Video: Timbaland Previews Song He Wrote for Demi Lovato

January 12, 2011 03:56:15 GMT

The not-yet-titled song for the in-rehab songstress is revealed in a more-than-1-minute demo with a bit of Timbaland's verses added here and there.

Video: Timbaland Previews Song He Wrote for Demi Lovato
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Having recorded a song with Miley Cyrus for his album "Shock Value II", Timbaland is now eying to make music with Demi Lovato. The top-notch producer doesn't seem to be bothered with some negative publicity she received after going to rehab. In fact, he has listened to some of her songs and is impressed with her.

In a recently-posted footage, Timbaland praises the "Camp Rock" star, "Demi, ... You are amazing, girl. I'm kind of funny. I'm very hard to please, and I'm just not an easy person to please, so I'm very impressed. ... I got to hear you sing some of your songs, and I'm like, 'Wow'."

Looking forward to work with her, he has written a song for Demi. "I'm going to play a song that we did just for you," he said before playing the demo. "It ain't finished. It don't have my stamp of knockness to it yet. I'm playing a song just for you, only for you. Are you ready? It goes something like this. I wrote this for you." While the video only features very short snippet, a longer audio can be found on his official website.

The song is filled with gentle acoustic guitar sounds with lyrics, "You said you would take care of me/ We would always be living good/ And you said you get big one day, but you wouldn't get Hollywood/ Then opportunity called your name and you said that you didn't feel the same way I felt for you."

Beside proposing a collaboration with Demi Lovato, Timbaland is also keen to work with Joe Jonas. This coming Thursday, January 13, he will reveal a song called "Take Ur Clothes Off" which features an unnamed artist. The audio giveaway will kick off his "Timbaland Thursday" treatment. The promotional strategy is similar to the other special treatments by Kanye West and Swizz Beatz which occupied the Friday and Monday slots respectively.


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posted by Anon on Jan 12, 2011
Ha u ppl r idiots if u think joe has no talent. His voice is great & he isn't ugly stop bein jealous fucks
posted by LPfan on Jan 12, 2011
All i've gotta say is dem is gonna do great regardless of what her choice is. I'm pretty sure she'll take it though. As for Joe, he is pretty damn hot lol i love his voice though and if he collabs with Timbaland it'll be awesome.
posted by JohnFreeman on Jan 11, 2011
Demi, call Timbo as soon as you can. This is a GREAT opportunity.
posted by JoeChief on Jan 11, 2011
He can't talk to her in person because she is STILL in rehab you dumb ass. Hence this video is made so when she gets OUT she will see that Timbo wants to work with her. Of course he wants attention but he's also a producer and has an ear for talent. I agree frankly that Demi should give him a call. In fact I think she WILL give him a call when she is ready.
posted by James on Jan 11, 2011
KMA Shut up!. Do you know how good this could be for her? THis could be what she needs to go mainstream. This is the attention she frankly needs right now. The fact that someone like Timbo wants to work with her? I'd say take it.
posted by Stacy on Jan 11, 2011
Haha Demi Is An Amazing Singing But Joe Jonas He Cant Sing And He Aint Even Hot Haha Just Had To Put That Out There *~DemiLovatoFan~*
posted by bowdown on Jan 11, 2011
Why couldnt he just talk to her in person? He wants publicity. Its nice that he wants to help her after everything that happened to her but no need for more attention. And joe jonas? Really? What a joke.
posted by kma on Jan 11, 2011
Tim just wants attention. He knows demi is in rehab and prob wants to get attention along with her when she comes back. She's the only disney chick that can sing. Don't ruin it demi!
posted by anon on Jan 11, 2011
I like demi, she has talent but joe jonas?! He sucks. I hope this album wont suck

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