Artist of the Week: Crystal Bowersox

January 10, 2011 04:34:47 GMT

The 2010 runner-up of 'American Idol' outsold the winner of the singing contest with her debut album 'Farmer's Daughter'.

Artist of the Week: Crystal Bowersox
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Starting from local bars in a small Ohio town, Crystal Bowersox continued her music career to subway tunnels of Chicago before finally reaching millions of American TV audience on "American Idol". Her emotive folk-rock-country style and carefree attitude made her stand out among the other female contestants and got her enough votes to compete on the finale.

Walking home as a runner-up, she toured with the rest of "Idol" Top 10 contestants and later headed to New Jersey to begin production on her debut album. Gifted with strong songwriting skills, she infused her songs with raw emotion from her real-life experience. In her first official single "Farmer's Daughter", she bared her dark past and events that followed and made who she is now.

"It's my life story," Bowersox said of the personal track. "And that includes the good and bad chapters. I hope that people can appreciate the honesty in the lyrics and get to know me as a person through my music. I'm an open book and this is my diary." Despite the somber vibes of the track, she insisted, "I don't see it as a sad song" but rather as "a healing song."

Instead of following the "Idol" pattern by dropping an album in November to meet Black Friday shopping season, she released the album titled after the lead single, "Farmer's Daughter", across United States on December 14, 2010. She might fall short of becoming the "Idol" champion of season 9, but got a revenge as she successfully beat winner Lee DeWyze in the opening sale number. She bowed with 58,000 copies, while DeWyze opened with 39,000 units.


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posted by FanSox on Jan 13, 2011
I love Crystal! "Zing" you need a hobby or some meds maybe. LOL Crystal is one of the BEST artist to ever come out of Idol! Will she be Madonna, Beyonce, or Lady Gaga?...Nope. Will she be Janis Joplin, Melissa Etheridge, or Bonnie Raitt? Nope, but she'll give you elements of the latter three plus 100% crystalized brilliance on every track of her new album! The CD is great and she's a star...a low key star, but a star all the same. :)
posted by RockStar on Jan 12, 2011
Crystal Bowersox is A Rock Star. Best female artist in years. Blessed Talent and nobody is in her league now! Bowersox Never Disappoints.
posted by Boring Crystal on Jan 12, 2011
Her hippy attitude is so old. Crystal is so arrogant. Her songs are old fashion and boring. All the old hippys are 60 and 70 years old.
posted by Brian C on Jan 11, 2011
Crystal was garbage. Siobhan is ten times the singer and performer that Crystal will ever be. There is a reason why 2.5 million people quit watching Idol the week after she was voted off, resulting in their lowest ratings since 2002. Siobhan was the real star of Season 9. Crystal was just a judges' pet, nothing more. BTW, Siobhan was recently spotted near Sony BMG headquarters in Nashville. I wonder if Sony wants to save face after wasting so much money on that glorified subway singer and her epic flop of an album?
posted by Lightspeed on Jan 11, 2011
American Idol certainly did a good job getting into Siobhan's head and destroying any chances of Siobhan ever having any success at being a True Artist. The last time I saw Siobhan, she was riding her one trick pony off into the sunset, swigging American Idol kool-aid, blood dripping out of her mouth, with her Lil' Abner boon-dockers on, and screaming her fool head off.
posted by SoxFan on Jan 10, 2011
Bitter about Siobhan Magnus not winning aren't we zing. Hey I liked both Crystal and Siobhan, but I thought Crystal should have won AI9 hands down. Crystal will have a nice music career for sure. Her debut CD is "pretty" good but I'm hoping the next one will be a lot better.
posted by CastingStones on Jan 10, 2011
3 of the Badasses females #3 Angelina Jolie #2 Maggie Quigley #1 Crystal Bowersox
posted by zing on Jan 10, 2011
She's the most boring clone there ever was on idol. She's not an artist, she is a copy cat. She did not deserve all the phony hype behind her either. It doesn't matter if she has a pretty good voice because it's horrifically unoriginal. Last year of idol was the most unbalanced year there ever was. Contestants like Crystal, who would have been ripped to shreds by Simon 3 years ago, where lavishly praised, why good, original talent with a good voice was bashed for the sake of promoting Cyrstal. Even if Siobhan Magnus wasn't a 10 as a singer, she was treated as a zero on that show. While Crystal who was perhaps a 5 was treated like an 11.
posted by reed on Jan 10, 2011
Havent seen u arnd lately "zing" lol. if Crystal did join 3 years back she would have still got the same praise from Simon. Noone can deny the TALENT, certainly not Simon whose a professional and the most experienced talent seeker on the panel so he'd know. Shes one of the most naturally gifted singers to come out of the show and Simon learnt it the hard way when he commented that she is jus another subway singer and she came out and did the brilliant cover of the CCR song. Last year it was boring because it was one talented performer against a bunch of amatuers including the wanna-be "punk chick" screamer. Thats just not good TV, certainly not for its demographics- the hormone-driven cougars who has been voting for the cute white boy. Siobhan wants to "dress-up" as a weirdo/quirky girl but her disney princess singing didnt help that image. She was constantly lost in the competition and should have been gone much early in my opinion. She still has atleast 10 years before she can match up to someone like Crystal. But she gotta loose that pretentious badass chick image first, its "horrifically" annoying.

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