Skeet Ulrich's Departure From 'Law & Order: L.A.' Explained

January 13, 2011 04:44:48 GMT

The actor is leaving for creative purpose because the show has too many great talents to be wasted not appearing every week.

Skeet Ulrich's Departure From 'Law & Order: L.A.' Explained
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Skeet Ulrich is the latest name in the cast changes of "Law & Order: Los Angeles". Following Regina Hall and Megan Boone's departure, the actor who plays Detective Rex Winters will be leaving the show as part of creative process. Ulrich was the first confirmed actor in the "Law & Order" spin-off when the project was announced mid-2010.

"Law & Order" chief Dick Wolf has two reasons to take Ulrich out of the picture and they are Alfred Molina and Terrence Howard. "We have the fortune of two world-class actors ...and it was frustrating to have one on the bench each week," Wolf said in a statement. "It would be like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady as your quarterbacks, playing alternate games."

In order to do that, they would alter the story a bit and make Molina's deputy district attorney Ricardo Morales a detective. According to some reports, there will be a back story of Morales as a former policeman who moved on to the district attorney's office. Some unhappy events will lead him back to police work. Molina will now be Corey Stoll's partner.

Meanwhile Howard, who traded episodes with Molina as deputy district attorney Jonah Dekker, will now appear in every episode. The show is now filming its 12th episode and Ulrich will depart after episode 14.


