Stephanie Seymour's Son Says He's Gay After Controversial PDA With Mom

January 12, 2011 05:56:35 GMT

Peter Brant II brushed off speculation that he has an inappropriate relationship with his actress mother Stephanie Seymour, saying he's gay.

Stephanie Seymour
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Following a controversial picture of Stephanie Seymour oddly getting kissed by her own son Peter Brant II, a statement is released by the 18-year-old model to clarify the issue. "I would just like to say that these pictures have been taken completely out of context, my mother and I are very close as she is with all her children," he began.

Peter went on, "She often hugs and kisses me and my siblings in an manner that is intimate, any mother in the world does the same. That day on the beach we walked around with each other completely aware of the presence of photographers there."

As continuing to share his thought, he revealed that he's gay, "We have nothing to hide and with that in mind I would like to say that I am openly gay. At my age my mother and I are almost like friends and I feel open to talk to her about anything." He admitted that his sexual orientation may make his relationship with his mother "different."

People were raising their eyebrows last week when Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant II were caught on camera sharing a moment which was oddly more like a couple rather than a mother and a son. They were on the beach with Stephanie clad in two-piece pink bikini and Peter only wearing black shorts.


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posted by Slanted on Jan 12, 2011
"They were on the beach with Stephanie clad in two-piece pink bikini and Peter only wearing black shorts." They're called BATHING SUITS. What else do you wear when swimming?
posted by sicko on Jan 12, 2011
Sorry, that is just wrong
posted by A Gay? on Jan 12, 2011
What the fuck do you mean by "a gay"?
posted by a gay! on Jan 12, 2011
Gay is now a noun. I hate it, but no sense in fighting it. Silly.
posted by lewpy on Jan 12, 2011
Who cares... Family affection is different in each family. Who cares.

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