Adam Lambert's New Album May Drop in Fall

January 22, 2011 06:56:07 GMT

He's currently mapping out the details for the follow-up to 'For Your Entertainment', including talking to some writers and gathering ideas.

Adam Lambert
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Adam Lambert is aiming for a second album release in fall with the first single in late summer. The runner-up of "American Idol" season 8 revealed that he is in early stages of the album's work, taking his time to map out so that he won't suffer from sophomore slump.

"I'm in talks, so it's all kind of being conceptualized right now, and what we're hoping for is maybe by the fall," he told MTV in Los Angeles recently. "So, I'm going to take my time and really write the most personal songs, the most powerful songs. I really want it to be something that's really honest and real."

Regarding the concept that he visualized, Lambert is thinking of the same tone to his debut album "For Your Entertainment", although there would be a twist. "I'm starting to talk to some writers and come up with some ideas, and I'll be writing a lot of it myself," he told "It's going to be very pop, very rock, maybe even a little dark."


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posted by hollagurl on Mar 29, 2011
congrats! keep it up. i hope you will release many more albums in the future. and i hope that songs will be so beaaautiful like you!
posted by AS on Jan 25, 2011
posted by you!! on Jan 24, 2011
i really really love your songs... Im waiting 4 your next album.. go Mr. Lambert
posted by Janis on Jan 24, 2011
I am glad he is taking whatever time he needs, I am so looking forward to his next album. Hopefully a single will come out this summer at the latest from it!!
posted by CHANDRA on Jan 23, 2011
posted by Jet on Jan 23, 2011
Can't wait for this album. I have never looked this forward to an artists sophmore album in my life. Adam kicks butt!!!
posted by Supermouse on Jan 23, 2011
Yea "How about next single would be SLEEPWALKER from FYE !!!"
posted by Holly on Jan 22, 2011
I can't wait for Adam's new single and new album later this year! So excited!
posted by bill on Jan 22, 2011
adam should make a heavy rock album rock GOD!!! remember? well do it!
posted by Natalie on Jan 22, 2011
YAYYY i cant wait!But since its going to be released in fall then why not drop another single from For Your Entertaiment?
posted by sheba on Jan 22, 2011
I RELLY cant wait for his CD to drop. WE know with his voice he will NOT go wrong. He can sing the phone book and I will love it.
posted by glamit on Jan 22, 2011
yes! honest and real! loving it!!!! the wait is too long....but im sure it will be worth it. Adam- think SOUL!!!!!!!! pls... and a duo with xtina!!!
posted by NickieNYC on Jan 22, 2011
Yep, I'm ready Adam! Bring it on!! Pop,Rock, and maybe even dark!!! I'M LOVING IT ALREADY!! Can not friggin wait !!!
posted by Julia on Jan 22, 2011
How about next single would be SLEEPWALKER from FYE !!!
posted by AJ on Jan 22, 2011
Bring it on Adam, I am soooooo friggin ready for more of what you have to offer!!!
posted by DD on Jan 22, 2011
Hurry up Mr Lambert!!! I CANNOT freaking wait for your next album!!! It's going to be #1 on Billboard this time BB!!

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