the video is not that bad!and you know what if any of you people were in her shoes I'm sure you'd use product placement because of two words FREE STUFF you have to remember she's still a person I know I wouldn't mind getting a free T.V. from sony!Oh and about her perfumes and clothing line she's as much a business woman as she is a singer so tell me what the harm of putting some of HER stuff on display in HER video!
posted by sluttyvideo on Jan 27, 2011
what happened to your sense of style avril?
posted by ariethvs on Jan 26, 2011
see she's included plenty of product placements in there too, mainly of her own products! Ugh
posted by taka on Jan 26, 2011
I was definitely a fan when she first came out but it would be nice if she changed her style a bit and updated her sound.
posted by r on Jan 26, 2011
"All my life I've been good"? So 26 years of condescension, hypocrisy, and childish b.s. behaviour constitutes as "good"? She's actually a moody, self-righteous little bitch. I must be an effing saint if Avril Lavigne is the standard by which we are measured. *major eyeroll*
posted by misconstrued on Jan 26, 2011
She apparently acts like a prissy, self-entitled brat, and thinks that gives her anti-establishment cred. Nothing like substituting mentally and socially challenging with being mildly annoying! Plus I don't think I've heard a song of hers that DIDN'T have Pachelbel Canon in D's chord progression. If she weren't pretty, she'd have no career. She's a joke.
posted by Walker on Jan 26, 2011
What a giant ego stroke... her making baskets, having dudes, high five her and check her out, making her boyfriend pay for her clothes and chase her around... then she gets on stage and does a concert?? Like seriously, what is the point of this video? To show that she's awesome and relevant? Hello, quarter life crisis video.
posted by Blah on Jan 26, 2011
I thought it was funny how she threw the clothes she was holding because she saw her line of clothing. I laughed! I thought the video was cute! She's obviously talented and it's funny how only the people like you who hate her are taking the time to read the article and comment on it. Nothing else better to do than bash on artists because you aren't famous? Ok, I get it. Idiots...
posted by hugs73 on Jan 24, 2011
Epic! She's done it again!!!
posted by cred on Jan 24, 2011
i think i get it. the concept's rebellious with the song lyrics and all but i agree it's too much product replacement & avril can't do acting. the scene with the boys in basketball field AWKWARD !!
posted by Ethan on Jan 24, 2011
Only disillusioned fan boys and fan girls will buy this boring piece of @#$%. Seriously? She can't sing on this one (a little better than Alice, though), it might have been Ke$ha who has singing.
posted by paramore.timothy on Jan 24, 2011
is she being punk again? because i thought she said she was being more madonna?
posted by tryhard on Jan 24, 2011
posted by brabrabrabra on Jan 24, 2011
"Good girl gone bad" She makes music go bad...
posted by Disappointed on Jan 24, 2011
Avril NOOOOOOO :( How could you? I was waiting for something epic. I thought you became more mature for this album. What is this crap? Why are you turning into Paris freaking Hilton? :( I'm disappointed. And @wth? I don't think she's a slut, but she's definitely depending more on her sex appeal because she says she feels more feminine.
posted by brazilia on Jan 24, 2011
I think the public feedback of this song is negative. The fans are pleased especially that they're anticipating more raw material, but I think they are also disillusioned by that idea. They think that she was just pushed to make a pop song, but I think she could have done better. It's better than Girlfriend, but I think Runaway is a better song about freedom than this. This is about cheating and playing with your boyfriend. I hope her album is better than this.
posted by BitterCalamity on Jan 24, 2011
Oh no!! She made new "music"?? Go away already...:/ I hate how her music deteriorated, at least it was bearable and had more meaning when she was younger. Now she's like every other poptart out there. She's growing down not up, and now she needs to show more skin to beg for fans? Where's your dignity Avril?
posted by idontneedascreenname on Jan 24, 2011
Booooriiiiingggg!!!! WTF Avril? The only thing I managed to focus on was her lingerie???
posted by whiz on Jan 24, 2011
yummy sexy in her panties i'm glad she ditched that skatergirl shit she was hiding too much sex
posted by Kat323u on Jan 24, 2011
So, in order to celebrate personal freedom and liberation, we have to act like immature whores? I didn't think so. Nice one Avril, gives you so much artist cred. -.-
posted by SATYRICON on Jan 24, 2011
hey avcentric fan fucking chill why don't you? dumb fan much? first of all, you don't have to go around advertising because the stupid tween market is dumb enough to buy into this shit. second, why do you think she's so innocent? she wrote that song the way it is and had the idea in her head already, so even if her label wanted her to make a radio-friendly song she could've done it in so many other ways but instead she decided to do something like this. all in all, this song sucks, but she looks good in her undies!
posted by Darcy on Jan 24, 2011
posted by notafan on Jan 24, 2011
The video is lame. It's not rebellious, everything is gratuitous in this video, and despite how well the randomness flows, I can't help but feel it's all about the sex appeal and product placements.
posted by AVfan on Jan 23, 2011
Avril has done it again!!! Go Avril!!! Make sure to go buy What The Hell on iTunes! Also look for her new cd Goodbye Lullaby in stores March 8th! It's going to be a lot more raw and natural than What The Hell. What The Hell was just for radio purpose only and the rest of Goodbye Lullaby is all acoustic and raw because Avril wanted to show her voice off. She even wrote and produced the songs in her home studio. What The Hell was written by Avril and Max Martin, it wasn't Avril's idea to make the song and she fought her label for two years to release the album she wanted, without any pop songs. However, RCA and Avril came to a compromise that if she released WTH then they'd let her release the introspective and acoustic album that she wrote. All in all, Goodbye Lullaby is going to rock!

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