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posted by chris on Jan 07, 2012
I loved the chemistry of Ulrich and Stoll. Ulrich's performances remind me of Montgomery Clift - quiet, unassuming and soulful. He doesn't need to chew scenery like a lot of other actors. Stoll was refreshing and was a great presence on screen. They both allowed each other their space and seemed to jell. I think this show was deliberately set up to fall from the get-go. I think NBC did not want it to succeed and that is why they did not have opening title cards, or the original opening and they did little to promote it. It really could have been a good show.....
posted by Bethanne87 on Dec 08, 2011
Im glad this show got cancelled after how they got rid of Skeet. Wolfe you are a BIG BIG idiot. How dare you try and say that Skeet isnt as good of an actor as Alfred and Terrance cuz he is if not better. Love Terrance tho. But I didnt even know who Alfred Molina was until he was in Spiderman 2 so there you go.
posted by wha? on Nov 09, 2011
The chemistry of the cops is what made the show, Molina was great as the lawyer, but horrible as the cop, and Terrence Howard chewed too much scenery. Wolf made a huge mistake in the changes he made -- and the ratings reflected this.
posted by CC on Oct 11, 2011
I'm gutted to find out this show has been cancelled. It was upsetting enough that they killed off skeet ulrich but I adjusted to the changes and have enjoyed the show just as much. Big mistake here I think
posted by Sarah C on Sep 24, 2011
Can't believe LOLA is dumped - just starting watching it on Universal in UK and half way through find out my favourite detective has been killed off and there's no Season 2 - really disappointed. Typical US can't hold onto a good show.
posted by sue, australia sept9 on Sep 09, 2011
mr wolf you got it wrong skeet ulrich made that show he is a very fine actor, i won't be the only one not watching this show, i hope we get another new show down under with skeet ulrich in it he leaves the other actors for dead.I really do not know who you really are but you certainly got rid of the wrong actor may be they need another person to create a new show.
posted by Outback on Jul 25, 2011
I am not happy with this decision. I was happy with the format of the show. I didnt mind seeing Terrance one week and Alfred the next duling it out in court. I thought the relationship skeet and Corey was spot on. Now it seems that things have taken a turn for the worse. Dick Wolf I think you got this one wrong.
posted by Any on May 04, 2011
En total descuerdo por la salida de Skeet, el era todo un detective.
posted by Margaret Tudor on Apr 20, 2011
Dick Wolf and Co. are MORONS. What a stupid decision it was to get rid of Skeet. My anticipation of the new LOLA episodes was SPOILED when I found out they were getting rid of Ulrich. Alfred Molina needs to go back to the big screen, and Terrence Howard is borderline annoying with his teary portrayal. Skeet's gone-see ya LOLA. Wouldn't wanna be ya! :b
posted by Johanna on Apr 18, 2011
Skeet was my favourite person on the show. I'm really disappointed to see him gone. He played the kind of character on the show that seemed real.
posted by Sharon on Apr 18, 2011
I agree with everybody else. They made a mistake getting rid of Skeet Ulrich & I loved L&O NY.
posted by BS on Apr 16, 2011
This explanation is BS! Never heard anything so lame. Skeet Ulrich was the best they no matter how hard they try...they will always fall short of that.
posted by me on Apr 16, 2011
First Jericho now Law and Order LA. What does this guy have to do? He is a good actor and Now I'm done watching this show.
posted by Beth Young on Apr 16, 2011
What a disappointment! I am now no longer a viewer, now that Skeet is gone. They made a huge mistake!
posted by Skeet Ulrich on Apr 15, 2011
I only watched Law&Order LA because of Skeet Ulrich. I had watched him in the Jericho series, and now he's gone from this one!! Yikes!!! Grrrrr
posted by VP on Apr 13, 2011
I only watched bc of Skeet. I get it that Molina and Howard are great actor's, but why not get rid of that other cop instead? I don't even know that guys name. Too bad they had to kill him off chance of bringing him back. The show sucks now.
posted by ellec on Apr 13, 2011
Damn...Skeet and partner were great... a bit of light and serious. the new line-up in oh so dramatic..damn. Love Terrance though.
posted by Bianca on Apr 12, 2011
I am really only super pissed that they cancelled the original L&O but I liked this show because of Skeet and Corey....I'll miss Skeet
posted by Me on Apr 12, 2011
WHAT!!! You gotta be kidding me. We wait for months for episode 9 to be released, after discussions of LOLA being cancelled... then they go and ruin the whole of of the show. The only reason I watched it is because of the Skeet!!! Don't know if I will be continuing now... you don't know a good thing when you've got it... numb nuts.
posted by Nyria on Apr 12, 2011
Skeet was the best part of the show - but Terrance Howard? Ugh - I can't stand his annoying voice. If he's on the show more I will not be watching (aka listening)
posted by johnnie on Apr 10, 2011
posted by skeet fan on Apr 08, 2011
skeet's gone, I'm gone
posted by MM on Apr 07, 2011
Like so many others - I watched the show because of Skeet Ulrich. Can't see how the other two people mentioned (whose names I had to click on to figure out who they are) are "world-class" and he's not. I will also stop watching this if Skeet really is gone for good.
posted by mich on Mar 15, 2011
he's gone,I'm gone.
posted by BL on Mar 13, 2011
The only reason I watched L&O was because of Skeet! I will try to wait patiently to watch whatever he is in next!
posted by brandileno on Mar 13, 2011
Oh i see Alfred Molina and Terrence Howard are "better" actors so they need to let Skeet go. Well i disagree. And im leaving with Skeet.
posted by Disappointed on Mar 11, 2011
Skeet & Terrence made this show. No offense to Alfred but he does a great bad guy. Don't think I'll like him as a detective. Really hate Skeet left and hope he gets his own show. I predict this show will be cancelled shortly after Skeet is gone.
posted by jan on Mar 09, 2011
Just to let you know I am 50 and absolutely watched to see cutie Skeet Ulrich. You have lost a wide range of viewers with this move. Alfred Molina just doesn't cut it in my books.
posted by dwb1957 on Mar 05, 2011
I'm a big L&O from the beginning. I watch LOLA for Howard, Molina, Ticotin and Ulrich. I'll keep watching.
posted by mab on Feb 23, 2011
I only watched Lola due to Skeet now that he is gone so am I. Sorry to see Skeet go
posted by marcela on Jan 24, 2011
Never watched LOLA until Skeet came on. He makes my heart stop. He's gone, I'm gone.
posted by Jackie on Jan 22, 2011
I will be done watching after episode 14 and departing with Skeet.
posted by Danielle on Jan 22, 2011
At first i watched the show for two reasons i loved Law and Order and Skeet so it was a bonus but after i watched the first few episodes i only watched for Skeet. I thought i was just way just OK rather then Great like the Original. SO when Skeet departes i will join him. Also after episode 14 you will notice a dramatic drop in Viewers.
posted by Jen on Jan 20, 2011
Only watched for Skeet, so I also will be departing LOLA
posted by reniday on Jan 19, 2011
I will be leaving with Skeet as well! It's not to late NBC!
posted by Karla on Jan 18, 2011
I will also be leaving with Skeet. He was the only reason I watched it!
posted by Anonymous on Jan 15, 2011
Ugh! If Skeet's gone, I'm gone too! Wolf, you suck!
posted by Catherine on Jan 13, 2011
Deanne - Totally agree with everything you said. When he is done, so am I.
posted by Judy on Jan 13, 2011
Good. I hate Law and Order and only watched it to see Skeet. Who wants to look at Molina, not handsome like Skeet. T. Howard is too good an actor for this TV show. Skeet will find the right show for him. Have faith folks that he will be back...too cute to fade away.
posted by socasteemom on Jan 13, 2011
Bring back the old Law and Order NY. I loved the detectives let Skeet work with them. That show would be worth watching. Just say no to this new line up.
posted by Linda on Jan 13, 2011
I'm leaving with Skeet. He's the reason I watched.
posted by Elaine on Jan 13, 2011
I will be joining the viewers who leave when Skeet leaves.
posted by BB on Jan 13, 2011
We loved Skeet and Regina this was a fresh look to Law and Order. See You Later I'm gone as a viewer.
posted by Deanna on Jan 12, 2011
After the 14th episode airs I am done watching. Don't understand why you would take the actor everyone is tuning in to see off of a show. CRAZY!! Hope Skeet goes on to BIG and BETTER things.

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