Nicki Minaj Would Love to Duet With Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift

January 08, 2011 04:57:14 GMT

The female Young Money rapper praises GaGa as 'badass', and says she puts Swift's music on her playlist.

Nicki Minaj
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Having collaborated with a number of top-notched artists ranging from Kanye West, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj still has some names she desires to do a duet. She mentions two fellow female artists Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift who are currently the hottest acts in the music game.

When asked by E! Online about a possible collaboration with GaGa, Minaj said, "A lot of people say that to me! I'd definitely be open to it, yeah... I mean, GaGa is badass. Being compared to greats can never bother me." Revealing that she listens to Swift's music, the femcee is also open to the idea about working with the country music singer.

Talking further about what's on her playlist, she gushed, "I like everyone. I don't listen to music based on genre. Like, I'll hear a song and then I'll live for that song for like months and I'll be like, 'Who the hell is that?' I listen to Taylor Swift. I like Coldplay. I listen to gospel a lot. I listen to anything that's just beautiful music."

While waiting for the possible duets to come to fruition, fans can expect Minaj to hook up with Rihanna in a new music video. She stated, "We're shooting the video with Rihanna for 'Fly' this weekend. We're going to save the world in more ways than one with the video and that's all I can say about that... I love Ri-Ri! I mean, when she's not grabbing my ass she's a sweet girl."


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posted by julie on Jan 15, 2011
TAYLOR SWIFT IS THE BEST SINGER ALIVE! she writes all of her songs and she always NUMBER ONE SO FUCK OFF U HATERZ! jealousy really does KILLS!
posted by Mitch on Jan 09, 2011
Taylor Swift is my idol the most talented,genuine singer songwriter. I dream of becoming like her when i grow up so stop hating on her!
posted by Anthony on Jan 09, 2011
Reading all comments here makes me laugh out loud HAHAHAHAHAHA! Looks like Haters and Lovers of taylor are everywhwere! For anyone who says Taylor Swift is talented great singer you are totally, definitely TONEDEAF like your idol and better buy cotton budss from the grocery and clean your ears HAHAHAHA LOL!
posted by Sheryll on Jan 09, 2011
Sick and tired of reading comments on how Taylor Swift can sing or can't sing. Because apparently people will never forget how much she suck at the grammys and deserved to be shut up on that prestigous award! I can't believe she won over Beyonce and Gaga on the album of the year award! but definitely Gaga will win album of the year this year. And how much Swift SUCK! at every award shows when she sings live all over again and again HORIBBLE PERFORMANCE!!! And I agree with someone here that Gaga is not the best singer of all time but the best of the newbies who came out lately. Love Mother Monster.
posted by Pearl on Jan 09, 2011
Lady Gaga is not the best singer of all time. But the Best of the newbies who came out compared to Katy Perry,Justin Bieber,Taylor Swift and Kesha. She may have a lot of crazy gimicks but she has the Real talent twice hotter and sings better than Madonna.
posted by Joe on Jan 09, 2011
Fuck the haters! Keep slaying dem lessers honey! :)
posted by lol on Jan 09, 2011
i don't care what everybody says, Taylor Swift is an brilliant musician. she plays, sing, write and produce her songs and concerts. plus she's genuinely a good person. hate all you want but i think all the millions of her fans agrees with me.
posted by Sammy on Jan 09, 2011
I'm not a fan of country music. But I am absolutely in love with Taylor Swift!
posted by unkown on Jan 08, 2011
Fuck all you haters taylor swift is the best singer of all time!
posted by Ian on Jan 08, 2011
@Andrianne Yeah! we can't sing that well neither does taylor sing very well live i don't hate her cuz she has this charming aura..but she should stop destroying country music and getting awards she doesn't deserve! especially female vocalist of the year! @David What a big joke!In her wildest dreams she could ever sing celine dion's to love you more and even any song of celine dion's cause when she does reach high notes she can't even sustain it and even over bend her neck!! and looks like her neck will break hahahahahah! @Megan Taylor Swift a good songwriter HUH??? Are you kidding?! She writes about the same DAMN thing LOVE.LOVE.LOVE and thinks about life like a fairytale this life ain't a fairytale this life is reality and her songs sounds almost desame! She can't sing LIVE plus she's not a good songwriter! and doesn't deserve to win over great artist like carrie!
posted by Andrianne on Jan 08, 2011
You guys should stop ranting about how tswift can't sing.! Can you even sing on the first place? Get a life!
posted by David on Jan 08, 2011
i wanna hear taylor swift sing to love you more by celine dion and reached those highnotes ahahaha
posted by SGI987 on Jan 08, 2011
Totally agree Ms. Swift can't sing hands down
posted by XOXO on Jan 08, 2011
TAYLOR SWIFT CAN'T SING LIVE!!! Period no questions ask!!!! she enhaces her voice that is why her voice in recording are good but when she sings live she makes me cringe and turn the television OFF! like she sings way OFF! HAHAHAHA
posted by Juliet on Jan 08, 2011
Taylor is awesome i love her she's a good role model but i must admit sometimes she's off key and flat but i still love her.
posted by Wilbert:) on Jan 08, 2011
@Megan: I totally agree i thought people's choice award should be renamed as the TEENYBOOPERS award she can't carry a tune. She's famous for having a pretty face but can't sing worth a dime.
posted by Megan on Jan 08, 2011
Taylor Swift good songwriter but definitely can't sing her way out of a paper bag! I can't believe she beat carrie in people choice award! WTF! Lady Gaga can sing and blow taylor anytime of the day!!!!!!
posted by charles on Jan 08, 2011
Nicki Minaj tring to look like lady gaga
posted by Janna on Jan 08, 2011
I am 17 yrs old. And I think taylor swift is below average as a singer and average as a songwriter lets give her a credit for that not everyone could write a song.But say she's really a great artist is very much facetitious she's famous not for her singing capability but because of her beautiful face and sweet persona. But say she's really a great artist is very much facetitious she's famous not for her singing capability but because of her beauty she should rather get a modeling contract than a recording contarct and sells millions of albums because of nothing but a pretty face! Taylor Swift is no comparison to Lady gaga,Cuz Gaga can really sing live at the same time dance and perform well and I think she’s a great singer!=) Love her
posted by tanya on Jan 08, 2011
I Fucking Love TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!
posted by MusicLover on Jan 08, 2011
Shut up and stop hating on Taylor Swift! She's a great musician, not to mention a sweet girl. Get a life, and don't hate on her.
posted by Brian on Jan 08, 2011
Fuck Taylor Swift.

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